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ICO Script

Over the past few years, every startup that wishes to initiate their business is gone with crypto crowdfunding to raise funds for their business instantly. Among all the popular crypto crowdfunding techniques, initial coin offering is more prominent as it neglects central authorities’ involvement and regulations. As a startup, you can raise hefty funds with an initial coin offering; thus, there is always a craze for it. 

Many entrepreneurs are inquisitive to build their own initial coin-offering websites to reap greater capital and kickstart their businesses quickly. In that sense, you can create your initial coin offering dashboard in two methods. One is from scratch, and the other is using initial coin offering script. Creating an initial coin offering platform from scratch involves enormous resources and time. To avoid those hassles, choose premium ICO website software from the best ICO token sale platform development company for ideal results. 

In this blog, we will acquire complete knowledge about an ICO script and its features, benefits, etc. Before that, we shall initiate this blog with…

What is an ICO script?

An ICO script is a pre-developed white label software that has all the exclusive features, functionalities, and security parameters that should be present in an ideal initial coin offering website. We have designed, developed, and tested our script for multi-times to help startups launch their initial coin offering platform instantly. With our pre-made software, the startup can add or customize their desired features within the website. Now, you might be curious to know how our ICO website software works. Those are included below.

Working Process of an ICO script

The major working of our script might vary according to the admin and user portal. The individual working procedure of our admin and user dashboard is as follows.

For Admin Dashboard

  • By getting our ICO Dashboard, you’ll acquire a UI-rich website, a utility token, and an informative whitepaper that illustrates your entire project.
  • Once all the end products are received, you should attach your whitepaper and newly created crypto token to your website.
  • Conduct the token sale by promoting your project on social media and crypto-based platforms.
  • Check the KYC of the investors and pick the ideal list of potential investors.
  • Sell the crypto tokens for those ideal investors and collect funds in return.
  • Once the token sale is completed, you should list your tokens on popular exchanges like Binance, Kraken, Kucoin, Coinbase, etc.

For Investor Dashboard

  • If the website looks trustworthy and impressive, the user will register as an investor.
  • Know your Customer (KYC) should be completed.
  • The investor should connect the wallet and deposit some fiat or cryptos.
  • Once the money is funded, the startup will offer some crypto tokens that should be stored in the crypto wallet.
  • The investors can sell, stake, or store their crypto tokens for any futuristic purposes.

This is how our script works for an admin and investor dashboard. Along with this, we will explore some of the…

Applauding Features of Our ICO Script

Features play a mandatory role in picking a specific product over the rest. The reliability and popularity of anything can be measured only based on its outstanding features. In that regard, every startup will go through its features before choosing an ICO software. Some of the core features that we offer include:

Features of Admin Dashboard

  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Customizable smart contract
  • Whitelisting
  • A closed funding plan
  • Investor management
  • Bank transfers
  • Admin permission management
  • Enhanced logging and monitoring
  • Investors contract management
  • Lock-in-period management
  • Community management

Features of Investor Dashboard

  • KYC/AML solutions
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Real-time statistics
  • One touch information
  • User-friendly interface
  • Multi-language support
  • Wallet integration
  • Previous investors’ review
  • Airdrop and bonus programs
  • Token purchase
  • Community management

Core Benefits of Using Our ICO Script

Multiple benefits come along with adopting feature-rich initial coin offering software. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • As our white-label software comes with real-time data reporting, you can store your information in a highly-secured manner.
  • Admins can manage any modules and functionalities of the initial coin offering dashboard.
  • Crypto token transactions are highly transparent. Both admin and investors can look at their transactions without any hassles.
  • As the script is pre-built, you can build your own website instantly. It takes only a minimal time to develop and deploy the initial coin offering website.
  • You need not hire external resources for professional ICO development.
  • Providing commissions for middlemen is not required as our script comes as a whole package.
  • You can customize any functions, add-ons, features, visuals, or UI/UX design with our ICO dashboard.
  • Our initial coin-offering website software also offers high scalability, reliability, and greater security for startups.

By purchasing our white-label software, you can cover all these benefits and even more. On realizing the mind-blowing features and benefits of the initial coin offering script, as a startup, you might be in the run to build your own website with the script. 

How to Launch an ICO Website Successfully Using an ICO Script?

As said earlier, you should follow some crucial steps to create your initial coin offering dashboard seamlessly with white-label software. Now, we shall discuss it elaborately.

Draft a Unique Idea

In any business, the core thing you should note is that the solutions you offer should be something different from others. You can make that difference only by having a unique idea. Before initiating a project, you should pick an idea based on a real-time problem in society. Those problems might be of any sector like seasonal change, health care, environmental issues, or anything. You should do the groundwork and analysis to produce a sort of solution for that problem. By bringing an exemplary idea, your 50% success rate will be sure.

Competitor Analysis

To be precise, this has to be done in the back end to generate a unique business idea. There might be lots and lots of competitors who are competing with the same business. To showcase yourself greatly, you should know their working procedure and their strategies. With that, you can come up with an idea that stands distinctly. Always keep an eye on your competitors to stay updated with the market.

Market Research

This is the remaining part that has been left in the above-mentioned steps. Analyze your target audience, the entrepreneurs, and the investors you’re targeting for your business. With complete market research and analysis, you might have a clear view of your project.

Choose a Crypto-legal Nation

There are seven major continents holding hundreds of sub-continents, thousands of countries with multi-thousands of small regions, states, etc. Not all those nations have accepted and legalized cryptocurrencies. Only several countries have legalized crypto, also, some have started accepting them. Do a proper analysis and pick a crypto-friendly nation to avoid the hassles and regulatory scams that arise during the effective ICO launch.

Build a Team for ICO Development

Once all the pre-requirements are fixed, you should gather an experienced team for your initial coin offering development. But no worries!! You can get our automated software which is already developed by a skilled and seasoned team of developers. Our ICO website script is multi-tested and bug-free, so it is completely ready-to-launch software for an efficient launch. You need not hire a specific team to develop your website.

Create a Crypto Token

The crypto tokens specifically created for an initial coin offering are termed utility tokens. A feature-rich utility token will come along with our initial coin offering software. You can choose any of the token standards of renowned blockchains like ERC20 of Ethereum, TRC20 of Tron, BEP20 of BNB chain, also with Solana, Polygon, and Waves. We’ll create your utility token over your desired blockchain by gathering the details of your token. 

Whitepaper Drafting

A whitepaper is a document that holds all the basic and technical information of a project. Any lack of information in the whitepaper will reduce the interest of your investor. Thus, Creating an ICO whitepaper must be done with keen consideration. An outstanding whitepaper will come along with our premium whitelabel ICO script software. Our developers will gather all the information about your project, token details, teams involved, etc, and draft your whitepaper seamlessly. An initial coin offering whitepaper developed with our renowned ICO development services will pave the way for success soon.

ICO Website Creation

We at Coinsclone are veterans in creating a UI/UX-rich website filled with your desired features. Our ICO website script has a template of a unique design and a demo of how a first-class dashboard should be. You can choose the same template as our ready-made initial coin offering software or else, customize any of your interested features in the website. Our developers are skilled in creating the website as you expected. Thus, choose our eminent white-label software, and develop your own initial coin offering website to generate funds in millions.

ICO Token Sale and Marketing

Finally, as a fundraising startup, you should integrate the utility token and whitepaper into your website. Then, you can adopt various marketing strategies to promote the project. You can sell your tokens at a discounted price during ICO pre-sale to attract potential investors and token sales will be established. You can offer the tokens according to the funds raised from the investors. 

By following these steps, you can launch your initial coin offering efficiently. To be precise, by getting our Initial coin offering script, all your development processes will get done.

What is the Cost of Our ICO Script?

The cost of our ICO script will start from $15,000. This is not the accurate cost as various factors might influence the Cost to Launch an ICO Plaform. The possible parameters that play a crucial role in fixing the initial coin offering script might include

  • The customization you make in the initial coin offering software like add-on features, color, template, etc.
  • The members of the development team working on your project. ( Based on the complexity level, the team size will be increased)
  • Launching region that might include some jurisdiction and regulations.
  • UI/UX design of the website you choose
  • Technical functionalities that you add to the website.

In addition to this, various changes you make in the initial coin offering script will alter its cost. We always focus on our clients’ satisfaction, so, the money you spend on our script will be worth it. Our ICO Development Services will amaze you only when you utilize them. We deliver with the website as you expected from us. Hence, getting trustable ICO Software Development Services from our ICO Development Company will let you catch your dream soon. 

Why Choose the ICO Script From Coinsclone?

Hope! You have understood the great and aspiring features and perks of getting our white-label software. The money we spend on anything should be worth it. Keeping that in sense, you should groundwork and pick a reputed ICO script provider who offers at an affordable cost. While thinking of it, Coinsclone always stands top in that line. We have a better reputation for offering all crypto-related products and services.

We also believe in delivering the products within the mentioned time. Therefore, we have many happy clients that can’t be bound within the numbers. We also offer customer support even after the delivery in case of any hassles. Our team will contact you and fix your issues within 24 hours. Considering all these, get superior ICO software from Coinsclone and nurture your business to the next phase!!!

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