Blur Clone Script – Initiate your NFT Marketplace like Blur

Blur Clone Script

Through the small pixelated art, namely the non-fungible tokens, we can witness the craziness of crypto users towards them. With technological advancements, non-fungible tokens are not yet limited to art, rather music albums, gaming, unique collectibles, and even a tweet can be tokenized as a non-fungible token. Through this, it is evident that NFTs have obtained a very big part in the crypto space. 

Due to these, the NFT Marketplaces faced a high value of 32.2 billion USD in the year 2022. If this range continues to roar, as per prediction the market value of NFT Marketplaces will reach 342.54 billion USD with a 27.80% CAGR by the year 2032. 

From these reports, it is clear that investing in NFT Marketplace development would reap profits and success. This led budding startups and entrepreneurs to launch an ideal NFT Marketplace with exemplary features. While in the need to develop an NFT Marketplace, startups were confused about the business model. Even though there are various NFT Marketplaces like Opensea, Rarible, and SuperRare, a new NFT platform has got the attention of entrepreneurs. 

That is the Blur NFT Marketplace which is both a Marketplace and an NFT aggregator. Within a year of introduction, it has surpassed the records of various NFT Marketplaces. So, if you want to know more about the Blur platform, the Blur clone script for deployment, and their features, then you have identified the perfect blog. This blog sheds light on the development of NFT aggregators like Blur. 

What is a Blur Clone Script? 

Blur Clone Script is a custom-developed software that imitates bidding, revenue sharing, royalties, and other features of the Blur NFT Marketplace. The clone software helps to launch an NFT aggregator platform within a short span and is customizable. The NFT Marketplace allows users to buy, sell, mint, bid, list, and trade non-fungible tokens. Within its introduction in 2022, the Blur NFT Marketplace has received immense attention from NFT investors and users. 

Other than the NFT website, the Blur clone app is also available. In addition to these, the blur Marketplace serves both as an ideal NFT Marketplace and aggregator. This has been also replicated in the Blur clone script and clone app. With the Blur Clone script, you can deploy your NFT aggregator immediately. Overtaking Opensea, Rarible like famous NFT Marketplaces, Blur has now achieved immense welcome from investors and users.

What sets Blur apart from other NFT Marketplaces?

To answer this, first, we must understand the innovative Blur NFT aggregator. The Blur NFT Marketplace which was introduced in 2022 has a user-friendly interface, zero platform fees, high royalty fees, etc. NFT users obtain various perks through this crypto platform. This made Blur gain the highest trading volume than existing successful NFT platforms like Opensea and Rarible. 

This NFT platform works on the Ethereum blockchain that offers high transactional speed for users. As Blur acts as an NFT aggregator, the user can order NFTs from other NFT Marketplaces with instant liquidity. On the contrary, Blur also offers a unique feature ‘Blend’ where users can buy high-value non-fungible tokens with an initial payment. In simple terms, it is more or less similar to paying a down payment to buy a product. 

The benefits won’t stop here. The blur NFT Marketplace also enables 0.5% of royalty fees for buyers. On the whole, the Blur NFT platform supports convenient features and functionalities for NFT users. This made many budding startups choose the Blur platform as an ideal business model for launching an effective NFT aggregator. 

While we have analyzed the Blur platform, it is necessary to know more about its exemplary features. We have demonstrated this in detail for your reference. 

Blur Clone Script – Features 

As mentioned earlier, the Blur clone script is an imitation of the Blur NFT Marketplace, the features are also replicated. In addition to these, if you need to add any add-on modules, you can also integrate them into your NFT Marketplace. 

NFT Minting 

The foremost feature of the Blur NFT clone app is NFT minting or NFT creation. In that regard, the Blur Marketplace provides a hassle-free creation of NFTs. Users themselves can create their tokens with their assets. 

Auctions & Bidding 

The Blur clone script comes with an in-built perfect auction and bidding option. With market-driven prices, users can buy and sell their non-fungible tokens. 

User Profile & Verification 

The clone script examines the user profile and verifies them with advanced features. Only authorized users can trade NFTs on the platform. 

Search & Filter Option 

The Blur Clone Script allows users to search and filter the NFTs according to various terms including price, NFT type, genre, etc. 


The Blur Clone app has an efficient customer support system where users can report their issues and raise tickets. Also, the support system involves immediate action to sort out the issues. 

Royalty Sharing 

The NFT creators can gain enough royalty fees from their tokens. With this, the revenue can also be shared between the creator and the platform admin. 

NFT Sweeping 

Through this feature, users can buy numerous NFTs at once. This helps users buy various NFTs with low gas fees. 

Wallet Integration 

The Blur clone script is compatible with various crypto wallets. Users can also integrate the platform’s wallet to store their NFTs securely. 


The script offers real-time analytic tools for the admin to manage user transactions, and user history, track sales, revenue, and others. 

Smart Contract Integration 

The Blur clone software comes along with an advanced smart contract that facilitates the instant buying and selling of non-fungible tokens. 

Apart from these features, you can also integrate security protocols, user-friendly features, and revenue-generating streams. The Blur Clone Script imitates the best functionalities, plugins, and features. Hence, with these features the Blur Marketplace has gained immense attention from crypto investors also. 

Next, we can have a glance at…

NFTs Supported in Blur Clone Script

Blur is an NFT aggregator and Marketplace where various types of NFTs are supported for trading purposes. Blur is a generic type of NFT Marketplace where all types of NFTs are bought, sold, and traded. Some of the NFT categories are, 

  • Music albums 
  • Web3 collections 
  • Vintage Art 
  • Gaming collections 
  • Collectibles 
  • Virtual World 
  • Metaverse 
  • Digital Artwork

As a generic NFT Marketplace, the Blur platform has massive NFT collections for each category and genre. While developing your Blur-like NFT Marketplace, you can include more genres as per your business choice. 

After all these, we would like to clarify the important query on…

How does this Blur Clone Script work?

Blur, a Peer-to-Peer Marketplace allows users to interact directly with each other. The working process is as follows, 

From User Perspective 

At first, the user has to connect the crypto wallet for trading purposes. Three different non-custodial wallets MetaMask, WalletConnect, and Coinbase Wallet are supported. 

Users can choose the NFT collection to buy and need to pay royalty or supply-side fees for creators. The royalty fees can be customized as per the user’s wish from as low as 0 to 0.5%. 

If users need to purchase NFT from another NFT Marketplace like Opensea and Etherscan can also choose the platform. 

After choosing the NFT, you can directly pay and purchase them instantly. For buying a high-valued NFT, it is enough to pay the initial amount with the Blend feature. 

From Admin Perspective 

The admin will approve the user profile, and transaction and sort out the technical issues. 

The admin monitors the NFT Marketplace, revenue streams, and airdrops. 

As with the Blur Marketplace, the Blur clone software also works. Hence, from these, it is proven that the Blur platform is an efficient, reliable, and effective Marketplace for users and creators. With the help of the Blur Clone script, you can develop an effective Blur-like NFT Marketplace. 

Still in the dilemma of choosing the Blur clone software? To sort that, we have enlisted some of the benefits of acquiring them. 

Benefits of Purchasing Blur Clone Script

You can easily purchase the Blur clone script from renowned NFT Marketplace clone script providers. Numerous factors make the Blur clone software exceptional. 

Cost-Effective – As the Blur clone script is already well-developed, it costs extremely low compared to other development methods. 

Customization  – Even though the clone software is completely developed as per the business needs, it can be customized with additional features and plugins. 

Global Outreach –  The Blur Marketplace has a huge set of audience for its exemplary features. Hence, replicating it helps you to gain the attention of active crypto users. 

Saves Time – With the help of the Blur Clone software, you can deploy your NFT Marketplace within 7 to 15 days. 

Maintenance and Support – The Blur clone Script provider takes the responsibility of maintaining the clone software and is also responsible for sorting out technical issues. 

With the Blur clone app, you can easily launch your NFT Marketplace and enter into the crypto realm at ease. Due to these numerous benefits, many budding startups have reaped huge profits with low investment. 

If you have come to the idea of buying an ideal Blur clone script, then you may come up with this question…

How Much Does a Blur Clone Script Cost? 

The average cost of Blur clone software ranges from $10,000 to $20,000. Based on various factors including customization, development team, expertise of the clone script provider, etc play a sole role in the cost. So, while you tend to buy a clone app, be careful about the NFT Marketplace script provider. Check their portfolio and previous works on crypto projects. 

As a whole, acquiring the best Blur clone software will be the ideal solution to initiate your NFT Marketplace. Approaching an NFT Marketplace development company would be a bit challenging. To sort out your problem, Coinsclone developers and experts are there to help you launch your platform. 

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Why Choose Coinsclone to Purchase Blur Clone Script?

Coinsclone is a leading White-label NFT Marketplace script provider in the crypto space. We help you to turn your crypto aspirations into reality. Previously, we have delivered numerous crypto projects related to NFT Marketplace Development. So, You don’t need to be afraid about the launch of your NFT Marketplace. 

With the blur Marketplace’s default features, we also offer a high level of security protocols, a user-friendly interface, and customizations as per your choice. We also provide support and guidance to sort out technical issues and bugs once we complete the NFT Marketplace development. This is the perfect time to build your NFT Marketplace and taste success in the crypto realm.