What isWhite Label UniSwap Clone Script?

White Label Uniswap Clone Script

Our Uniswap clone script is ideal for creating a high-performance decentralized trading protocol like the original Uniswap based on the powerful Ethereum blockchain architecture. Just like the original Uniswap exchange script, with our clone script, you can facilitate automated liquidity provision on Ethereum.

Our Uniswap clone script enables you to carry out effortless token swaps by creating seamless liquidity in the crypto trading market. The entire process can be automated so there is no need to get third parties or middlemen involved.

Why should you start aCryptocurrency Exchange using ready to launch UniSwap clone script?

uniswap clone script software
  • Built upon the most trusted Ethereum blockchain.
  • Solves the most common liquidity problems.
  • Allows automatic token swapping.
  • Fully customizable and upgraded DeFi Exchange protocol features.
  • Launch an exchange in minimum possible time.
  • A decentralized ecosystem at its best.
  • 100% tested and customizable source code.
  • Multiple crypto token support.
  • Multi Device portability.
  • Always-active liquidity.

Top Features of Our UniSwap Clone Script

AMM - Automated Market Maker

Our Uniswap clone script comes with the tool for providing liquidity to the users which can automate the trade through liquidity pools and thus eliminating the regular order book system.

AMM - Automated Market Maker
Exchange Instantly

Exchange Instantly

We come up with superlative external wallets such as Trust wallet, Binance wallet, Coinbase wallet, Metamask wallet etc. Traders can easily exchange Ethereum based tokens immediately. The software is energized by smart contracts to support the automated transactions happening in a high speed manner.

Transaction Speed

Our clone script permits thousands of transactions per second, allowing numerous users to utilize the exchange concurrently, without any delay.

Transaction Speed


We supply trackless multilayered security mechanisms that is the official mark of Blockchain technology. Multiple security protocols make it practically impossible to compromise privacy and financial transactions.


We come up with a highly secure exchange that saves data on the outside and enables the user to view changeless pricing information.


How ourUniSwap Clone Script work?

Admin DashboardUser BalanceUserConnect Web 3WalletFix the Slippage ToleranceSelect the Token to SwapPairManagementManage LiquidityPool PairsAdd / Delete PoolsManage Swap TransactionsToken Received to the WalletCompletion of SwapLiquidity PoolAdd New LiquiditySelect Pair to Add LiquidityConnect Wallet and Deposit TokensEarn Trade fees from Liquidity

Quick View of Our UniSwap Clone Script

Core Features of Our UniSwap Clone Script


Our Uniswap clone script enables users to earn rewards for staking the LP tokens in the farms that are powered by smart contracts.


Multiple wallet support

Our Uniswap clone script is incorporated with all popular and custom wallets for customers to complete their trades in a hassle free manner.

Multiple wallet support

Transaction history

Our ultra-modern Binance clone script software is empowered with the latest and a transparent live order book system. It provides the list of all open orders that are available on your exchange for a particular crypto trading pair

Transaction history

Connect Wallet

Our Uniswap script allows users to connect several wallets including Metamask and Walletconnect. Once connected users can swap their ethereum based tokens easily and securely.

Connect Wallet

Own custodian

Our software will safely keep their private keys that implies they can be the custodian of their own assets. This lets users exchange those with high liquidity pools.

Own custodian


Users can stake their preferred token in the respective token pools for a specific time to earn high income.


Custom Pools

Using our Uniswap clone script, create your own liquidity pool so that the other users who were termed as liquidity providers can add tokens to your pool and earn LP tokens.

Custom Pools


Our platform supports locking of tokens into the inbuilt DeFismart contracts that lets users earn additional tokens as rewards.



Check top pools, trading volume, token prices, overall transaction in a personalized overview space. These analytics may help users in improving their platform usability.


Assembled in Solidity

Our Uniswap clone script is readily developed in the frameworks of solidity which is one of the most standard solutions to foster valid and verified transactions.

Assembled in Solidity

Security Features of Our UniSwap Clone Software

Being built on one of the most secure blockchain architectures, our Uniswap clone script delivers unmatched security for your platform.

Contract-based security
Complete decentralization
Tokens secured by smart contracts
Secure wallet integration
Multilayered security through add-ons
End-to-end encryption
Anonymous tradeability through ownership
Less reliance on intermediaries
Encrypted digital wallets
Two-factor authentication

Add on Modules of ourUniSwap Clone Script Software

Multilingual support

We provide multiple language support to make your Uniswap clone platform take part and engage with global crypto users & investors.

Multilingual support

Purely Decentralized

Elimination of the traditional trade system like register, login & document verification makes our Uniswap clone script to stay anonymous and thus save your time by just connecting the wallets and start swapping the tokens.

Purely Decentralized

Free Listing of Tokens

No longer you need not want to pay or invest for introducing your tokens to the market. Just use the contract address of your token to list it on our Uniswap clone script and start trading with other popular tokens.

Free Listing of Tokens

Bug bounty reward system

Users can report the bugs to the organization which were spotted during the swap and receive recognition/compensation to them. Especially for the security exploits and vulnerabilities.

Bug bounty reward system

Dark/Light Mode

Dark mode reduces the luminance emitted by device screens and helps pleasant viewing experience while users can also use the traditional light mode to get a professional look.

Dark/Light Mode

Our Android & iOS AppFor UniSwap Clone App Development

Launch a user-friendly and eye-catching cryptocurrency trading mobile app like Uniswap

Whether you want a full-blown DeFi-based DEX platform deployed upon a server or you want a mobile app to be able to interact with your online platform, we can provide 360-degree Uniswap clone script deployment, customization and development services.

Our services are cost-effective, increase your chances of success, do not require you to know coding or cryptocurrency technology and most importantly, deliver you completely customized and scalable Uniswap clone script app development. Once we have deployed the app, your users will be able to carry out coin swapping and crypto trading through your exchange from their mobile phones. Our app development services include:

uniswap clone app development
Platforms Developed

Why ChooseCoinsclone For UniSwap Clone Script?

Why Choose our Uniswap Clone Script

Our clone script is a ready-made solution that will allow you to deploy a fully decentralized exchange protocol on the Ethereum blockchain network for automated liquidity provision. It is a combination of a variety of DeFiservices upon the eponymous platform. You can establish your exchange at a fraction of the original cost.

When you purchase our Uniswap clone script, you have access to our experts that have been implementing decentralized finance solutions across a wide spectrum. We guarantee on-time delivery and top-notch quality with 100% customization and branding. Before deployment our solutions go through strenuous testing and after deployment, we can provide you ongoing support.

Development Approach ofOur UniSwap Clone Script

We at Coinsclone undergo the following procedures for Uniswap clone script development.

Development approach
Requirement Gathering

We consider every customer unique and consequently, a thorough analysis of your requirement will be done based on your unique requirements and expectations.


Our business experts will plan and provide the finest solution depending upon the client’s business concept.


Ultimately it depends on the sort of experience your users have while interacting with your de-centralized platform. We will leave no stone unturned to make this into the best experience for your users.


Although the Uniswap clone script provides you the complete framework, it will need to be customized to turn it into YOUR business identity. You may also need to add new features or modify existing features. We can help you with that.

Testing and Deployment

This is just to make sure that everything works the way it should and there are no kinks.


Maintenance is optional, but after completing the solution, we will deploy it on your server and if you also build your mobile app through us, we will deploy the mobile app on the appropriate play stores.

Our CustomersLove what we do

Customer feedback and reviews are our major concerns! Here we have shared a few feedbacks of our reputed clients.


Project Name


The website developed by Coinsclone is user-friendly and the feedback from customers has been positive. Coinsclone met all needs, while their expertise, professionalism, and ability to deliver on promises earned them trust.

Technologies Used inOur UniSwap Clone Script

We use updated and cutting-edge technology tools for developing the uniswap clone exchange website and mobile application which will be compatible with all major platforms like Android, IOS, and the web.

Technologies Stack

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

The Uniswap clone script is a clone of the original decentralized financial protocol script called Uniswap. Just like the original script, the clone script is also based on the Ethereum blockchain network.
Completely. You will have your own logo. You have your own color scheme. You can also change the way the information is displayed to your users. When you source information through external APIs, you can choose your own APIs.
The clone script has been developed by well-trained blockchain experts. The script measures up to all security standards in the industry. The script provides multilayered security for the assets of your users.
The clone script is ready to be used out of the box, but of course, this is not how a typical business works. Since you plan to manage a decentralized financial exchange, you would want it to be completely customized and branded according to your business identity. You may also need to make some fundamental changes in the code of the Uniswap clone script itself. You may also want to install and set up additional features. All these need to be considered when you decide how much time it is going to take. Tentatively, it can take anywhere between two weeks to five months to deploy a functional and legitimate exchange.
The original Uniswap script is quite expensive to set up. It also comes without support and even if you hire the original developers, due to high demand, they may be beyond your financial reach. But the Uniswap clone script is available to you at a fraction of the original cost.

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