What is White Label Foundation Clone Script?

The foundation clone script is the ready-to-deploy NFT Marketplace software that works similarly to the Foundation platform. This clone script comprises all the vital technical features and security modules that are necessary to build a stunning NFT Marketplace within a week that looks 100% similar to the foundation. By creating a blockchain-enabled NFT Marketplace, users can convert digital, and even real-world assets into non-fungible tokens. This means any assets can be converted into non-fungible tokens and added to crypto wallets.

Our premium foundation clone script runs on the Ethereum blockchain which is multi-tested and it is ready to be used. When you purchase it, you get the complete source code to launch your own NFT Marketplace like the Foundation. It has many customizable options which is a major highlight in using the white label foundation clone script. So, you can modify the functions and other aspects of the platform according to your individual business needs.

Quick View of Our Foundation Clone Script

How our Foundation Clone Script work?

UserConnect WalletAdmin DashboardCreate NFTs in MultichainsBuy/Sell NFTsPlace BidsManage Portfolios/ActivitiesSend NFTs to External WalletsManage users and their Wallet AddressMonitor user account and their transactionsManage Admin Profit System

Why should you Create an NFT Marketplace using Foundation Clone Software?

foundation clone script software
  • Your users can organize instant NFT auctions which help to attract all NFT enthusiasts.
  • The premium Foundation clone script has the NFT minting options which allows the creators to immediately covert digital collectibles into astounding non-fungible tokens.
  • High customization scope.
  • This clone script is developed and runs on the most trusted blockchain network - Ethereum.
  • A modern and cost-effective solution to begin an NFT Marketplace business.
  • Generate high ROI by enabling booming revenue-generating modules.
  • No need for any technical expertise.
  • Auctioning, bidding, and other major functions can be controlled by the admin.
  • Comes with a cutting-edge admin and user dashboard with astonishing UI/UX.
  • The Foundation clone is designed with impressive real-time performance tracking functionality.

Top Features of Our Foundation Clone Script

Different Asset Categories

Every user has their own likes and dislikes. To meet their expectations, our foundation clone script comes with the advanced asset categorizing features where users can choose their desired asset for trading.

Different Asset Categories
NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace

Our Foundation clone script is an Ethereum based platform that enables users to mint, bid and buy the ownership rights to digital works of art via Non- Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Performance Monitoring

Using our Foundation clone script the site owner/admin can be able to track and monitor the user performances from step one.

Performance Monitoring
Limitless Asset Listing

Limitless Asset Listing

Creators can list their assets in a simple way. Most importantly, our Foundation clone script provides the facility for countless listings!

Analytics Statistics

Users can be able to stay updated with their trade statistics and also analyze them to perform better in the future using our Foundation clone script.

Analytics Statistics

Core Features of Our Foundation Clone Script

Decentralized Architecture

Elimination of the traditional trade system like register, login & document verification makes our Foundation clone script to stay anonymous and thus save your time by just connecting the wallets and start minting the NFTs.

Decentralized Architecture

Various Digital Collectibles

Not just the artworks & gaming industry, our Foundation clone script also supports housing & real estate, energy industry, healthcare, fashion, insurance, sports, etc..

Various Digital Collectibles

Time Constrained Trade

In our Foundation clone script, users are able to set a specific time in which their auctions should stay active for the other users. By using this feature, the users can trade any time on their availability.

Time Constrained Trade

Intuitive Admin Panel

Our Foundation clone script has a user-friendly admin dashboard where you can manage all the user side functions, commissions, CMS and other features of your marketplace website.

Intuitive Admin Panel

Bid and Buy

Our Foundation clone script is a ready to launch smart contract audited NFT Marketplace software that executes effective buying, selling, and auctioning of digital Collectibles

Bid and Buy

Highly Secured

Security is a major concern when it comes to financial handling platforms especially for digital funds. To ensure this, our Foundation clone script comes with high end security features configured.

Highly Secured

Auction Process

Buyers can place bids on how much they are willing to pay for the NFT as long as they are above the minimum price. Then the NFT is sold to the highest bidder at the end of the time period in the several auctions posted by the creators.

Auction Process

Alternative Blockchain Network

Though Foundation is entirely based on the Ethereum network, our clone script is capable of supporting dynamic networks like tron, polygon, polkadot etc..

Alternative Blockchain Network

Crypto Wallets

Our Foundation clone script comes with secured wallet connect options so users can choose their desired digital wallet to deposit the assets.

Crypto Wallets

Trending Collectibles

Get updated and stay connected with the market by viewing the trending auctions. In the trending section users can see the current bid price, end date and more details.

Trending Collectibles

Security Features of Our Foundation Clone Software

Being built on one of the most secure blockchain architectures, our foundation clone script delivers unmatched security for your platform.

Multistep authentication

Security features of native

Support for SSL protocols

Inbuilt SSL Protocol

End-to-end encryption

Incoming and outgoing API security

Complete protection for Digital arts

Encryption and decryption of Digital arts

Secure transactions

Secure crypto wallet integration

Add on Modules of our Foundation Clone Script Software

Referral Program

Refer your friends or surroundings to collect free rewards. Using this feature, it’s not only about getting rewards but also it promotes the site to grab more users.

Referral Program

Multi-lingual Support

Attract global users by having multiple language options so that users can switch to their native language and understand the system better.

Multi-lingual Support

Day/Night Mode

One of the attractive features that makes the users more attentive is dark & light mode. Let the users access the system at their convenience by choosing in which mode they want to operate.

Day/Night Mode

Multiple Payment Options

Users can not only bid or buy NFTs using crypto payments, but also they can do that using fiat payments that can be done through credit/debit cards, payment gateways, etc..

Multiple Payment Options

Site API Documentation

Using the rest API we provide , you can connect your NFT Marketplace with other platforms and pull a set of datas through parameters that includes sales, bids, transfers and more.

Site API Documentation

Our Android & iOS App For Foundation Clone App Development

Launch a user-friendly and eye-catching cryptocurrency trading mobile app like Foundation

With the help of our exclusive Foundation clone script, you can launch a superfine NFT Marketplace mobile app like Foundation. You can acquire the top-rated Foundation clone app development services from Coinsclone and build a fully fledged NFT trading mobile application that works 100% similar to the Foundation app. Our foundation clone app is devised on the Ethereum blockchain, so creators in the platform can mint, bid, buy, and sell all ethereum-based NFTs in a stress-free way.

Similar to the foundation like the NFT Marketplace website platform, the clone app will also be able to hold auctions for digital artists. Digital artists can mint their artworks into non-fungible tokens and then sell them to interested parties. Coinsclone offers a premium Foundation clone app development services as a complete package to all startups at a budget-friendly cost. The clone app we offer is open for personalization. So you can alter the core functions, theme, visuals, and other vital functionalities of the app as per your preferences. Our foundation clone mobile app is fully developed, designed, multi-tested, and ready for deployment.

foundation clone app development
Platforms Developed

Why Choose Coinsclone For Foundation Clone Script?

Why Choose our Foundation Clone Script

Coinsclone is a genuine and well-established NFT Marketplace clone script provider in the crypto sector. We have significant years of experience in delivering bug-free crypto-based clone script products with utmost perfection. We offer a high-quality white-label foundation clone script with advanced frameworks at a moderate cost. Our team of seasoned blockchain developers has crafted this clone script after observing and analyzing the foundation’s pros and cons. Whatever issues exist in the existing Foundation platform have been removed from our exclusive Foundation clone script.

The script is inbuilt with Avant-grade features and the architecture of this script is based on the powerful Ethereum blockchain. The great thing about purchasing the Foundation clone script from us is that we have a highly experienced team of blockchain developers who have delivered and maintained multiple NFT Marketplace platforms. This gives us a strong understanding of how this market works and what capabilities a typical script requires to perform well & make money.

Development Approach of Our Foundation Clone Script

We at Coinsclone undergo the following procedures for Foundation clone script development.

Development approach

Requirement Gathering

This involves a deep analysis of your project – what you want to construct and other unique requirements. We will be able to tell you during the analysis phase how much it is going to cost you (aside from the script) and how long it is going to take to construct the NFT auctioning marketplace using the Foundation clone script.


Visual demo consists of wireframing and prototyping. This will give you a real sense of how your app is going to look and behave once it has been designed, developed and deployed on your server using the Foundation clone script as its backbone.


Based on the analysis and the approval of the prototype, we will design and develop your NFT platform using our Foundation clone script. This includes coding and UI/UX design as per your preferences and branding needs.


After developing, designing and testing, we will deploy the platform on the web. In case you have an app, we will also deploy the foundation clone script powered mobile app on Apple and Google Play Stores.

Testing and Deployment


This is just to make sure that everything works the way it should and there are no kinks.


After designing and developing, the platform will be subjected to rigorous testing and when all the kinks have been ironed out, we will deploy the platform on your web server, and it will be ready to use.

Our Customers Love what we do

Customer feedback and reviews are our major concerns! Here we have shared a few feedbacks of our reputed clients.


Project Name


The website developed by Coinsclone is user-friendly and the feedback from customers has been positive. Coinsclone met all needs, while their expertise, professionalism, and ability to deliver on promises earned them trust.

Technologies Used in Our Foundation Clone Script

We use updated and cutting-edge technology tools for developing the foundation clone exchange website and mobile application which will be compatible with all major platforms like Android, IOS, and the web.

Technologies Stack

Frequently Asked Questions

By using our first-class Foundation clone script, you can create and deploy the best NFT Marketplace like foundation instantly with spectacular features.
Whenever transactions happen using your NFT Marketplace, a small portion of the transaction will be deposited into your crypto wallet. The more transactions take place, the more money you make. It is important that once you have built your NFT Marketplace using the Foundation clone script, you need to encourage the digital art creators and the users to carry out as many transactions as possible.
First of all, our premium Foundation clone script is affordable. But that’s not the only reason why you should go for our Foundation clone script. You can instantly launch your NFT Marketplace. You can generate a higher ROI and digital collectibles can be easily minted into non-fungible tokens. Besides, you can customize the platform in a hassle-free way.
The NFT Marketplace development cost will be based on the scale of the project and complexity. So the cost of a foundation clone script will vary from project to project based on some essential attributes.
Our script is pre-loaded with mind blowing features such as different asset categories, performance monitoring, analytics dashboard, decentralized architecture, time constrained trade, intuitive admin panel, auction process, SSL protocol, multi-lingual support, referral program, and more

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