Cost To Launch An ICO : A Step-by-Step Breakdown

Cost to launch an ICO

Everyone who wants to raise funds has a common query, How Much Does it Cost to Launch an ICO? Many startups and entrepreneurs are unaware of the cost estimation for launching an ICO. This is due to the lack of crypto knowledge, proper plan, and guidance. In the digitalized era, Initial coin offerings have reached popularity and fame among entrepreneurs. Many startups have started recognizing the advantages of choosing an ICO for their business.

With this method, many earned enough funds and enhanced their business to the next level. Thus, it attracts new emerging cryptopreneurs to go with initial coin offerings for their project development. Before launching an ICO, every startup will look for its development cost to fix its budget. They can proceed with the development process only if the cost matches their estimation. If you want to get an idea of the ICO launch price, here it is.

What is the Cost to Launch an ICO?

The approximate cost to launch an ICO platform would range from $8,000 to $12,000 depending on various factors. However, you have to notice that this is not the exact price. There may be slight changes according to various factors that influence higher costs. If you want to reduce the cost estimation within your business budget, you need a high technical team and their support. 

You must be aware of the renowned and reputed ICO development company that has many years of experience. As they have skilled developers, you can develop a feature-rich platform without any hassles. Even though you can approach a development company for ICO token sale platform development, as a startup you must know about the…

Factors that Affect the Cost to Start an ICO

The cost to launch an ICO might cost from $8,000. It is not the fixed cost as various factors influence the development cost including:

The idea of the Project

The idea of your ICO project will be unique from your competitors. In that sense, you will have some features and functionalities to include in your website. Based on the complex level of your idea, the cost to launch an ICO might alter. Choose the idea that will be affordable for the initial coin offering development.

Complexity and Timeline

These two terms are interrelated because if any of these factors alter, the other too will get altered. The complexity of your project might include the exclusive features, tokenomics, the total supply of tokens, etc. 

Based on these customizations, the ICO development cost might differ. Developing a complex project takes more time and the duration of developing an ICO might also increase. Thus, the complexity and timeline of the initial coin offering project will play a crucial role in influencing the cost to launch an ICO.

ICO Development Team

The ICO developers required for launching an ICO will be fixed based on the project’s complexity. If your project is highly-potential, you will need a big team of experienced blockchain developers to get a full-furnished product. In that regard, the number of developers working on the ICO project will influence its development cost.


A whitepaper is a technical document that holds the entire details of an ICO project that involves the tokenomics, development team, vision, mission, management team, resources involved, etc. Thus, you should draft it with utmost care. Thus, the complexity of a whitepaper will also play a vital role in fixing the cost to launch an ICO.

ICO Advisory and Consultation

These teams guide the legal guidelines and compliance that you should follow for a seamless ICO launch. This term is optional; In case, you’re launching your ICO in a crypto-legalized nation, then this team has to be hired for sure. Hence, this factor also influences the cost to launch an ICO.

Technical Architecture

The architectural framework, the blockchain platform, and technical parameters that you include in the ICO website will also play a vital role in altering the development cost of an initial coin offering platform. You can also add other factors like smart contracts, testing, and token audits. These are the major factors that might alter the cost to launch your ICO. 



Idea of the Project $1,800
Complexity and Timeline $3,000
ICO Development Team $3,600
White Paper Creation $1,200
Advisory and Consultation $1,800
Technical Architecture $600
  • Idea of the Project (15%): This covers the initial brainstorming, market research, and defining the core concept of your ICO.
  • Complexity and Timeline (25%): This takes into account the technical intricacy of your project and the duration of the ICO campaign. A more complex project or extended timeline will require more resources and planning.
  • ICO Development Team (30%): This is likely your biggest expense. It covers hiring developers, smart contract auditors, and other specialists to bring your ICO to life.
  • Whitepaper Creation (10%): A well-written whitepaper is crucial for attracting investors. This cost allocation factors in hiring a technical writer or content creator to craft a compelling document.
  • ICO Advisory and Consultation (15%): Seeking guidance from experienced professionals in the ICO space can be extremely beneficial. This cost covers consultation fees for legal, marketing, and financial expertise.
  • Technical Architecture (5%): This allocation goes towards the underlying blockchain technology and infrastructure required for your ICO.

These figures are a rough estimate and can vary depending on your specific ICO project. You may need to adjust the allocation based on your unique needs and priorities. In addition to this, the customizations you make in the ICO website like UI/UX design, template, and logos, influence the launching cost. To Develop ICO Platform at a minimal cost, you can approach a reputed ICO development company like Coinsclone for immense results. 

If you are not going with professional guidance, as a newbie, you might face some circumstances in the whole phase. Those are as follows.

Challenges Associated with Launching an ICO

Considering the challenges related to ICO development will lead to a flawless launch. 

Seeking Investors Attention

Convincing investors and justifying the benefits of funding in ICO are the crucial challenges that most startups face currently. Rather, attracting a whale investor is a more complicated process. If it has to be done, you will require a detailed ICO Whitepaper with strong documentation highlighting each aspect of the project. Also, ensure that your project is more valuable in the crypto market, only then investors will fund the project. 

ICO Platform Security

In current days, every digital product is prone to security threats, and cybercrime attacks. Even a minor security breach or hack can destroy the efforts of the project development and will put it at risk. On the other hand, approaching an ICO development company will come with many security features that protect you from any malicious activities. Some of the important features include

  • Two-factor authentication
  • SSL encryption
  • Verify code and smart contract T&C
  • Pre and post-ICO launch

Having professional guidance by your side will come with even more features that will secure the website from any threats.

Building a Reputation in the Market

Now, many new ICO projects are entering the market, but only some are earning more popularity in the crypto market. On the other hand, investors are keen on filtering the non-worthy scam projects and picking only the trusted ones. In that sense, as a new startup, you can establish your project among the people to build a reputation for your business. Thus, come up with a genuine and trusted idea to cover the potential investors for your business.

Even many challenges like regulatory jurisdictions come along with the ICO launch. To avoid all these circumstances, you should choose professional guidance in the crypto market. Now, you might have a query regarding the duration that you need for launching an ICO.

How to Launch an ICO Cost Effectively?

By approaching an ICO development company, you can develop your initial coin offering website in two modes. One is from scratch or with the script. Creating an ICO platform from scratch is a long and complicated process. In the development from scratch, you have to gather an idea, design your website and initiate the development process from the start. Hence, you will require more time required for the entire creation process. In addition to that, huge resources and money are needed for an ICO launch. You might think it is an elaborative process. To skip these hassles, you can choose the golden budget-friendly
opportunity is buying ICO script.

An ICO Script is a Pre-built software that holds all the basic requirements for launching an ICO. It comes as a wholesome package of an ICO website filled with all mandatory features, a utility token created over the prominent blockchains, a non-custodial crypto wallet for storing the newly created cryptocurrencies, and an informative whitepaper. This solution presents a cost-effective alternative to developing an ICO website from the scratch.

You can customize any features or functionalities based on your desired requirements. As it is pre-developed software, no technical expertise or resources are needed for launching an ICO. An initial coin offering website can be developed and deployed within a week by adopting the script. Thus, most startups choosing crypto crowdfunding for their fundraising process are going with ICO scripts for exemplary results. Here, I shall list some of the mind-blowing features that come inbuilt with our ICO script.

For Admin Dashboard

  • Whitelisting
  • Investor management
  • Custom funding plan
  • Admin permission management
  • Customized smart contract
  • Pending transactions handling
  • Concierge plan
  • Reporting and analytics

For Investor Dashboard

  • Real-time statistics
  • KYC/AML solutions
  • User-friendly interface
  • One-touch information
  • Multi-language support
  • Community management
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Investor review

By adopting an ICO script, you will grab numerous advantages and it is both a time and cost-affordable solution. Though, there are numerous script providers available in the crypto marketplace…

Why Should you choose Coinsclone for Launching an ICO?

Now, you might have got a clear idea regarding the cost to launch an ICO and the ideal method to create it. Coinsclone is best Crypto Launchpad Development Company excel in offering ICO scripts. With that, an ICO website can be launched immediately and successfully. Our ICO script is a multi-tested software thus, it is free from bugs or errors. Many startups across the globe have adopted our initial coin offering software and developed their business to a greater level. 

We always focus on our client’s satisfaction, so you can add or customize any features or design that matches your desired expectation. We have a great support team who will guide you even after the product delivery. Our developers will fix the issues raised in minutes which will bring an ideal outcome. Why do you need to wait? Get the exemplary ICO script from Coinsclone to reap great funds for your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it Possible to Launch a Successful ICO with a Lower Budget?

Yes. One can easily launch a successful ICO within a reasonable business budget. This can be achieved with proper expert guidance, the developer team, and the development company’s support. Our Coinsclone development team offers you the best and most enriched ICO script within your business budget.

2. How much time does it take to launch an ICO?

The average time taken to launch an ICO would be around 6 months to 1 year. Based on the choice of the development method, feature integration, and customizations, the time taken can vary. 

3. After the launch of the ICO, are there ongoing costs?

Yes, for various means there will be ongoing costs. Like maintaining, technical support, promotions, content marketing, token listing, upgradation, and integration of security protocols. 

4. What are the advantages of launching an ICO?

The potential benefits of launching an ICO are raising funds, liquidity, global outreach, community building in the crypto space, long-lasting investment opportunities, and many more. 

5. Who pays legal fees in an ICO setup?

For each jurisdiction and region, the legal cost would change accordingly. The startup who are creating the ICO would be paying the legal cost. Our team offers an ICO script that will cover the legal and regulatory fees. 

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