Magic Eden Clone Script – Launch a Solana-based NFT Marketplace

Magic Eden clone script

As a startup, you might be in the idea of starting an NFT Marketplace business. I guarantee you that you have made the right decision to make huge revenue in the upcoming years. People are well likely to invest in NFTs to meet their huge ROI in the future.

Today’s NFT Marketplace enables users to exchange specific NFTs and when they sell their NFTs, it pleasantly surprises them with an incredible sum of money. This is why many investors started investing in NFTs. As a result, people start looking for NFT Marketplaces with a variety of possibilities. These user searches increase the demand for the NFT Marketplace in the cryptocurrency sector. 

Magic Eden – Brief Outline

The Magic Eden is a Solana-based NFT Marketplace, where users can trade NFTs with multichain support. It has more than 22,000,000 new visitors, more than 8,000+ collections, 70+ people, and 100,000+ wallet connections. It offers various services like a marketplace, launchpad, and Games. This platform is also supported by many top companies like Paradigm and Sequoia. 

So developing an NFT Marketplace like Magic Eden for your business will positively impact the users. So that users can feel convenient in the platform by performing multiple features in a single platform. This could increase the chance of holding new users to your platform for the long term. 

As a startup, you are aware of the rivalry in the cryptocurrency industry. Therefore, you should choose the development path carefully to save time and money. In this case, the Magic Eden clone script will be the wisest course of action. Let’s see what the Magic Eden clone script is. 

What is Magic Eden Clone Script? 

The Magic Eden clone script is the pre-built customizable NFT Marketplace script that aids startups in creating their Solana NFT Marketplace-like Magic Eden to trade and sell digital assets. Magic Eden clone holds all the functionality & features of the Magic Eden. It can be altered to your preference at an affordable cost compared to other platform development methods.

Building an NFT Marketplace like Magic Eden using our NFT Marketplace Clone Script is one of the smart ways to start a business. There are plenty of advantages to using Magic Eden clone software that many users are not aware of.  Let us see its work process to get clear-cut clarity!


How does Magic Eden Clone Script Work? 

Let us see the step-by-step working process of our Magic Eden clone script. 

Working Process for users to access the platform 

  • The Magic Eden clone has a suitable method for the users to use the platform conveniently and hassle-free. 
  • The user just has to connect to the wallet to access the Magic Eden clone software. 
  • Once users connect your wallet, you will be allowed to trade NFTs, launch your projects using Launchpad, and mint using the creator options. Finally, you can also apply for bidding.
  • Users also have various games to play and the option of trading a collection related to the game. 
  • Users can also use the support options to ask any queries or answer queries.

Working Process for Admin 

  • The admin has access to approve the valid NFTs to the platform. 
  • They have access to list the crypto projects that aim for fundraising.
  • They also have access to validate the crypto projects which are listed in the launchpad. 
  • The admin can manage NFT listings.
  • The admin can also check the auctions whether bidding takes place properly.
  • They have control over profit management. 

Those mentioned above are the working processes of our Magic Eden clone software, which helps users and admins access the platform easily. After coming to know the work process, you may be eager to know its core features, let us see below.

Top-notch Features of the Magic Eden Clone Script 

The Magic Eden clone script has specific features, which could have a high chance of making huge revenue. Let us see its top-notch features, 

  • Auctions 
  • Launchpad 
  • Whitelisting
  • Gaming 
  • Magic DAO

All these core features are available in our Magic Eden clone. They have various purposes specifically, and integrating them will help entrepreneurs run a successful business. Let us see its benefits to make your decision still stronger. 

Benefits of Using Magic Eden Clone Script

Let’s dive into the business benefits of the Magic Eden clone script.


Choosing Magic Eden Clone Script can result in time, effort, and resource savings that would otherwise be invested in developing the white-label Magic Eden Clone.


Our Magic Eden clone Script can be customized according to your business needs, like adding or modifying the features, modules, designs, etc. 

Time Effective

You can create an NFT Trading platform like Magic Eden using this method within a week. You may not require any additional technology to build the Magic Eden Clone Script.

Instant Deployment

Using Our Magic Eden Clone script, you can deploy it on the NFT Marketplace within 2 weeks.

These benefits as mentioned earlier will trigger you to start an NFT Marketplace like Magic Eden. Let us see why should you choose us among them below. 

Magic eden clone contact

Why Choose Coinsclone for Magic Eden Clone Script? 

Coinsclone offers Magic Eden Clone Script with advanced technology that helps you to understand and coordinate with the platform easily. Also, we have an expert team of developers to execute your platform in a user-friendly manner by customizing it according to your business needs.

We have developed more than 100+ projects related to the NFT Marketplace which were successful in the field till now. Coinsclone is the NFT Marketplace Development Company that provides you with a demo, and detailed guide on our software to strongly move ahead with us! We also specialize in analyzing what could impact the future and help you with business tactics. You also have 24/7 mentor support when you’re facing any issues with the Magic Eden clone software.