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About Coinbase

Coinbase is a high-security cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows the user to buy, sell, or trade-in cryptocurrencies. The user can exchange any listed cryptocurrency to fiat currency or vice versa using this medium. Headquartered in California, United States, they have been active since July 2012. They do both centralized and decentralized operations optimally. They have a unique User Interface that makes the trader make proper decisions based on their financial stand. Users can use the filter and prioritize the trades based on their preference.

Talking about security, they are a highly encrypted and secured platform with multiple layers of security walls. Apart from Blockchain technology, they have additional layers of protection that help the traders to trade without worrying about hackers or cyber-theft.

Coinsclone clearly understands the significance of Coinbase and helps those emerging entrepreneurs to kickstart their cryptocurrency exchange platform like Coinbase with our exemplary Coinbase clone script.

White Label Coinbase clone script

White Label Coinbase Clone Script

Coinbase clone script is the clone software of the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. This script follows a similar preface of Coinbase with some unique features. It is a readymade clone script software that can help the client to start their cryptocurrency exchange business right away. This script is open to customizations. This allows clients to do certain modifications based on business requirements. In addition to the Blockchain technology for security purposes, Our clone script uses additional security features to make the software more encrypted and secure.

Coinsclone is a one-stop solution for all your Coinbase-alike cryptocurrency exchange solutions. Our Coinbase clone script has a larger user base and easy to handle interface that can create a huge user engagement. The UI used in our clone software facilitates the users to trade effectively without any technical hassles. Cryptocurrency is sending vibrations all over the world and so this is the best time to launch your cryptocurrency exchange platform like Coinbase with Coinsclone.

White Label Coinbase Clone Software

Coinbase clone app development

The Coinbase clone app facilitates your users to trade instantly with their smartphones. Our Coinbase clone app development involves stunning UI and amazing API that supports the trader to conduct their trade fastly without any technical interruptions. Our clone app supports both Android and iOS users. Some of the features of our Coinbase clone app are

Coinbase clone app management
  • Biometric authentication.
  • Stunning User Interface.
  • Supportive API.
  • Customizable clone app
  • Readymade app to launch instantly on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Cryptocurrency wallet integration.
  • Pop-up notifications.
  • Location tracking.

How does our Coinbase clone script work?

for traders

For traders

  • The trader or user has to register his account using his mail account. A registration link would be sent to your mail. You need to click on this link and enter the captcha. After such verification, the user is free to sign in to the account.
  • Then the user needs to induct all the essential details and some government authorized documents for KYC verification. After approval from the Admin side, the user can start the trade and exchange of cryptocurrencies.
  • If the user wants to trade in cryptocurrency, he has to deposit a particular amount of money in his user account. This will help the user to buy cryptocurrencies based on market trends.
  • Like Coinbase, the user can choose the type of trade from the trading pairs. He can choose any type of fiat currencies and trade accordingly in cryptocurrencies.
  • The user can trade in any major or listed cryptocurrencies and stake them too for larger profits.

For Admin/Owner

  • You can take a look over all the trades that are happening over in your platform in real-time. The dashboard is stunning and imbibes all the necessary features for management purposes.
  • When it comes to dispute resolution in terms of peer-to-peer exchange, the admin can handle the dispute resolution following the blockchain ledger.
  • You can generate multiple streams of revenue generation from your clone software through ads, listing tokens, etc.
for admin owner

Why choose Coinsclone for the Coinbase clone script?

Coinsclone is a top-notch service provider in cryptocurrency exchange based clone script and white label solutions. We have a complete package of clone script software solutions for all popular exchanges. We are expertise in relieving the business thirst of thousands of entrepreneurs who are thriving to initiate a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase. We have a dedicated team of front-end and back-end developers, Quality analysts, Android, and iOS developers for the coinbase clone app, and project engineers to structure the project and effectively deploy them.

why choose coinsclone for the coinbase clone script

We have updated tools and technology stack for tailoring our Coinbase clone software. Our software is a readymade software that can be initiated instantly. We provide adequate room for customization of our clone software based on our clients’ requirements. We offer 24/7 customer support for all queries related to the clone software assistance. Our primary vision is Customer satisfaction and we are satisfied only if our customers are. So, kickstart your cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase with Coinslcone and acquire great leverage and ROI.

Features of our Coinbase clone script software

instantaneous exchange

Instantaneous exchange

Our Coinbase clone script offers instantaneous exchange among various cryptocurrencies
maximized trading pairs

Maximized trading pairs

You can find more number of trading pairs in our Coinbase clone script.
chatbot support

Chatbot support

We provide 24/7 customer support through AI-powered chatbot and human assistance.
evolutionary maatching engine

Evolutionary matching engine

With an advanced trade matching engine, our clone software matches a perfect trade instantly.
real time trade upgrades

Real-time trade upgrades

You can watch real-time trade conditions in the dashboard. Integrating payment gateways - all popular and requested payment gateways will be integrated into our clone software.
high security software

High-security software

Apart from the general layers of protection, our clone script offer you additional protection walls. During customization, you can add further protection walls too.
multi lingual assistance

Multi-lingual assistance

Our Coinbase clone script has multilingual support to make our client complete globally.
fiat currency assistance

Fiat currency assistance

As an exchange platform, you can have wide fiat exchange choices.
revenue generation

Revenue generation

Multiple streams of revenue generation from our Coinbase clone script like banner ads, adding tokens to the trading list, exchange fees, freemium fees, etc.

Security features of our Coinbase clone script

know your customer verification and aml

Know your customer verification and AML.

blockchain technology

Blockchain technology

private key cryptography

Private key- cryptography

csrf protection

CSRF protection

SSL Encryption.

SSL encryption

2-Factor Authentication

2-Factor Authentication.

lock registry

Lock Registry

encrypted software

Encrypted software.

secured content

Secured Content Management System.

Our Technology Tools

Our technology tools
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