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Initial Exchange Offering

In the real world, there are many currencies available. Which is the most essential thing in our daily life? Everyone’s answer will be money. In the internet world, cryptocurrency plays a major role in recent days.

Cryptocurrency is the digital money used to buy or sell digital assets. Some of the cryptocurrencies are bitcoin, altcoins, and tokens.

In the crypto world ICO(Initial Coin Offering), IEO(Initial Exchange Offering), and STO(Security Token Offering) will help the investors, startups, and entrepreneurs to raise the funds.

What is IEO?

IEO is the Initial Exchange Offering,  where the token sales for fundraising will be happening in the crypto exchange platforms. Since the ICO’s turned to be scams, where IEO is the trusted way to raise the funds.

IEO will be the best strategy for the startups or entrepreneurs, who are interested in raising their funds, investors who are looking to make money, as well as the owners, will get a good amount of profit.

If you already have an exchange, then you can easily integrate the IEO. If you don’t have the exchange, you should create an account on the exchange platform. It is a profitable way to integrate the IEO module into the exchange platform.

We can consider IEO  as the evolution of ICO. It is a good strategy for the crowdfunding process in multiple exchanges. Now binance exchange was the leading IEO development service provider.

How does an IEO work?

It is the token sale that will be held on the exchange platform. It exchanges different cryptocurrency based on the customization of startups. Before starting the initial exchange platform, the startup or entrepreneur should buy a token at the fixed price of the exchange platform.

IEO users do not send any contributions to smart contracts. Instead, they want to create a separate account for the exchange platform. Then find the coins in wallets and use those funds to buy the tokens.

In simple words, if a user does not have any money to invest in cryptocurrency but the user has lots of ideas in raising the funds through a game, then the investor and user will make a partnership. Then the exchanger will give the token to users or clients and if the game got success after some days, then investors and users will get profited.

How to Launch an Initial Exchange Offering(IEO)?

Here everyone can not launch the IEO’s like the ICO. In ICO anyone can create the project and can raise the funds, whereas in IEO only exchange platforms can generate the IEO’s.

The process of launching the IEO is less the same as the ICO, there are some requirements which is mandatory for both projects, they are

  • The realistic business model
  • Tokens
  • The strong technical team backing the project
  • Updated with the latest integration
  • Security tools
  • Investors
  • Minimal viable product

IEO  Launchpad:

IEO development services can only develop IEO launchpad. There are some IEO launchpad in the exchange platform they listed below

  • Binance Launchpad
  • OKEx jumpstart
  • Bittrex IEO
  • Huobi prime
  • Kucoin spotlight
  • Bitmax launchpad
  • Probit launchpad 
  • Coineal launchpad
  • ZBG launchpad
  • BW launchpad
  • La token launchpad
  • Exmarkets launchpad
  • Hotbit launchpad
  • Cobinhood
  • Coin tiger
  • Lbank exchange
  • ABCC launchpad
  • Biss launchpad
  • Bitmart launchpad
  • Bitforex launchpad

IEO Launchpad

(Image source: crypto potato)

And so on,  but there are still some exchanges that support the IEO feature.



  • Target

ICO developers target everyone and anyone can create ICO, Exchange users are their target. whereas everyone cannot create IEO’s, only the exchange owners can create the IEO module. Exchange users are their target.

  • Contribution

For ICO ‘smart contract’ is their contribution. but for the IEO, ‘exchangers account’ is their contribution.

  • Administrator

For ICO there will be no administrator, but in IEO, the exchanger will be the administrator.

  • Security

Security is essential to any platform and plays a vital role in every management. In ICO there will be a possibility for the scammed tokens because anyone can create the tokens. but in IEO there will be no way of scammed tokens, So IEO preferred more than ICO. 

  • Liquidity

Liquidity is more important in trading. Compared to ICO the liquidity will be higher in IEO so most of the users prefer IEO then ICO.

Benefits of using Initial Exchange Offering(IEO):

  • IEO is more secure and liquidity is high compared to ICO. Only IEO development service companies can produce IEO modules.
  • Anyone can generate ICO, so there will be a possibility of many scammed tokens. But in IEO only exchangers can create a token so that there will be no way of scammed tokens.
  • One of the main benefits of the initial exchange offering is trust. By using the IEO there will be less chance of losing their funds by scammers. 
  • By using IEO, many users can exchange the cryptocurrency instantly. The main concept behind the IEO is crowdfunding and there will be more trust compared to ICO  
  • IEO can make the user take part in the stock market to raise the funds, which makes the startups or entrepreneurs increase their profits.
  • Initial Exchange Offering introduces the decentralized fundraising model. Which gives the strong confidence to crypto traders while trading. 
  • It will be easier for the projects
Recent  IEO’s:

Some of the recent IEO’s that are available across the globe, they are

IEO name Launch date
Telecoin IEO 31/01/2020
Bitway IEO 01/12/2019
Troy 03/12/2019
LEEE mall IEO 10/12/2019
Kava 23/10/2019
Band protocol 16/09/2019
WINK 30/07/2019

Upcoming   IEO’s:

Upcoming IEO’s with name and launch date

IEO name Launch date
Next exchange  28/02/2020
Buy Any Light 29/02/2020
GLBrain 29/02/2020
VCOIN 01/03/2020
MyTV chain 27/03/2020
Reckoon 06/04/2020
Point pay 23/07/2021
Which  Exchange can I choose for IEO to gain more profits?

There are many exchanges that support IEO. but some of the best exchanges that give you more profit, they are

  • Binance Launchpad
  • Huobi prime
  • OKEx jumpsmart
  • Coineal launchpad
  • ZBG launchpad
  • BW launchpad

In this modern world, there are many new technologies, innovations are taking place in day to day life. Cryptocurrency also plays a major role in this modern world. In the upcoming years, most of the investors will use IEO. IEO will be the best strategic way for startups and entrepreneurs to raise their funds. Investors will get a good amount of profit or income by using the IEO feature. undoubtedly IEO will be the future for crypto traders.

How can Coins Clone assist you?

If you are a person looking to make money in the cryptocurrency market, we people in Coinsclone, the best IEO development service provider can help you in making funds. If you already own a Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Platform, we integrate the top-notch IEO Module which will be an additional source of income. Else, we help you in launching your Trading Platform with an integrated IEO Module into it.

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