What isWhite Label BakerySwap Clone Script?

White Label Bakeryswap Clone Script

The Bakeryswap clone script enables you to start your own food-theme based DEX platform over the Binance smart chain. It is a DeFi-based de-centralized exchange script. It provides you all the functions, features and services that are available in the original Bakeryswap script. Being a white label de-centralized exchange software, you can launch a fully branded DeFi-based DEX platform with our clone script.

The script comes with inbuilt advanced features, liquidity capabilities, high security and fully secure API integration. It’s automated market-maker service is one of the most prominent features of the script. Other benefits include baking, staking and swapping of digital currencies.

Why should you start aCryptocurrency Exchange using ready to launch BakerySwap clone script?

bakeryswap clone script software
  • Based on the reputed Binance smart chain.
  • One of the best food-themed clone scripts.
  • Delivers non-fungible tokenization.
  • Easily operable over the Ethereum framework.
  • BEP20 is the base token.
  • Extremely low entry fee – 0.30% for every transaction.
  • Seamless support for multi-DEX exchanges from a single dashboard.
  • Secured API integration.
  • Custom and third-party wallet integration.
  • Enhanced number of audits per second.
  • The launchpad feature facilitates multifarious gaming modes.

Top Features of Our BakerySwap Clone Script

Swapping Mechanism

BakerySwap is the first ever project of its kind to be hosted on the Binance Smart Chain to swap BSC based tokens with the supported wallets such as Binance chain wallet, Metamask and walletconnect.

Swapping Mechanism
Liquidity Pool

Liquidity Pool

The liquidity pool is maintained by the users who deposit funds into the pool. The users will get returns in the form of Bakeryswap Liquidity Pool (BLP) tokens along with the trade fee of all the transactions done against their liquidity pool.


The users can earn more rewards by staking the BAKE tokens or other tokens without minimum requirement or a locking period. In addition NFT’s can also be earned by staking BAKE tokens.



An audit of the smart contract can be performed for the Bakeryswap clone script to ensure that the system is robustly built to manage user funds and investment.

Lowest fee

On all transactions that take place on BakerySwap, 0.3% of the trade is taken as a fee by the platform. 83% of the fee goes to liquidity providers and the rest goes to BAKE holders, i.e those that own the native token.

Lowest fee

How ourBakerySwap Clone Script work?

Admin DashboardUserConnect Digital WalletTrade/Exchange BSC TokensManage User Walletsand Wallet AddressReceive Your TokensDeposit Tokens to the PoolAdd LiquidityReceive your earning with trade feeAdd/Delete Swap PairsAdd/Remove Liquidity PairsAdmin Revenue SettingsView Swap History

Quick View of Our BakerySwap Clone Script

Core Features of Our BakerySwap Clone Script

Automated Market Maker

Our bakery swap clone script comes with the tool for providing liquidity to the users which can process the trade through liquidity pools and thus eliminating the need to visit the traditional order book system

Automated Market Maker

Multi-wallet Integration

Our Bakeryswap clone script supports all types of established wallets like metamask, binance chain and wallet connect.

Multi-wallet Integration

Multilingual support

Our Bakeryswap clone script comes with multilingual features so any users around the globe can switch to their desired language and access the system in the composed manner.

Multilingual support

Better gas fees

The benefit of having a reduced gas fee gives the users an opportunity to spend little amount of funds to execute the transactions.

Better gas fees

Transaction history

Using our Bakeryswap clone script, get tracked with your transaction history that includes swap, earnings, created and collected NFT’s, etc..

Transaction history

Lowest Slippage tolerance

Bakeryswap offers lowest slippage tolerance of 0.1% and most probably making the transaction successful is the key feature of the product.

Lowest Slippage tolerance

Toggle Expert Mode

The Product supports Toggle Expert mode to allow high slippage tolerances for expertised traders which can be used at their own risk.

Toggle Expert Mode

Customer Support

Bakeryswap does not offer customer support whereas our clone script overcomes this demerit by integrating a support module for the interaction between the admin and the users.

Customer Support

Customized Interface

The Clone script comes with a unique UI/UX with customized interface,color theme to improve brand building, consistency and Customer Acquisition.

Customized Interface

Admin Console

The admin console offers the management of the transactions taking place in the platform, commission settings and a CMS panel to update the roadmap and announcement for user engagement.

Admin Console

Security Features of Our BakerySwap Clone Software

Being built on one of the most secure blockchain architectures, our Bakeryswap clone script delivers unmatched security for your platform.

API security
Inbuilt SSL protocol
End-to-end encryption
Built over Binance Smart Chain
Native security features
Powered with Consensus
Secure wallet integration
SSL security

Add on Modules of ourBakerySwap Clone Script Software

Bakery Gallery

It is a balanced bakery environment marketplace with the motive and mission of attracting numerous artists and collectors in one place. Users can acquire any type of NFT’s inside the bakery gallery.

Bakery Gallery


BSC game box is a new concept in gamification specifically for $SOCCER and $POKER token holders. They also include big gaming partners like alien world, battle pets and my neighbor alice.


NFT Supermarket

The NFT supermarket is a phenomenal feature that helps in allocating a considerable amount of assets for trading. It extends its valuable service in various domains.Bakery Swap offers two NFT markets whereas one is for all the users and other is specially designed for the selected works, artists and celebrity drops.

NFT Supermarket


A launchpad is provided which can perform two operational modes including the initial decentralized exchange by gaming modes. It includes battle pets and the blink, which offers an initial decentralized exchange offering.


Analytics Info

An option for the latest update about the BNB price, transactions, number of pairs taking part within 24hrs, etc., is offered on the platform so that users can track the records and swap accordingly.

Analytics Info

Our Android & iOS AppFor BakerySwap Clone App Development

Launch a user-friendly and eye-catching cryptocurrency trading mobile app like Bakeryswap

Looking for a cryptocurrency development company that can help you establish your dream DeFi-based decentralized platform? Whether you want an app for your web-based interface or are looking for a mobile app that can leverage the powerful Bakeryswap clone script, we can provide you our services. But what is Bakeryswap clone script ap p development

It means developing a DEX interface to enable your traders and users to trade in baked tokens and liquidity within the exchange or with external exchanges. Contemporary crypto wallets can be used. We can help you integrate the functions that allow your users to attach their crypto wallets to your exchange.

bakeryswap clone app development
Platforms Developed

Why ChooseCoinsclone For BakerySwap Clone Script?

Why Choose our Bakeryswap Clone Script

If you have ever wanted to launch a successful DeFi-based DEX platform, then our Bakeryswap clone script presents to you the perfect opportunity. You can build your very own de-centralized exchange on Binance Smart Chain, which is an open source DeFi protocol. It comes with 100% customization. It provides you the best possible security and the most fluid liquidity. Staking APIs are built into the Binance Smart Chain, so they automatically become available to you when you use our Bakeryswap clone script.

There is a plethora of tokens and coins that you can use through the Bakeryswap clone script, including BAKE, BTCB, DOT, BNB, BETH, and many more. It has an inbuilt swap mechanism. It provides you multiple exchange APIs. The payment gateways can be easily integrated with custom wallets and clients. It completely protect your identity and privacy.

Development Approach ofOur BakerySwap Clone Script

We at Coinsclone undergo the following procedures for Bakeryswap clone script development.

Development approach
Requirement Gathering

Our development team will sit with you and get a complete clarity about your requirement so that the Bakeryswap clone script can be leveraged to its maximum extent.


This will give you a visual sense of how the script integrates with your workflow and how one screen leads to the next.


Based on your input and our analysis, we will start building the interface as well as the back-end code. The Bakeryswap clone script code will be modified, and we may also need to add our own code.


After developing, designing and testing, we will deploy the platform on the web. In case you have an app, we will also deploy the bakeryswap clone script powered mobile app on Apple and Google Play Stores.

Testing and Deployment

This is just to make sure that everything works the way it should and there are no kinks.


Once the platform is ready, it will be deployed on your web server. The appropriate app will also be deployed in its respective app store.

Our CustomersLove what we do

Customer feedback and reviews are our major concerns! Here we have shared a few feedbacks of our reputed clients.


Project Name


The website developed by Coinsclone is user-friendly and the feedback from customers has been positive. Coinsclone met all needs, while their expertise, professionalism, and ability to deliver on promises earned them trust.

Technologies Used inOur BakerySwap Clone Script

We use updated and cutting-edge technology tools for developing the bakeryswap clone exchange website and mobile application which will be compatible with all major platforms like Android, IOS, and the web.

Technologies Stack

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

One of the best benefits of using our clone script is that you are not reinventing the wheel. Most of the framework is already there for you to use. In fact, you can use the script as it is. But of course, every business needs some level of customization and branding. Based on the extent of changes that you want, it can take anywhere between one week to a couple of months to deploy a fully functional DeFi Exchange.
Our script is a white label script. This means it is completely customizable. You can open the script in your favorite code editor and make the changes. You can hire our development team to make changes to the source code. Once you have purchased our Bakeryswap clone script, it is up to you whether you want to use just the 10% of it or 100% of it.
The clone script provides the background platform. The mobile application can be built on top of it. The back-end will be controlled by the clone script but the user interface and the compatibility with operating systems like iOS and Android will need to be incorporated.
It depends on whether you decide to build everything from scratch or use a framework like Bakeryswap. This script can be quite expensive if you purchase it from the original developers. A better option is to purchase a clone script which is not just cheaper, but also offers many more extensibility options. It will be just a fraction of the original cost. Nonetheless, the final cost depends on the scale of your application or exchange.
Our team of developers has extensive experience building crypto exchanges. We have understood the Bakeryswap script from the inside out. We have deployed multiple exchanges using the script – the original script as well as the cloned script. We can provide you end-to-end solutions from initial prototyping to final deployment and maintenance, and everything in between.

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