White Label Crypto Wallet - Outline!

White Label crypto wallet is a pre-built, multi tested, and customizable solution for storing, sending, receiving coins & tokens, NFTs, Stablecoins, and other assets. Curating a White label Wallet demands solid domain knowledge and hands-on experience. At this point, one should connect with the top White-label providing company, such as Coinsclone.

Coinsclone will be a go-to solution to construct both custodial and non-custodial wallets compatible with mobile phones and desktops. With more than 10 years of experts in cryptocurrency wallet development services, our professionals offer prompt solutions equipped with grabbing features and functionalities that are tailored to meet the demands of your business. In addition, we offer customers access to advanced security features to guard against security breaches and hackers. For more workable solutions - reach out to us now!

White label Crypto WalletOur Feature Fiesta Right Here!

Delve into our flexible features which are categorized into a spectrum of simple and advanced options. We fuel your crypto wallet business for profitability.

Add Custom Tokens

Manually add and manage the cryptos that are not supported automatically by the wallet.

Ledger Support

Facilitates users to save and manage often-used crypto addresses using this feature.

Wallet connection

Enabling secure communication and interaction between a web DApp and a mobile crypto wallet.

Two-Factor Biometric Authentication

Biometric authentication, like fingerprint or facial recognition, or an OTP can provide security safeguards. It prevents strangers from accessing the wallet.

NFT Collectibles

Offering Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and presenting them as owner for the digital asset items.

Multiple Wallet Support

Users can create, and manage multiple wallets and also have a wallet dashboard to carry the essential information.

Native Fiat Currency Selection

Choosing the native fiat currency of the user's choice and valuing for conversion.

Asset Management

Users can quickly manage and keep an eye on their crypto assets promptly. This tracks user portfolios, and transaction histories and generates detailed reports on holdings and investment performance.

Export and Import Private Keys

Users can protect their cryptos securely by exporting and importing the private keys. Promising your user, complete wallet control.

Multichain Wallet Networks

Our White-label Crypto Wallet serves a multiverse of blockchain networks that allow users to access their cryptos in one place.

Cross and On-chain crypto swap

Users can exchange cryptos directly on the blockchain as well as across several blockchain networks without relying on external exchange.


Non-stop real-time communications and instant partnership for upgraded crypto asset management and support.

Multichain DApps Browser

Our White-label Wallet offers decentralized application (DApps) browsers and access to DeFi services.

Real-time Tracking and Trading Insights

Stay updated with prices and market trends. Our White-label Wallet enables tracking and sending notifications. It allows users to set price alerts ensuring they never miss an opportunity for market movements.

Prepaid Cards

We allow access to prepaid debit cards which can be used for making payments. Users can also top up the card with crypto and obtain a fiat equivalent balance in the platform.

Upgrade Your Crypto Wallet Experience To New HeightsWith Our Add-on Delights!

Elevate your crypto wallet experience with our exclusive Add-ons and drive your business to new heights. Check out our White label Crypto Wallet add-on features for a rapid upgrade.

Branding and Design

Customize your crypto wallet by incorporating your company's logo and a vibrant look with color palettes, and unique visual elements. Our inherent design tools enable you to create a visually captivating UI. Bring your brand to life with a sleek and modern look or a more vibrant and playful design Etc.

User Interface Configuration

Personalize the UI of your wallet to offer a fantabulous user- experience. Select from wide layout options, navigation styles, and widget configurations that suit your business. We got you covered with features from simple to advanced functionalities to make you stand out from the crowd.

Functionalities and Features

Develop the functionalities and features according to you with our crypto wallet. Prefer an ample range of options such as transaction types, supported cryptocurrencies, security measures, and integration capabilities.

Language and Localization

Cover the global audience by customizing with languages and location settings of your wallet. Whether you target a specific region or cater to a diverse international user base, our White-label Crypto Wallet supports multilingual languages.

Customizable Notifications

Curate the notification system of your crypto wallet with us. We’re here to customize your notification types like transaction updates, security alerts, promotional messages, etc...

Innovate with Ease - Tailor Your Experience with the Holistic Service of Our White label Wallet Integration

Discover the variety of connection possibilities offered by our White-label crypto Wallet in a unified ecosystem. Whether it's a financial institution, cryptocurrency exchange, or blockchain app, our crypto wallet offers all-rounder-adaptable integration.

API Integration

Our White label cryptocurrency wallet makes it possible to integrate APIs without any hassle. We allow you to connect your backend infrastructure, enabling smooth communication and data exchange between your platform and our crypto wallet. This empowers you to unlock the full potential of our wallet's features.

Exchange Integration

Immaculately integrate your crypto exchange with our White-label Wallet, providing your users with a straightforward way to make crypto trading. A single interface is provided to manage assets, keep an eye on market prices, and make transactions. This removes the need for multiple logins or platforms.

Payment Gateway Integration

Establish a connection between your payment gateway with our White label Wallet to enable simple and secure payments straight from the wallet Interface. Increase customer comfort and reach by connecting your payment gateway and allowing users to easily transact with cryptos.

Decentralized Application (DApps) Integration

Integrate your dApps with our Crypto Wallet to fuel the power of blockchain technology. This unlocks fresh possibilities for your dApps, fostering broader acceptance and elevating the overall end-user experience.

Third-party service Integration

Integrate third-party services into our White label Wallet such as identity verification providers, KYC/AML solutions, or analytics platforms. In addition, this embellishes security, meets regulatory requirements, and gains valuable insights into user behavior and transaction patterns.

Blockchain Network Integration

With our White label Wallet, you can incorporate an enormous variety of blockchain networks and communicate with various blockchain protocols. You can offer a diverse spectrum of digital assets, apps, and smart contracts. This increases the user's flexibility, ultimately driving your business growth.

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Why is a White label Crypto Walletbeneficial for startups?

Our White label Crypto Wallet offers startups a quick ready-made infrastructure and customization options. Hence, you can enter the market swiftly with a branded cryptocurrency solution.

Less Developmental Risk

To mitigate the chances of technical issues and project failures, a safer alternative would be picking a ready-made White-label Wallet.

More coin Options

To enter into a broad market, your crypto wallet must accommodate a diverse range of cryptocurrencies. Our White-label Wallet provides instant custodial support for a wide array of coins and tokens, eliminating the need for manual configuration.

Faster Time-To-Market

It's an incredible benefit of our White-label Wallet. Without any time constraints, you can readily deploy it. It shortens the time needed to launch your crypto business.

Cost - Effectiveness

Creating something from scratch requires a deep pocket. With our White-label Wallet, your wallet can do a happy dance. It offers a one-stop solution for high-quality and reasonably priced ones.

Ongoing Updates

Minimizing the huge procedure involved in releasing security fixes for Android and iOS. Our White label Wallet saves the valuable time and effort required to ensure timely software updates.

Option to host own servers

Crypto wallets rely on servers to hold the cryptos in place for every user. With our White label Wallet, we give you the choice to host your servers. This empowers operators with greater control over their service options.

White label Crypto Wallet Use Cases Adapt, Achieve, Advance

Explore the multitude of uses of our White label Crypto Wallet, built for smooth integration in a range of business sectors. These use cases have been developed to satisfy your user criteria.

Financial Institutions

Empower banks, credit unions, and financial institutions with our White label Wallet for secure and user-friendly services. Facilitate smooth integration of traditional banking with cryptocurrencies, enabling customers to access digital assets alongside their traditional accounts.

Crypto Exchange

Elevate your crypto exchange trading experience with our White label Wallet. Deliver a feature-rich solution for users, facilitating flawless deposits, withdrawals, and direct trading from the wallet interface. Optimize the user experience, enhance liquidity, and raise user engagement levels on your trading platform.

E-Commerce Platforms

With our White label Wallet, you may enable e-commerce companies to take cryptocurrency payments. Facilitate safe and convenient crypto transactions, diversifying payment options for customers and tapping into the expanding market of crypto-savvy shoppers.

Blockchain Startups

For blockchain startups, our White label Wallet presents the chance to offer your users a specialized wallet solution. Our wallet can improve user experience, boost adoption, and enable smooth engagement with your blockchain ecosystem.

Token Offerings and ICO

Simplify the token offerings and ICOs with our White label Wallet. Enabling the participants with a safe and user-friendly wallet to store and manage newly acquired assets. You can improve investor satisfaction and encourage broader token adoption.

Remittance and Cross-Border Payments

We facilitate quick and affordable crypto cross-border payments using our wallet services. With the help of this crypto wallet integration, remittance platforms and money transfer services can take advantage of blockchain technology and provide users with an easy-to-use and cost-effective way to conduct international transactions.

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What We Offer With Our White label Crypto Wallet

Explore our White label crypto Wallet to find out the broad range of offerings we've integrated here entirely customized according to your Business.

Top Reasons to Choose our White label Crypto Wallet- Seal your Success by Partnering with Coinsclone!!

Top Reason to choose white lable crypto wallet

Purchase our White label Crypto Wallet for unimaginable success in your crypto business realm. We excel in providing exceptional Bitcoin wallet app development services tailored for emerging startups. Utilizing cutting-edge technology tools, we craft crypto wallets that enable stress-free transfer of digital assets for your users. Our dedicated developer team is committed to delivering high-quality crypto wallet development services, ensuring your satisfaction and success in the dynamic market. For the best customization and expert solutions, Coinsclone earned a solid reputation.

  • 50+ well-trained blockchain professionals.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Only upfront costs ( No hidden cost) with best quality.
  • 24*7 technical and customer support.
  • Successfully deployed 100+ crypto wallets on various chains.
  • Masters in curating highly responsive and scalable crypto wallets.

Our Portfolio Powers more than 350 Crypto Startups Globally


Development Approach of ourWhite Label Crypto Wallet

To achieve a centralized or decentralized wallet for web extensions, desktop applications, and apps, Coinsclone has the best development approach.

Development Approach

Requirement Gathering

This is the first step we take in creating a White-label Wallet with our immersive clients. Our skilled developers will compile the requirements and provide the optimal solution for your crypto business.


We design cryptocurrency wallets with thorough planning. A well-structured workflow for optimal app development results. These development results are based on the needs of the clients, and we carry them out without any hassle.

UI/UX Designing

Our impeccable team of creative designers will create a user-friendly crypto wallet. Based on the needs of the client, we will create a Layout. Only after confirming with the client, the UI/UX design is incorporated.


In this development phase, our developers will work on the backend part of the White- label Crypto Wallet creation. We will optimize the full-fledged wallet by incorporating advanced functionalities and robust security mechanisms.

Designing and Development
Testing and Deployment


We have an unerring testing team to check and verify the quality of the crypto wallet development. Our expert team will conduct scrupulously accurate testing numerous times to ensure a splendid product outcome.


After successfully completing all these phases, our team will safely deliver the finished product and quickly deploy the wallet on the client's preferred server.

Technologies Used in Our White Label Crypto Wallet

Our team consists of skilled cryptocurrency wallet developers who are experts at customizing the best crypto wallets using the latest tech stacks.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

White label Crypto Wallet is a ready-made software solution that enables you to promptly launch your own branded crypto wallet which makes it easier for the user to buy, sell, and swap the cryptos. You can customize according to your ideas with features such as multi-asset support, robust private key management, and a user-friendly interface for a hassle-free experience.
The benefits of purchasing a White-label Crypto Wallet are it helps with user engagement and budget-friendly options. With no delay, you can easily launch your business. It is an easy way to create branding for your Crypto Wallet business.
White-label Crypto Wallet is empowered with robust security features such as HTTP authentication, Secure Private Key management, Data encryption, Two-factor authentication, SQL injection prevention, and more. You can also avail yourself of additional features like Face/Touch ID, Tracking History Transaction, etc.
White-label Crypto Wallet consists of exquisite features like a Simple and Intuitive Interface, Multi-currency Support, Backup and Recovery, API integration to Exchanges, Real-time trading insights, Biometric Authentication, etc.
The approximate cost to deploy a White-label Crypto Wallet ranges between $10,000 to $25,000. Depending upon the customization, and add-on features, the cost may slightly vary.
Approximately it will take 15- 30 days to deploy a White-label Crypto Wallet. For the complex customization and add-ons, the time may increase further.

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