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Order Book with
Matching Engine
It contains the dashboard for order payment, matched order & relevance, balance monitoring, withdrawal request, pending transaction details
System for KYC / AML
Complete KYC verification control over the timing of your traders' registration. Customer documents management, document verification acknowledgement, AML supportive system.
Multi-sig wallet
Enable your trading platform to conduct traders KYC and AML checks for compliance. You can integrate multi-signature and encrypted hot wallet, cold wallet, and deep frozen wallet.
Liquidity & API
It provides rough estimates of the trading activity in the cryptocurrencies market. It allows you to understand and view current trading activities running on the site. It increases new user base for new bitcoin exchange platform.
Security with escrow & Accuracy
Coinsclone has a versatile bitcoin exchange software solution that cuts down website preparation time, follows blockchain security protocols and increases quality and accuracy of information.
Trade Chart &
Market Data
Provides a view of each cryptocurrencies pair from a macro level on right chart visual presentation and an understanding of market sentiment along with volume of trades at that point of time.

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