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why security token exchange from coinsclone?

To facilitate your security token holders, as an entrepreneur you need to offer them a powerful exchange using which they can exchange their security tokens in a hassle-free way. Thus, it is important to launch a Security Token Exchange which can reap you with profits.

We at Coinsclone build and create Security Token Exchange which is completely developed in compliance with regulations with security as the primary concern. With the best in class team of developers, we bring in a simple yet intuitive Exchange platform for you.

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Our Security Token Exchange Solutions favored industries

We support a diverse set of industries around the globe, right from Banking, Finance, Real-Estate, Gaming, Healthcare, etc. Our Security Token Offering Exchange is applicable for all sets of industrial sectors. Be it an entry-level, mid-level as well as enterprise-level startups, irrespective of complexities.

our security features of security token exchange

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HTTPS Authentication

We make use of security token exchange to build the most secure HTTPS authentication tokens to render high-end user experience.

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Anti Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

By making use of Anti DDoS, we help in protecting security token exchanges (STE) with massive traffic originating from multiple sources.

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Data Encryption

By encrypting the user data, we ensure user credentials and other important information are safe during data transmission.

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SQL Injection Prevention

We make sure the database is totally free from any SQL Injection attacks. Therefore, we have executed best-in-class security practices to get rid of them.

Anti denial of service
Anti Denial of Service (DoS)

Our security token exchange platform software can now handle multiple transaction requests against the server.

Cross-Site request forgery protection
Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection

We have implemented CSRF to protect fraudulent activities from the user end in our security token exchange trading platform.

Jail login
Jail Login

Jail Logins excludes multiple login attempts at a fixed amount of time to prevent unwanted activities.

Server-Side request forgery protection
Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) Protection

Anti SSRF saves the internal systems from attacks that are sent from unprotected sources.

Security token exchange development features coinsclone offer

Mobile application
Mobile Application For Android, IOS

To help your users to perform instant and easy trading, our Bitcoin Exchange Website Script allows you to create a trading platform that supports both Android and iOS devices. This cross-platform support is built with SDK & Java for Android and Xcode & Swift for iOS.

Security exchange platform
Security Exchange Platform

Our STO Exchange Platform enables your users to create and list their own security tokens on the exchanges. We make sure liquidity is maintained on the trading platform.


We build the Security Token Exchange Platform in accordance with the regulations of the countries and SEC Guidelines & we make sure your users can choose their preferred language.

Multi-Currency pairing
Multi-Currency Pairing

As an exchange owner, you can integrate any type of currency you wish to have in your STO Exchange Platform. Be it a popular cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc or fiat currencies like Dollar, Euro, etc is supported in our Security Token Trading Platform.

Liquidity api
Liquidity API

To ensure your Exchange has a high volume of liquidity, our API will be responsible to connect with external exchanges with greater security. As a proprietor, you can create an account for your business with any external exchange you wish, for liquidity that is dependent on the amount deposited.

Atomic swaps
Atomic Swaps

We offer you one of the supreme features of an exchange called Atomic Swaps in our Security Token Exchange Software. With this, your traders can immediately begin trading without a middle party or an intermediary in the platform.

Crypto eallets integration
Crypto Wallets Integration

Your traders can now store all types of cryptocurrencies and their private keys reliably in our integrated crypto wallets. Our Secure Exchange Platform supports both Hot & Cold Wallets thus your users can manage their funds in an automated way.

Escrow system
Escrow System

To make the transactions more instant secure, our Smart contract or third-party will be responsible for facilitating the buy and sell assets in the exchange. Our Escrow System ensures that automatic payments are done fast without any delays in processing time.

Order matching engine
Order Matching Engine

Coinsclone’s Order Matching Engine will be responsible to automatically match buy and sell orders at the cost the traders are looking for. Additionally, our STO Exchange Platform supports various types of orders in the marketplace.

KYC/AML solutions
KYC/AML Solutions

We automate all kinds of your business effectively by embedding KYC and AML solutions in our crypto trading platform instantly.

Merits of Coinsclone’s Security Token Exchange Platform

Top-Level security
Top-Level Security

Security is always our priority. We have implemented a huge set of security protocols such as DDoS protection, X-XSS-Protection, HTTP Public Key Pinning, and Content Security Policy (CSP) Protection into the trading platform to get rid of fraudulent activities.

Integrated payment gateway
Integrated Payment Gateway

To facilitate transactions instantly, we integrate Payment Gateway into the Security Token Exchange. Our Payment Gateway supports different modes of payment such as Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and other popular crypto payment methods to perform worry-free transactions.

Free server configuration & deployment
Free server configuration & deployment

Our pool of developers at Coinsclone are ultimately capable to configure and deploy your server for the exchange instantly without any cost.

Lifetime bugfree support
Lifetime bugfree support

We contribute our top-quality support to our clients anytime. Our exchange software is designed in a way that it is unhackable and bug-free.

Lifetime free upgrades
Lifetime free upgrades

We assist our clientele around the world with our top-notch support by proffering lifetime free upgrades to them whenever required.

Readily available operating time
Readily Available Operating Time

Our STO trading platform will be operating with the primary motto of remaining online and operating at any time.

24*7 Support

Our pool of developers renders support at any moment for global clients. We ensure that your queries are addressed and resolved instantly.

Completely customizable trading platform
Completely Customizable Trading Platform

As an exchange owner, you can fully customize the STO platform with our Security Token Exchange Software and Script as per your unique requirements whenever needed.

Why hire our dedicated team of developers for your customized Security Token Exchange Development?

Being a premium Security Token Exchange Development Company, we cater to all set of unique requirements given by the clientele. Our tailor-made STO Services are rendered to you as per your expectations. With our advanced functionalities and protocols implemented into our Security Token Exchange Solutions, we provide both readymade and whitelabel services as per your requirements. We make sure your ideas are turned into reality by providing top-notch and premium trading platform at an affordable price in the market.

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