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A small prologue

A small prologue

LocalBitcoins, as the name suggests, is exclusively known for its peer-to-peer bitcoins transactions. Initiated in 2012, with its headquarters in Helsinki, it is the traditional P2P platform that started its services in one-to-one exchange services. It is a bitcoin marketplace where any user can buy or sell cryptocurrencies for fiat currency and vice versa. It is enveloped with the utmost security features and functional features that make it unique in the cryptocurrency exchange market. This site is best for beginners who want to dive into cryptocurrencies and trade in them. You can trade in all types of fiat currency with LocalBitcoins.

All kinds of identity checks are done by the Admin panel for the LocalBitcoins through the KYC /AML framework. It is enveloped with tight security features that require two-factor authentication for every step you initiate in your account. Including other additional features, Localbitcoins is an outstanding P2P exchange platform suitable for startups and entrepreneurs to start with.

Coinsclone takes the chance to help the startups in starting their cryptocurrency exchange platform like Localbitcoins to generate profits.

White Label LocalBitcoins Clone Script

White Label Binance Clone Script

LocalBitcoins clone script is the clone software of the LocalBitcoins exchange platform. It functions similar to the Original clone software with some extra features. This software is completely customizable. That means you can frame the software with some additional features as per your business requirements. This clone script is a flexible decentralized platform that makes the users operate in a hassle-free manner. It provides multiple payment methods based on geography that the user will find it easy to exchange crypto to fiat or vice versa.

We, At Coinsclone, identify the significance of the Decentralized exchange platform and came up with a distinguished p2p exchange software for your business venture. We have a dedicated team to craft our LocalBitcoins clone script software. Our software development involves careful optimization of variable features and opens to customization to help you to kickstart your business instantly. With a scintillating User interface and supportive API, our software stands out best from others. Get your LocalBitcoins clone software with Coinsclone.

White Label Binance Clone Script

LocalBitcoins Clone App Development

Provide extensive services to your users with the LocalBitcoins clone app. Our clone app development services enrich our clients to offer wide services related to cryptocurrency exchanges to their users. Some of the features that we provide in our LocalBitcoins clone app development include

Localbit coin clone app development
  • 100% Ready-made customizable crypto trading platform.
  • Software infrastructure by an experienced team.
  • High security enabled clone script software for your business.
  • Multiple device supportive clone software.
  • Covering all major crypto coins and trade pairs.

Coinsclone also provides additional features for your LocalBitcoins clone app. Also, you can customize the options involved in the clone app based on your business requirements.

How does our LocalBitcoins clone script work?

Register your account
Initiating with the LocalBitcoins clone script software is very cozy. The user needs to register his account by filling in general details like email id and username. After registration, he needs to verify the mail. By clicking on the verification link, the user can get into his account.
KYC Verification
After a successful signing in process, the user has to enter his other necessary details like the phone number, verification documents like the government authorized ID details, etc. This is for KYC verification. Once verified, the user is free to trade or exchange on the site.
Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange
As it is a peer-to-peer exchange platform, the number of available buyers and traders of the particular coin will be listed. The payment options would be available according to the seller’s payment facilities. LocalBitcoins allow all kinds of payment options to the users. With the acceptance of the mutual request, they are allowed to trade.
Payment Option
After reaching a mutual consensus, the buyer should send the payment for cryptocurrency value to the seller through the allocated payment option. Once the seller receives the payment, he needs to click “ I have received the payment”. He has to transfer the particular crypto coin to the buyer. Then the trade is successfully completed.
Payment Resolution
If the seller did not click the payment received button, the buyer can initiate a payment resolution issue and confirm the transaction of the money to crypto.
Admin Dashboard
As an admin, you can take a look over the availability of the buyers and sellers of various cryptocurrencies on your website or application. Only if there occurs a dispute based on the payment or any related effect, the admin should not interrupt the trade between the buyer and seller.
One to One Escrow Management System
LocalBitcoins is a one-to-one escrow management system and it is a complete peer-to-peer lending platform. Similar is the function of the Remitano clone script software. But for every successfully completed transaction, the owner will receive a minimum of 1% as fees which is a huge revenue source for cryptocurrency exchange owners.

Benefits of LocalBitcoins clone script

Some of the astonishing benefits of our LocalBitcoins Clone script are

Escrow Wallet system - The entire transaction is maintained by the Escrow wallet system where the Admin will be given control to manage it. The trade happens only if the buyer transfers the payment and the seller confirms the transaction.

Security - Every transaction happens after a 2-factor authentication process. You can choose the 2-factor method in which your user wants to ensure their account.

Email verification - If you cannot access your laptop and you are signing in to another computer, then you will get an email verification link to access your account.

Customizable software - If you want a LocalBitcoins clone script with some unique features, Our software is ready to get customized accordingly based on your business needs.

Customer support - You will always have our back based on the technical and non-technical support based on any interruptions related to the function of the LocalBitcoins clone software.

Benefits of LocalBitcoins Clone Script

Why Coinsclone for Localbitcions clone script?

Why Coinsclone for LocalBitcoins Clone Script

Coinsclone is the supreme service provider when it comes to popular clone script like LocalBitcoins. We provide completely customizable clone script solutions to our clients and open to changes in the software. We have an experienced team of professionals who are experts in providing clone script solutions based on client satisfaction. We do extensive research & analysis and provide exclusive clone software solutions to make our client software stand out among other cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

When it comes to the usage of tools, We, at Coinsclone use new-version technology tools to craft your software. We provide complete Admins support and security support to your software making it the most encrypted cryptocurrency exchange. We prioritize the ranking systems in our software pushing the trusted sellers to the top according to their trust score. Coinsclone provides a clone script that is scripted for entrepreneurs and startups to initiate their business instantly and earn profits. A Cryptocurrency exchange owner using our clone script will gain more than one source of revenue stream as we provide multiple income generation opportunities in our trading software. So, it is time to kickstart your cryptocurrency exchange platform like Localbitcoins with Coinsclone.

P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Features of our LocalBitcoins clone script

Oof the rack solution

Off-the-rack solution

Our LocalBitcoins Clone Script software is a turnkey software that is ready for instant launch. It is ready for customization based on the client’s requirements.
Supportive admin dashboard

Supportive Admin Dashboard

We provide stunning User interface solutions to make the site look professional. Our admin Dashboard showcases the entire information of the necessary management facts making the work easy for you.
Supportive api liquidity

Supportive API Liquidity

We not only use advanced technology tools but also use specific API that efficiently supports the tools.
High security

High security

In addition to the Blockchain technology, our LocalBitcoins clone script software includes additional security features including 2 Factor Authentication, Distributed Denial of service, SSL encryption, etc. You can also add some additional security features based on your business needs.
Easy access

Easy Access

the software is an easily accessible, easily loadable software without any software. You can get a completely customized bug-free LocalBitcoins clone script at Coinsclone.
Major cryptocurrencies

Major cryptocurrencies

We, At Coinsclone, offer various cryptocurrencies based trade options in your LocalBitcoins clone software to boost user engagement.

Our Technology Tools

Our technology tools
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