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why whitelabel cryptocurrency exchange software from coinsclone?

Get started with Cryptocurrency Trading via white label crypto exchange software to trade multiple currencies for your users. In addition to major cryptocurrencies, our bitcoin exchange architecture is built to support popular fiat currencies like Euro, USD, etc.

To make you remain worry-free with development, we provide endless support right from the scratch of white label crypto exchange development to the deployment stage. With our futuristic and advanced technologies, we cater the best in class outcomes in accordance with your unique requirements.

Without denial, all our products are delivered with top-level security with privacy as the priority factors in mind. Our Crypto exchange solutions are primarily built with a motto of saving your time and unexpected cost.

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Start Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform with our Trusted Software

Product features of the White label Bitcoin Exchange platform

white label crypto exchange software
Mobile Application for Android, iOS devices

Our customizable cryptocurrency software also supports the mobile application with both Android and iOS devices. We have built a crypto trading mobile application with SDK & Java for Android and Xcode & Swift for iOS.

white label crypto exchange platform
Margin trading

Your traders can now set margins and trade at particular intervals with our margin trading feature in our cryptocurrency trading platform.

white label cryptocurrency exchange
IEO Integrated Module/ Launchpad

As Initial Exchange Offering has been the new trend in recent years, we integrate the IEO module in our white label crypto exchange platform.

white label bitcoin exchange software
Security Token Exchange

You can now list your security tokens in the crypto exchange. Our cryptocurrency exchange script is developed in compliance with SEC Guidelines and the country’s regulations with which Security tokens can be traded.

white label crypto exchange cost
Liquidity API

Liquidity is our top-most concern. We deliver immense liquidity to our White label cryptocurrency exchange by providing API which connects with external exchanges which are completely built with Blockchain principles.

Best white label crypto exchange software
Atomic Swaps

We offer you one of the supreme features of an exchange called Atomic Swaps in our Whitelabel Trading Software. With this, your traders can immediately begin trading without a middle party or an intermediary behind.

launch a white label cryptocurrency exchange platform
Trader Console

Our cryptocurrency exchange engine comes up with a high-end dashboard comprised of rich attributes such as KYC/AML, Two-factor authentication, bitcoin wallet services for our clients.

white label exchange software
Admin Console

As an exchange owner, it is crucial to have an easy-to-use dashboard and interface. Our crypto trading platform renders a simple yet top-notch dashboard with which you can alter your information.

Trading bot
Trading Bot

Trading is going to be a hassle-free task for your users. The trading bot feature in our trading platform will help you to buy and sell e currency & digital asset currency in your absence 24*7.

Integrated Hot & Cold Storage
Integrated Hot & Cold Storage

We build crypto trading platforms that come up with an embedded white label crypto wallet. With this, your users can trade multiple cryptocurrencies and save their private keys at a safer place.

Order matching engine
Order Matching Engine

The in-built order matching engine in our cryptocurrency exchange script will enable trades to perform instant transactions and trades. It is responsible to record buy and sell orders as well.

KYC/AML solutions
KYC/AML Solutions

We automate all sorts of your business efficiently by integration KYC and AML solutions in our crypto trading software to ensure high-end safety for both the trader and investor.

Our security features of white label exchange software

HTTPS authentication
HTTPS Authentication

We make use of cryptocurrency exchange script to build the most secure HTTPS authentication tokens to render high-end user experience.

Anti distributed denial of service
Anti Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

Anti DDoS, we help in protecting cryptocurrency exchanges with massive traffic originating from multiple sources.

Data encryption
Data Encryption

By encrypting the user data, we ensure user credentials and other crucial information are safe during data transmission.

SQL injection prevention
SQL Injection Prevention

We make sure the database is completely free from any SQL Injection attacks. Therefore, we have implemented best-in-class security practices to get rid of them

Anti denial of service
Anti Denial of Service (DoS)

Our crypto exchange platform software can now handle multiple transaction requests against the server.

Cross-Site request forgery protection
Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection

We have implemented CSRF to protect fraudulent activities from the user end in our cryptocurrency exchange trading platform.

Jail login
Jail Login

Jail Logins prevents multiple login attempts at a fixed amount of time to prevent unwanted activities.

Server-Side request forgery protection
Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) Protection

Anti SSRF protects the internal systems from attacks that are sent from unprotected sources.

How we develop your White label Crypto Exchange

  • Gather unique requirements from the client’s end, analyze and build an effective idea.
  • Figure out Regulations and Jurisdictions in the targeted country.
  • Developing Blockchain networks as per the client’s specifications.
  • Combining these Blockchain networks into the crypto exchange software.
  • Boosting the security of the crypto trading platform with top-level security entities.
  • Listing the coins or tokens in the exchange to get started.
  • Deployment of exchange platform as per clientele’s unique requirements.
  • Supporting the clients in the future in case of any queries or errors and resolving them instantly.

Benefits of our Whitelabel crypto exchange platform software

Multi-Sig wallet
Multi-Sig Wallet

Our Cryptocurrency exchange script supports Multi-signature wallet to enhance the security and privacy in your crypto trading platform.


Your traders can now perform user-friendly trading since our exchange supports popular languages such as Chinese, French, etc.

Advanced content management system
Advanced Content Management System

The Admin Panel is more intuitive and attractive where you can manage your Content Management System effectively even with limited technical knowledge.

Lifetime bugfree support
Lifetime bugfree support

We contribute our top-quality support to our clients anytime. Our exchange software is designed in a way that it is unhackable and bug-free.

Integrated payment gateway
Integrated Payment Gateway

To operate transactions spontaneously, we blend Payment Gateway into the Whitelabel Software. It supports diverse modes of payment such as Debit Cards, Credit Cards, etc.

Free server configuration & deployment
Free server configuration & deployment

Our pool of developers at Coinsclone are ultimately capable to configure and deploy your server for the exchange instantly without any cost.

Lifetime free upgrades
Lifetime free upgrades

We assist our clientele around the world with our top-notch support by proffering lifetime free upgrades to them whenever required.

Customer support
24*7 Customer Support

We provide complete support to our clientele and resolve the queries as soon as possible for a premium experience.

Why hire Coinsclone to build whitelabel crypto exchange software?

Being a first-rated Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company, we have a huge set of experts who are well-versed in Crypto solutions. Our pool of developers is responsible for bringing in cutting-edge outcomes in accordance with the client’s requirements. Our customizable whitelabel crypto exchange products are applicable across various industrial sectors such as Banking, Finance, Healthcare, Supply Chain, Agriculture, etc. Moreover, to setup your own bitcoin exchange, it won’t take much time if you leverage our whitelabel crypto exchange or ready-made crypto exchange solutions from us. As a leading solution provider in the market, we can help you in raising profits for your business.

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