What isOTC Crypto Exchange?

Whereas in a conventional, decentralized crypto exchange you cannot carry out transactions without third party involvement, in an OTC crypto exchange individuals can directly buy and sell cryptocurrencies. For example, even when you are using an exchange, there are many mechanisms that are activated before you can make the transactions.

In an OTC platform, the transactions take place between two individuals and there is no unwanted control of a formal exchange platform. The exchange is completely secure, very easy to use and carries out fastest possible transactions.

OTC Crypto Exchange

Why should you start OTC crypto exchange?

Starting an OTC cryptocurrency exchange business in the crypto ecosystem will make you rich and earn an ample amount of profits in a short period. Here we share a few notable reasons to develop an OTC crypto trading platform.

Why Should Start OTC Crypto Exchang
  • OTC crypto exchange is one of the popular revenue-generating exchange concepts and most users prefer this kind of exchange because of the bulk trading option.
  • OTC exchange has a modular architecture and lots of scalabilities.
  • The bulk cryptocurrency transactions are protected with the latest security modules.
  • You can generate a lucrative amount of money by collecting trading fees when your users perform bulk crypto trades.
  • Since there is no intervention, individuals can buy and sell famous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum without any hurdles. This leads to a greater number of transactions, resulting in more revenue for your exchange.
  • Your users can easily handle cryptocurrencies as it comes with secure multi-crypto wallet support.
  • As an admin of the exchange, you can set the price of crypto assets as per your wish.
  • You can set the user’s buying and selling limit on your OTC cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Top FeaturesOf our OTC Crypto Exchange

User to Admin Trading

Don’t wait for other users to execute your trades. Exchange your cryptocurrencies directly with the admin for the best available market rate.

User to Admin Trading
Multicurrency Wallet

Multicurrency Wallet

Our OTC software is compatible to support all types of altcoins and tokens. Also, the users can select their desired network during the deposit & withdrawal.

User Friendly UI/UX

We make sure to provide a simple, neat & clean user interface which makes them connect with the platform in real time experience.

User Friendly UI/UX
Multi Layered Security

Multi Layered Security

Our software is pre-loaded with all the up to date security mechanisms like XSS, CSRF, DDoS, DoS & SSRF protections. In addition to it, Google authentication, Recovery keys, Anti-phishing code, KYC/AML are the standard features.

Instant Buy/Sell

No longer you need not want to wait for hours to exchange your cryptocurrencies. All the transactions are automated for the best market price so get your pieces of cryptos ultra-fast!

Instant Buy/Sell

How DoesOur OTC Crypto Exchange Software Work?

UserUser Can Login or RegisterTwo-Factor Authentication Mail/SMSCompletes KYC/SecurityAdmin DashboardUser KYC SubmissionUser DashboardPrice ChartInstant Buy / SellMy ProfileUser Wallet BalanceUser Withdraw / DepositQuery SupportUser Trade HistoryUser Deposit / WithdrawUser SupportAdminSettingsCurrency SettingsSubscriber DetailsSecurity SettingsAdmin Approved

Core Features of ourOTC crypto exchange platform

User Panel

We provide an user friendly panel with a simple and easy interface for users which makes them trade cryptocurrencies effortlessly.

Crypto Wallets

Powerful Admin Portal

We provide a robust admin panel where you can monitor and manage all the users & their actions overall or filter and view the individual records of each user.

Powerful Admin Portal

Integrated Crypto Wallet

Our OTC exchange software is a multi-purpose system which can also be used to send, receive and store cryptocurrencies in a secured manner.

Integrated Crypto Wallet

Live Price Ticker

Get the accurate exchange rates for all the coins and currencies that can help the users to calculate the buy/sell amount easily.

Live Price Ticker

KYC System

The KYC process is mandatory in our software which includes ID verification, Document verification and face verification to make sure the platform is more legit.

KYC System

Multi-region Transactions

Aside from having multiple cryptocurrencies & payment options, our software is also capable of global transactions so the users can access it from anywhere in the world.

Multi-region Transactions

You decide the price

Set a margin by increasing or decreasing the market value and buy/sell the cryptocurrencies at your own desired price.

You decide the price

Content Management System

Manage the entire site contents with all the formatting tools and options from the CMS settings we provide in our exchange software.

Content Management System

Currency Settings

The admin can be able to manage and edit the withdrawal fee, buy/sell commission %, minimum deposit/withdrawal, minimum buy/sell amount etc…

Currency Settings

Support Tickets

Admin can view tickets submitted by all users and can update/respond to the tickets to solve user inquiries and issues.

Support Tickets

Referral System

Users can invite their friends or other crypto users so that they can earn rewards or bonuses. It helps to grab more users on your crypto exchange platform.

Referral System

Multiple Admin

The primary admin can create more sub-admins and grant them limited access. This helps in reducing the workload of the main admin and make it easy to set up a back office for your exchange.

Multiple Admin

Security Features of ourOTC crypto exchange platform

Coinsclone always gives priority to security features. We incorporate robust security features to deliver a highly secure OTC crypto exchange platform.

SSL Protection
End-To-End Encryption
Multilayered Authentication
Secure API Connections
Device-Enabled Security
Ethereum-Based Smart Contracts
Indisputable Tokens
Optional KYC Integration

Use Case of ourOTC Crypto Exchange

Use Case of OTC Crypto Exchange

Commodities Trading - Commodities can be converted into cryptocurrencies and then traded on the OTC exchange platform.

Peer-To-Peer Trading - Direct trading between individuals can be facilitated for cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Liquidity - OTC crypto exchanges can be used to raise quick liquidity by direct selling of cryptocurrencies between the interested parties.

Revenue Generation - There is a great opportunity for revenue for the OTC crypto exchange owner as a greater number of people buy and sell cryptocurrencies and tokens.

E-Commerce - Since third parties are not required to sell cryptocurrencies, e-commerce transactions can be incorporated with greater speed.

Our Portfolio Powers more than 350 Cryptocurrency Exchanges Globally

our portfolio

Why Choose us forOTC crypto exchange development?

Our OTC cryptocurrency exchange development service is the finest and top-notch service that you find in the crypto industry. We offer a single package in which you can find all that you need for developing an outstanding OTC cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Hardcore Blockchain Developers

Hardcore Blockchain Developers

Our development team has been working on various blockchain projects for many years having great hands-on experience.

Whitelabel Platform

Whitelabel Platform

We will deliver a completely customizable OTC crypto exchange platform that you will be able to alter in whatsoever manner.

360-Degree Support

360-Degree Support

From design to development to deployment to marketing, we can provide you complete support to make your OTC crypto exchange a great success.

No Unpleasant Surprises

No Unpleasant Surprises

When you work with us you will never be caught by surprise in terms of pricing and increasing deadlines.

Scalable Development

Scalable Development

Whatever is your budget, whatever is the extent of features and capabilities you want to incorporate, we can scale accordingly.



Your users will be able to use your OTC crypto exchange platform from multiple devices with different operating systems.

Development Approach of ourOTC Crypto Exchange Software

Coinsclone follows some standard procedures to create and deploy an OTC cryptocurrency exchange platform.

project analysis
Requirement Gathering

In the initial stage, we would gather the requirements from clients and analyze them with the current crypto market. After the research, we will provide the right solution for starting an OTC crypto exchange business.


Our experts will derive a rough plan for OTC crypto exchange development based on the business requirements of clients.


Each design that is implemented in the OTC exchange will be moved to the next stage after the confirmation from both the client-side and the designer team.


In this stage, we would develop and customize the entire crypto exchange as per the client’s needs.

Designing and development
Testing and deployment

After the development stage, our testing team will check the quality of the OTC crypto exchange by conducting various tests. If any functionality doesn’t work properly, then our team will rectify the issue immediately.


Our development team will deploy the superfine OTC crypto exchange to the server as per the client’s request.

Our Customers Love what we do

Customer feedback and reviews are our major concerns! Here we have shared a few feedbacks of our reputed clients.


Project Name


I have been working with Coinsclone for the past two years. I am really satisfied with their development and technical support as well. I hope to work with them for a long time.

Our Recognitions and Rewards

Witness our accomplishments as a global pioneer in the crypto industry as we have received a cluster of awards & recognition for our uncompromising efforts.

Software world

Technologies Used in Our OTC Crypto Exchange

We at coinsclone use a set of advanced technologies for creating and deploying an error-free OTC cryptocurrency exchange software.

Technologies stock

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

In a normal crypto exchange users don't directly buy and sell cryptocurrencies from each other. They do it through an exchange. In an OTC crypto exchange your users can buy and sell directly from each other.
It is not as costly as going the traditional way. We have most of the scripts ready. We have multiple platforms with us that we can implement in the minimum possible time. We have great libraries that we have already developed through hard work. Nonetheless, the final pricing depends on the scale of your crypto exchange platform.
Yes, they will be able to sell and buy all contemporary and major cryptocurrencies.
KYC verification is not mandatory although it is recommended. Complete anonymity is incorporated into the OTC crypto exchange interface to encourage direct transaction between the users.
All the crypto transactions are immutable and they are stored within multiple blockchains. The information will be immediately available to you through your dashboard.
Some of the security features include escrow facility, decentralized ledgers, two factor authentication, hot/cold wallet automation and dedicated wallet implementation.

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