How to Start a Decentralized Exchange like dYdX

In this crypto Era, the Decentralized Exchange platform (DEX) is like a cherry on the cake top. People prefer a Decentralized exchange platform for its advanced security protection and for the several features that are incorporated. One can Trade without borders and Trust without Intermediaries in the dYdX crypto exchange. Several crypto exchange platforms support DEX, and one such is dYdX. To know what it is and How to Start a Decentralized Exchange like dYdX??

If this is the case, make sure to read below…

What is a Decentralized Exchange like dYdX and How Does it Work?

The Decentralized Exchange like dYdX is a leading DEX platform. The increased demand for dYdX, that it currently supports Margin Trading. It runs on the Ethereum Blockchain technology with smart contracts called StarkEx. 

Antonio Juliano founded dYdX in 2017. In 2019, Decentralized Exchange like dYdX incorporated its own Order Book System and launched perpetual contracts in 2020. Moreover, dYdX crypto went through three versions, and they built the latest version, released in 2021, on the StarkWare-based layer 2 solution to reduce the gas fees for its traders. By the end of 2023, the development team announced that the platform would be launching a V4, dedicated standalone chain in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Moreover, dYdX enables people to do Margin Trading of perpetual contracts. Margin Trading is also called leverage trading. It lets you buy and sell using funds that could increase the balance of your current account position. 

For Instance – dYdX trading needs a requirement of 5% for Bitcoin Perpetual Contracts, which means traders need to deposit 5% of the total capital that they want to have in the contract before starting a Margin Trading. 

Crypto Margin Trading involves a different set of Leverages indicated in a way such as 5X, 10X,15X, and so on. For Instance – If a trader has 15X leverage then the trader has the exposure of 15 times the margin amount in the trader’s account.  

What would be your reaction if someone says trading has no expiry date or no closure date?!! In dYdX trading, Perpetual Contract plays a major role. Let’s see that in the upcoming…

What is dYdX Perpetual Contract and Order Types?

Perpetual Contract allows the users and investors to buy/sell the order at a fixed price with no expiry date. It means you can purchase or sell cryptocurrency at any convenient time in the future. In dYdX, Perpetual Contract is offered in the StarkEx Layer 2 solution with up to 25x leverage. There are 4 order types in this platform to make your trade easier such as:

  • Market Order
  • Limit Order
  • Trailing Stop Order
  • Take Profit Limit Order  
  • Stop Limit Order.

Market Order – Market Order allows you to buy or sell a specific asset which will be published in the order book. The order will be executed on the current market price at the moment when the system processes the order.

Limit Order -In Limit Order, the traders can buy or sell by setting a range price for ordering. The order to buy will only take place if the price is lower than the limit range you set, and an order to sell will only occur if the price is higher than the range limit.

Trailing Stop Order – In Trailing stop order it locks the profit and it only makes a move when the price moves favorably to you.  

Take Profit Limit Order – In the Take Profit Limit Order, the limit order is triggered whenever the profit price is achieved.

Stop Limit Order – A stop-limit order makes sure that the trade takes place only when investors get the price they set.

Launch your Decentralized Exchange like dYdX and reshape the Future of Finance!

Having discussed this, a Decentralized exchange like dYdX continuously enhances its features to create a full-fledged platform. Let’s see its salient features in the upcoming.

Key Features of Decentralized Exchange Like dYdX

Non-Custodial Wallet – It’s a wallet integrated with the user’s account. While making a dXdY trading, the digital assets stay in the wallet. The non-custodial wallet provides high security.

Smart Contract Integration – A Decentralized platform with smart contract integration called Perpetual contract implies high security and privacy by processing transactions directly between the traders.

Multilingual Features – This provides several language options to ease the users for their better understanding of trading.

User-Friendly Features – The features you integrate should make sure that your user feels self-assured while navigating throughout the platform. 

Order books and TradingView – It integrates trading view capabilities and strategies with an online tool. TradingView is a strategy planning and execution tool. It made it simpler and more effective for dYdX decentralized exchange platform users.

Flash Loan – A financial tool called Flash Loan tool is integrated for the users to get a specific amount of digital assets without any collateral proof.  

These are the remarkable features of Decentralized Exchange like dYdX. Let’s get into the importance of creating a Decentralized platform like dYdX, scroll down. 

Benefits of Creating a Decentralized Exchange like dYdX

By creating a Decentralized Exchange like dYdX you can achieve tremendous benefits. Let’s see them in detail.

Profit by Creating a DEX Platform: You can start your digital journey by creating a Decentralized exchange platform and providing your users with top-notch trading services. DEX platform provides you with remarkable profits with various fees. 

Transparency & Security: The Decentralized exchange platform is known for its guaranteed security purpose and its openness. This highly encrypted environment attracts most of the users to make crypto trading on your platform. Smart Contracts encrypt transactions and funds safely in the blockchain.

Unique User Experience: The dYdX exchange platform has been crafted with unique typography and vibrant colors. It will make your brand stay out of the crowd.

Hands-on Experience: Most people tend to choose a mobile app over a website, having both is beneficial. You can attract a wider audience by providing hands-on experience to the user.

Having discussed. You may need help determining where to develop these many benefiting platforms… Let’s see that in detail below.

How to Start a Decentralized Exchange like dYdX?

The ultimate purpose of crafting a decentralized exchange like dYdX is to generate revenue and make huge profits.  So one should choose the trouble-free way to start a DeFi Exchange Platform. By choosing an easy method, you have ample business strategies and ideas to implement to market your product. 

The conventional way of starting a business is to develop the entire platform from scratch. If you’ve decided to develop from scratch then you should develop every element and functionality from the base.. However, developing a platform from scratch may take several months to complete.

White label service is acquiring a ready-made product from the provider for a specific use case. You can just rebrand it with your brand’s name. It also allows you to customize the software according to your convenience. One can also purchase a clone script. A clone script merely represents pre-built software that assists in replicating the popular Decentralized exchange platform you plan to launch. For newbies or startups with a minimal budget, a clone script presents the best option. The average cost of buying a clone script for your business ranges between $12000 and $20000.

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