Paxful Clone Script

Paxful - A short intro

Paxful is a peer to peer bitcoin and crypto trading platform that is formed with the main aim of making cryptocurrency transactions easy and efficient for all. Initiated with the name “Easybitz”, it changed its name to Paxful which became more popular among other crypto exchange platforms. Paxful is exclusively known for its facilitation in its payment methods. It contains nearly 300 payment methods making it easier for traders and businessmen to transfer and exchange cryptocurrencies to fiat and vice versa.

Paxful Cryptocurrency Exchange Overview

Paxful offers its users a dedicated escrow wallet along with persistent communication support. They are highly secure as they utilize blockchain technology with additional security features. With no borders or limits for transactions, Paxful is the best cryptocurrency exchange platform in the crypto field. So, shove it up and start your cryptocurrency exchange platform like Paxful with Coinsclone.

White Label Paxful clone script

White Label Paxful Clone Script

Paxful clone script is the clone of the popular peer to peer exchange platform - Paxful. It is a turnkey clone software of Paxful which has similar features to Paxful. They are readily customizable software. That means the client can add or remove any of the features and include some of the unique features into the clone software based on business needs. For security purposes, the Paxful clone script imbibes the same security perspective of the Paxful exchange and can get modified based on the security needs.

Our Paxful clone script contains a dedicated escrow management system that can hold the cryptocurrencies for a temporary period of time and transact once the trade is confirmed. With its specialization of more than 300 payment methods to facilitate trade, the client can add further regional payment options in the clone script based on his needs. Coinsclone is a mastermind in crafting clone scripts and expertise in crafting dedicated Paxful clone scripts for startups and entrepreneurs to achieve success in their cryptocurrency business.

White Label Paxful Clone Script Software

Significance of our Paxful Clone script software

Paxful is a connective platform that connects the buyers and sellers of the crypto coin in one place. It is a peer-to-peer crypto exchange platform that facilitates the cryptocurrency trade more efficiently.

Paxful is soaked up with a stunning user interface that makes the beginner trade the digital platform with utmost confidence.

The trader can choose the way of digital payment as there are more than 300 payment methods available on the platform.

Orders are quickly processed in Paxful than in other platforms. That means you can conduct immediate transactions in Paxful compared to other similar P2P cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

When it comes to security, Paxful has a completely encrypted ambiance making the trader feel that they are dealing with a secure platform. Apart from Blockchain technology, the client can add additional security features.

It eliminates the fraudulent buyers and sellers as they have to deposit a minimum amount in the escrow to start a trade in the platform.

The traders can earn side revenue with the prevalence of affiliate programs and referral programs.

Our Paxful clone script provides 24/7 customer support on all technical and non-technical queries.

How does our Paxful clone script work?

Registration details
Kickstarting with cryptocurrency exchange on a Paxful clone script software platform is so easy. The user has to register his account by entering the general details like username and email id. After registration, verification mail will be sent to the mail id. He has to click the link to sign in and change the password for security purposes.
Once signed in, the user has to put in other necessary details like the phone number, verification documents authorized by the government like Driver’s license, etc. After successful verification of KYC details, the user can start to trade or exchange on the site.
As it is a p2p cryptocurrency exchange platform, the number of available buyers and sellers of the particular cryptocurrency will be listed based on the availability of the payment options to exchange the currencies. On the acceptance of the buyer’s request, the seller can initiate the trade.
Multiple payment options
After reaching a certain level of mutual update, the buyer will have to transfer payment to the seller through multiple payment options. Once the seller receives the payment for transacting cryptos, he has to optimize the “ I have received the payment” and have to transfer the crypto to the buyer.
Payment gateways
If the seller did not click the option, then he might not have received the payment or it would be due to miscommunication between the payment gateways. In that sense, dispute resolution is initiated and resolved at the earliest.
Admin dashboard
As an admin, you can look into the availability of the buyers and sellers of various crypto coins. Unless there is a need for dispute resolution, the admins should not interfere in the trade between the buyer and the seller.
P2p escrow management system
Paxful is a p2p escrow management system and works without any influence from the owner. Similar is the function of the Paxful clone script platform. But for every transaction successfully delivered, the exchange owner will receive a minimum of 1% as fees for the transaction which is one of the huge revenue sources.

Paxful clone app development

The Paxful clone app is a modified software of the Paxful clone designed for mobile trading. All the features of the Paxful clone script are present in the Paxful clone app. Our Paxful clone app supports all kinds of mobile OS including Android and iOS mobiles. We provide a distinguished dashboard and suitable trade matching pairs for those traders who wants to trade in their smartphone. The user will get 24/7 updates regarding the market standards which can help him to trade in the well-performing cryptos. Some of the features of our Paxful clone app are

Paxful Clone App Development
  • Wallet integration
  • Fingerprint authentication
  • Out of the box User interface.
  • Security and ease of access.
  • Geographic location tracking mechanism.
  • Push up notifications.
  • Consistent customer support.
  • Multi-lingual assistance.

Why Coinsclone for Paxful clone script?

White Label Binance Clone Script

Coinsclone is an expert service provider of all popular clone scripts and white label cryptocurrency exchanges. They have successfully delivered more than 40 + projects to their international clients and made them successful entrepreneurs of all time. We provide customizable readymade clone script software solutions to our clients to initiate their business instantly without any effort. Our Paxful clone script is a turnkey software with customization features that the client can add based on his business requirements. We make user-friendly software using technologically advanced tools.

We, at Coinsclone, have a dedicated team of professionals who can tailor your Paxful clone software out of the box with state of the art technologies and infrastructure. We provide advanced security features in our clone script along with additional security options for our clients to add based on their requirements. Initiate your cryptopreneur business career with Coinsclone by starting your P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform.

White Label Binance Clone Script

Features of our Paxful clone script

Advanced UI/UX Design

Multi-fiat Multi crypto exchange platform

Paxful clone script helps the traders to exchange in multi fiat currency and trade in multi-cryptocurrencies.

Smart contracts

With our Paxful clone software, you can get advanced smart contract solutions for your business.
Multiple Payments

Faster matching engine

This Paxful clone script does quicker matching trades based on the user preferences making the trade transactions efficient.

Dispute resolution

The admin will have a clear outreach of dispute resolution as an entire transaction is stored in the blockchain ledger.
Multiple Payments

Real-time trade stats

You can refer to the real-time trade statistics in the dashboard.

Integrating payment gateways

you can integrate any number of payment gateways to your Paxful exchange clone script with ease.
Multiple Payments

IEO integration and Launchpad

You can integrate IEO launchpad with your exchange software.

Matching proximity

This software helps you to locate the proximal trade available to trade making things easy.

Security Features of our Paxful clone script

Margin Trading

Jail login guard.

OTC Trading

SMS/E-mail verification.

spot trading

Protective Content management system (CMS)

spot trading

Escrow wallet mechanism.

spot trading

SSSRF protection.

derivative trading

Integration of Firewall

P2P trading

Hypertext Protocol Authentication.

derivative trading

SSL Encryption and SQL prevention.

derivative trading

Secure chatbot and trading bot.

derivative trading

Fastest KYC/AML mapping.

Technology equipment

Our technology tools
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