BEP20 Token Development - An Overview

BEP20 Token Development is the process that helps entrepreneurs create secured and advanced fungible tokens on the Binance smart chain network. The BEP20 token standard is considered largely effective and enhances in creating BEP20 tokens of low-cost and speedy transactions. Compatibility with ERC20 tokens is another major advantage of creating BEP20 tokens and can contribute hugely to raising funds.

Additionally, we offer incredible BEP20 token development services for entrepreneurs looking to grow exponentially in the Crypto industry. By adopting our services, you can be assured of developing bug-free, secure, and reliable BEP20 tokens. We give importance to understanding your requirements thoroughly and make sure the outcomes are ideal and long-standing. Besides, our skilled developers have an affinity towards developing BEP20 tokens to serve both utility and crowdfunding purposes.

BEP20 Token Development Services

Being a channelized BEP20 token development company, we bring in the top services according to the needs.

Token DevelopmentToken Development

Our BEP20 token development company is regarded as one of the best due to the pipeline we follow. During the building phase, we support you completely throughout while developing the multi-compatible fungible token.

Token Migration ServicesToken Migration Services

Our token migration service is quite helpful in moving a BEP20 token to other compatible blockchains like Ethereum, Tron, etc. We offer token migration services of the highest standard to stand unique and rise above.

Listing tokens on ExchangeListing tokens on Exchange

Make your tokens globally popular through our BEP20 token listing services on Crypto Exchanges. It is one of the significant areas for your tokens to attain a massive reach and increase their value in the market.

BEP20 Token Wallet DevelopmentBEP20 Token Wallet Development

The primary need to make a BEP20 token is a promising wallet to store and manage the newly created BEP20 tokens. We have expertise in developing secure and compatible blockchain wallets without flaws.

Mintable/Burnable Token DevelopmentMintable/Burnable Token Development

The two main characteristics to be defined while creating tokens are the ability to mint and burn. Our crafty team ensures that you can increase or decrease the token supply based on the market demands.

ICO DevelopmentICO Development

As a prominent BEP20 token development company, we create ICO platforms for token sales and to raise funds. Our company has covered unique and different services related to ICO including whitepaper creation.

Why should you Create BEP20 Token?

Creating BEP20 tokens has numerous benefits and could take you to great heights.

Why Should Start OTC Crypto Exchang
  • Low Transaction Fees - BEP20 token transaction cost is among the lowest in comparison to tokens on other blockchains like Ethereum and Tron. Hence, you can attract a wider audience to invest in your tokens during crowdfunding.
  • Fast Transactions - BEP20 token creation is beneficial since it has opened up the possibility of faster transactions on the blockchain. More investors are approaching the Binance smart chain blockchain due to the faster transaction speed.
  • Interoperability - Apart from being the popular token standard on the Binance smart chain, BEP20 is interoperable with wallets and tokens. Hence, they can seamlessly interact with Dapps, wallets, and other services within the Binance smart chain network.
  • Transparency - Since BEP20 tokens are completely decentralized, every piece of information on the token can be tracked and analyzed. Hence, investing in these tokens becomes quite easy among traders.
  • Compatibility - BEP20 tokens are compatible with both ERC20 tokens and BEP2 tokens on the Binance smart chain network. As a result, BEP20 tokens can be deemed multifunctional with proven advantages.
  • Fundraising Purposes - BEP20 tokens have solved the transaction cost and speed demerits which were abundant in the case of ERC20 tokens. Create a bep20 token on Binance smart chain to be far more productive while raising funds for your project.

Top Features Of Our BEP20 Token Development

Coinsclone stands tall among other BEP20 token development company with the excellent features they provide.

POS Support

We offer POS support to the BEP20 tokens thereby, your users can stake these tokens, and also can be used for voting purposes.

POS Support
Dual chain architecture

Dual Chain Architecture

BEP20 tokens are built through dual-chain architecture to increase the speed of transactions on the blockchain.

Cross-Chain Compatibility

BEP20 coins are compatible with Binance Chain Bep2 coins. Using a basic wallet, you can effortlessly switch between the two networks.

Cross-chain Compatibility
Effortless Listing

Effortless Listing

You may simply list your BEP20 tokens on Decentralized exchanges with little effort, allowing for quick token sales.

Smart Contract Audit

A smart contract security audit examines and comments on a project’s smart contract code.

Smart Contract Audit

Core Features of Our BEP20 Token Development

Token Standards

BEP20 is a Binance Coin (BNB) token standard similar to Ethereum’s ERC20 standard. It sets rules that all tokens created on BSC need to follow. Also, Bep2 defines a set of rules that tokens should follow to function in the Binance chain ecosystem.

Token Standards

No Intermediaries

Tokens are legal for swapping so it doesn’t need any intermediaries for sharing an asset.

No Intermediaries

Multi-chain Architecture

We develop BEP20 tokens that can offer assent with both available networks of the Binance chain and the Binance smart chain.

Multi-chain Architecture

Token Mint

Users can mint BEP20 tokens designed initially with a non-fixed total supply, allowing the token owner to mint a lot of BEP20 tokens.

Token Mint

Referral Program

A referral program gets your potential customers to trust your product as it has been referred by a friend or a colleague. A referral program creates more acceptability of your product among users.

Referral Program

Maximum Supply

The maximum supply of a token refers to the total number of tokens that can ever be minted.

Maximum Supply

Burn Tokens

Making a burnable token is accomplished by sending tokens to an address whose private keys are not accessible by anyone and subtracting the number from the total supply in our contract.

Burn Tokens

Purchase Token

Users can deposit Crypto/Fiat in their respective wallets from their external wallets through their wallet address or by scanning a QR code. The tokens will get updated in their wallet equivalent to the amount of crypto they have deposited in their wallet.

Purchase Token

Stages and Progress Bar

Admin can view, add, edit, and delete the token sale stages and also can update the progress bar depending on the number of tokens sold from the admin panel.

Stages and Progress Bar

Support System

Instant support system that helps your users to raise queries and also a chat box for them to directly chat with the admin.

Support System

Security Features of Our BEP20 Token Development

Coinsclone enables robust security features to create and deliver highly secure BEP20 Tokens.

End-to-end encryption

Non-fungible tokens

Multilevel SSL security

Device level native security

Additional modules for security features

KYC integration

Smart contacts using Ethereum and Bitcoin technologies

Irreversible tokenization

How Does Our BEP20 Token Development Work?

Working flow of our bep20 token development

Use Case of our BEP20 Token Development

Use Case of BEP-20 Token Development

Token Minting - As an owner of the token, you can mint BEP20 tokens whenever you want which helps to enhance the total token supply and inflate the token value.

Micro-Payments - Since the transaction fee of a typical BEP20 token is quite low, they can be ideal for micro-payments.

Gaming Assets - BEP20 tokens are increasingly being used to purchase gaming assets such as game levels, in-game gadgets, and premium gifts.

Exchange Bridging - Transactions can be facilitated between crypto exchanges built on varying technologies in a hassle-free way.

Token Burning - You can burn the BEP20 tokens if necessary. Therefore, you can reduce the circulating supply of your BEP20 tokens in the crypto market.

Peer-to-peer Transactions - The BEP20 tokens can be traded directly between individuals which eliminates the need to use conventional monitoring tools.

BEP20 Token Development Process

If you are wondering about how to Create a Bep20 Token, Coinsclone could be the best place to help you.

development process
development process

Why Coinsclone is the best BEP20 token development company?

The premium BEP20 Token development service we offer you is the most reliable token creation service that you can find in the blockchain industry right now. We offer a complete package as a service in which you can acquire everything that you need to develop a function-rich BEP20 token.



Coinsclone is a professional BEP20 token development company and we have 5+ years of experience in offering crypto token development services. So far we have delivered 200+ tokens as per the clientele needs which are top-performing crypto tokens in the crypto space.

Faster delivery

Faster delivery

Through our wide experience, we can deliver custom BEP20 tokens as per your business requirements extremely fast and with greater efficiency.

Skilled Team

Skilled Team

Being a leading token development firm, we have a pool of well-experienced token developers who have in-depth knowledge of the Binance smart chain (BSC) technology and BEP20 token-building process.

Wallet compatibility

Wallet Compatibility

The BEP20 tokens that we develop for you will be compatible with all contemporary and popularly used non-custodial crypto wallets.

Full control

Full Control

Once we have delivered the BEP20 token, you are in full control and can make the changes per your business concepts.


Customer Support

Client satisfaction is our #1 priority so we don’t just stop by delivering the product. We have a specialized team of experts to provide first-class technical support through the Internet on a 24/7 basis for all our delivered products.

Our Customers Love what we do

Customer feedback and reviews are our major concerns! Here we have shared a few feedbacks of our reputed clients.


Project Name


I have been working with Coinsclone for the past two years. I am really satisfied with their development and technical support as well. I hope to work with them for a long time.

Our Recognitions and Rewards

Witness our accomplishments as a global pioneer in the crypto industry as we have received a cluster of awards & recognition for our uncompromising efforts.

Top Outsource

Our Portfolio Powers more than 350 Crypto Startups Globally


Technologies Used in Our BEP20 Token Development

We at coinsclone use a set of cutting-edge technologies for creating and deploying bug-free Ethereum-based crypto tokens.

Technologies stock

Frequently Asked Questions

BEP20 is a popular token standard showing the ideal specifications for creating fungible tokens on the Binance smart chain blockchain. These BEP20 tokens are highly secure and multi-functional.
BEP20 tokens offer high transaction speeds and lower fees in comparison to others like ERC20 tokens. Additionally, BEP20 tokens have more trust from the users since Binance powers it.
Developing a BEP20 token hardly takes more than one to two days if all the preparation work is completed. The development time can be slightly delayed if the specifications and requirements are more.
One of the primary reasons to opt for a Bep20 Token Development company is its security and reliability. For instance, if you build a BEP20 token through a freelancer, the outcome may not always be successful and could have technical errors. On the other hand, the company aids in creating a quality-assured BEP20 token with zero technical faults.
BEP20 is a top token standard on the Binance smart chain network and is not completely owned by Binance. Although, the crypto exchange Binance introduced the Binance smart chain blockchain, one cannot say that BEP20 belongs to Binance.

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