Zebpay Clone Script – To Create Crypto Trading Platform like Zebpay

Zebpay clone script

Is it your dream to create crypto trading platform similar to Zebpay to reap a good amount of profits? Then you are in the right place, my peeps! Every crypto enthusiast and crypto startup will have a dream of starting their own cryptocurrency exchange platform with outstanding features. As we know that crypto exchange is the finest revenue-generating business model in this modern era. So creating your own exchange platform is one of the effective ways to generate more money in a short time. Generally, the cryptocurrency exchange platform allows the user to trade a wide range of major cryptocurrencies securely. Besides, it allows the crypto exchange owners to earn lucrative money through multiple streams. Such as trading fees, listing fees, withdrawal fees, deposit fees, and more.

In this current time, many popular cryptocurrency exchanges are evolving in the crypto space by offering reliable trading services. Such as Binance, coinbase, LocalBitcoins, Paxful, Zebpay, and other prominent exchanges. In this list of prominent crypto exchanges, Zebpay is one of the best and popular crypto exchanges with many active crypto users. If you are having an idea to create a crypto trading platform similar to Zebpay, then going with a Zebpay clone script will be the best solution for your business.

One can create a cryptocurrency exchange platform like Zebpay by using our premium Zebpay clone script software. From the recent stats, we can see that many budding crypto startups and entrepreneurs are preferring Zebpay clone script for creating a crypto exchange like Zebpay rather than developing an exchange from scratch.

Zebpay Clone Script

If you aren’t aware of the Zebpay clone script, then this article will help you with everything you need to know about them. In this article, let us see how to create crypto trading platform similar to Zebpay by using the best Zebpay clone software.

Let us quickly begin this exciting article with…

What is Zebpay?

Zebpay is a well-known and ideal cryptocurrency exchange platform in the global crypto marketplace. Zebpay has been a Singapore-based cryptocurrency trading platform since 2014. This exchange was first founded by Sandeep Goenka, Saurabh Agrawal, and Mahin Gupta. Zebpay trading platform allows users to buy, sell, and trade all virtual digital currencies in a hassle-free manner with high-end security. This exchange offers its crypto trading services to both the web and major mobile platforms. Such as IOS and Android platforms.

Currently, this exchange platform has more than 3 million active crypto users across all parts of the globe. It has been growing and gaining more popularity from a wide range of crypto investors across the world. So far this cryptocurrency trading platform has achieved more than $2 million volume in fiat transactions. The constant efforts, hard work, and secure trading solutions made this cryptocurrency exchange a popular and successful platform in the global crypto marketplace.

Like other crypto exchanges, Zebpay also has a secure cryptocurrency wallet for its global crypto users. After the launch of their own crypto wallet in the market, the very next year they launched a user-friendly cryptocurrency trading mobile application globally. In 2017, the trade volume of this exchange platform skyrocketed to $1 billion. And in 2018, the trading volume is doubled to $2 billion. The major attracting section of Zebpay is, it is widely supported in more than 163 countries and recognized as the best crypto trading platform for both beginners & experienced crypto traders.

Why Should you Create Crypto Exchange Platform like Zebpay?

Zebpay is the largest Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange platform and has more than 3 million active crypto users per month. Their primary motive is to provide users and investors a secure, trustworthy, and advanced crypto exchange platform. They gained more crypto users by offering low transaction fees for users. Besides, they do not charge any withdrawal or deposit fees for fiat currencies. But they will charge some amount of fees while withdrawing cryptocurrencies from the wallet.

In India, they charge 0.0001 BTC as a premium membership if the user doesn’t trade any crypto coins. But for other countries, there will be waived fees. If you are launching a stunning cryptocurrency exchange like zebpay, then you can also follow the same strategy to gain more crypto users. You can also collect crypto withdrawal fees. This might help you to earn a profitable amount of money in a short time. Now, let us see some other noteworthy reasons to build a cryptocurrency exchange like zebpay.

  • This exchange is risk-free and there is no possibility of hacking or any other malware activities. Because they provide tightened security for the users while trading crypto assets.
  • This exchange offers a cryptocurrency wallet for its users to store, receive, and transfer a wide range of crypto coins & tokens securely.
  • Zebpay is completely supported in more than 163 countries across the globe.
  • It supports all the popular digital currencies that are evolving in the crypto marketplace. Such as bitcoin, Ethereum, dogecoin, dash, Cardano, litecoin, ripple, bitcoin cash, and EOS.
  • KYC/AML verification will be mandatory for all users to verify users’ identification.
  • Zebpay contains the lightning-speed network payment method which is a blockchain-based protocol that enables the user to perform fast and secure crypto transactions.
  • It supports several crypto trading pairs which help to provide higher liquidity in the platform.
  • They offer their exchange service on both web and major mobile platforms such as Android and IOS.

Zebpay also provides additional services for its global crypto users. Services like zebpay bug bounty program, digital assets, and more. The bug bounty program is a type of program initiated by Zebpay to provide a secured crypto trading platform. Here users can submit the vulnerabilities with a detailed descriptions and solutions. The submitter will get a reward of 50 to 1k US dollars.

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What is a Zebpay Clone Script?

Zebpay clone script is a ready-made crypto exchange website clone script that holds all the current features and plugins of Zebpay exchange. It comes under the white-label crypto exchange clone script. So you can customize the trading features, themes, designs, colors, name, logo, and other add-ons as per your business necessities. By using this zebpay clone software, you can create a cryptocurrency exchange platform like Zebpay within a week. Like Zebpay, clone script also supports all major crypto assets like bitcoin, Ethereum, dogecoin, ripple, EOS< dash and more.

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Coinsclone offers the best-in-class white label zebpay clone software which comes with all cutting-edge trading modules and security features. Our premium Zebpay clone script is completely designed, developed, multi-tested, verified by the quality checking team, and ready for the deployment process. Our script comes with the fastest matching engine which enables your users to get the best reading experience while buying or selling crypto assets. We at Coinsclone, enable the latest features and security systems in our zebpay clone script that helps you to gain a massive user base and reap a great number of profits in a short period.

How does a Zebpay Clone Script Work?

The premium Zebpay clone script works the same as the Zebpay exchange. This exchange was in the field of digital currencies since 2014 and has gained immense popularity among investors. Let us see how this zebpay clone script works with an example. Consider that you are a user in the Zebpay clone exchange platform. If you are willing to buy a BTC on the platform, then you need to register and open an account by giving your active Gmail id with a secure passcode. Then it sends a verification link to your registered Gmail id with an OTP. After clicking the link and entering the OTP, you can activate your account.

Secondly, you need to give your phone number and other required details to complete your KYC verification. Once the admin of the exchange verified your KYC details, you can proceed with crypto trading. Then click on the buy/sell button which will be available in the top left corner. You need to choose which fiat currency that you want to pay for buying Bitcoin. Also, you need to enter the amount of BTC that you want to buy.

Here, You can use a credit/debit card for buying bitcoin. Next, you need to confirm the method of payment, amount, and click ‘place buy order’ to confirm. Then, it asks you to fill in your credit/debit card information for linking your bank to the platform. Once the trading is done successfully, you will receive the BTC to your cryptocurrency wallet instantly. For every successful transaction, the admin of the platform will collect a certain amount of fees which is a major revenue stream to generate a profitable income!

This is the real-time working process of the Zebpay website clone script.

Exclusive Features of our Zebpay Clone Software

By integrating fascinating features in the software, you can enhance the overall trading experience of the Zebpay clone exchange. Apart from this, features will also help to attract many crypto users from various parts of the world. Here we list some of the unique and the latest trading features that we integrate while crafting our premium white label zebpay website clone software.

  1.  Margin trading
  2. Multi-cryptocurrency wallet integration
  3. IEO launchpad
  4. Liquidity API
  5. Referral program
  6. Admin dashboard and user dashboard
  7. Multi-lingual assistance
  8. Market order
  9. Stop order and limit order
  10. Payment gateway integration
  11. Site API
  12. Trade engine
  13. Automatic KYC/AML verifications and more

We incorporate these ideal features into our Zebpay clone script. Apart from these features, you can also modify your desired trading features as per your business necessities in a hassle-free way.

Security Features of our Zebpay Clone Software

Here we list some of the high-level security features that we enable in our Zebpay website clone script to avoid cyberbullying and other malware activities.

  1. HTTPs authentication
  2. Jail login
  3. Data encryption
  4. Two-factor authentication
  5. SQL injection prevention
  6. Anti Denial of Service(DoS)
  7. Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) protection
  8. Server-Side Request Forgery(SSRF) protection
  9. Anti Distributed Denial of Service

Benefits of using Zebpay Clone Script

  1. It is a ready-made crypto exchange clone software, so the deployment process is quick and easy. Also, it saves your time, money, and other resources.
  2. It comes with existing features and functions of the Zebpay exchange.
  3. It has an ideal user-friendly interface with high-end security systems.
  4. Supports multiple cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ripple, litecoin, ether, EOS, bitcoin cash, and more
  5. Multi-language support
  6. You users can perform Instant and secure crypto transactions.
  7. It reduces your effort in building an exchange like zebpay. Because our premium Zebpay website clone software is already developed, designed, multi-tested, and ready for deployment. Just you need to customize the features according to your business requirements and deploy your exchange on your server.
  8. High scalability and customizability
  9. You can get 24/7 productive technical and customer support from a team of experts.
  10. Our script has the capability of performing many crypto transactions per second.

App Developing using Zebpay Clone script

As we can see many crypto users are preferring crypto trading apps for buying/selling crypto assets when compared to exchange websites. To attract many crypto users and stand unique in the competition, you need to launch a cryptocurrency trading mobile application like Zebpay. Coinsclone offers world-class Zebpay clone app development services which help you to create and launch an ultra-modern cryptocurrency exchange mobile application similar to Zebpay. Our Zebpay clone app has a user-friendly interface so it helps your users to get a smooth and best crypto trading experience. Besides, the Zebpay clone app will be compatible on both Android and IOS platforms which might attract many crypto users easily from all parts of the world.

How to Create Crypto Exchange Platform like Zebpay?

If you are looking forward to creating an exchange similar to zebpay, then you need to buy a premier zebpay clone script from Coinsclone. Our clone script helps you to create crypto exchange platform like zebpay within a few days as per your business needs. Before deploying a trading platform like zebpay, you need to consider some essential factors. Such as

  1. Have a unique set of Business requirements.
  2. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of the existing zebpay exchange. And try to rectify them on your platform.
  3. Check out the laws of the country that you are planning to launch because some countries completely banned cryptos and crypto exchanges. Thus, research before launching your crypto exchange in any country.
  4. Make sure that you have enough funds for starting a cryptocurrency exchange like zebpay.
  5. Get in touch with a genuine cryptocurrency exchange clone software provider to get an error-free zebpay website clone script.
  6. Check out whether the high-level security systems and cutting-edge features are enabled in the exchange.
  7. At last, deploy your cryptocurrency exchange like Zebpay with the assistance of a professional white label cryptocurrency exchange solution provider.

Finally, Start marketing your cryptocurrency exchange platform to your targeted users and global crypto traders. By considering all these above-mentioned factors, you can also successfully build a bitcoin exchange platform similar to zebpay.

Why Choose Coinsclone to Create Crypto Exchange Platform?

Coinsclone is an award-winning Cryptocurrency Exchange Script provider in the crypto industry. We have years of experience in offering premium cryptocurrency exchange solutions with the utmost perfection. We excel in delivering crypto exchange clone scripts by integrating the latest trading features and security mechanisms. We are also masters in provisioning the premium zebpay clone script with premium outcomes. Our zebpay clone script is well-optimized with well-experienced developers. Also, it comes with an effective user-friendly interface, features, and functions which are identical to zebpay exchange.

If you are interested in starting an exchange like zebpay, then buy our exclusive zebpay clone script which helps you to start a stunning crypto exchange similar to Zebpay at an affordable price.