White Label Crypto Payment Gateway – A Perfect Choice for Startups

White label crypto payment gateway

White Label Crypto payment gateway is a potential way to build a top-notch payment gateway platform for users. Can you guess why? This is because they are already pre-made and bug-free software that comprises all the essential features, functions, and plugins. So, that you can launch your crypto payment gateway at ease without any hassles. We at Coinsclone have well-versed experience in designing a White label crypto payment processor. Wait here, still, are you not yet aware of this White-label software? Leave your worries to us. 

We have come up with this blog to clarify all your queries regarding the white label crypto payment gateway. And also about the elaborated method of launching a crypto payment Processor with this white-label software. 

White Label Crypto Payment Gateway – An Overview

White label crypto payment gateway is a pre-made gateway system designed for businesses to offer cryptocurrency payments seamlessly under their own brand. This solution enables simple integration and customization without the necessity of starting from the Scratch. It handles the entire crypto payments infrastructure, enabling Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to customize checkout, payment pages, and dashboards with their branding. End customers perceive the payment service as offered by the rebranding ISV, eliminating any indication of third-party involvement.

In contrast to traditional agreements between ISOs or merchant acquirers and payment service providers, white-labeling the crypto payment gateway empowers ISOs, ISVs, and acquirers to brand and sell these services as their own. This not only expands their offerings but also grants greater control over the crypto payment process. Additionally, it creates an extra revenue stream, with the white label cryptocurrency payment processor managing the development and maintenance aspects. 

Integrating effective features into your platform increases the potential to attract users from the global crypto market. To fulfill the startup’s needs, we have integrated potential admin and user features with our white label solution that pave the way for easy navigation and a user-friendly interface. We have also taken concern to implement advanced-level security features.

Unique Features Of Our White Label Crypto Payment Gateway 

Features of our White Label Crypto Payment Gateway include..

User/Merchant Features

  • User/merchant login
  • Security(KYC)
  • Impressive dashboard
  • Wallet integration 
  • Deposit & Withdrawal history
  • Transaction details
  • Multi-lingual assistance 
  • Multiple crypto support for transactions
  • Merchant tools
  • Button maker
  • Html post field
  • IPN history
  • API key generation and more

Admin Features

  • Sign-in
  • Dashboard
  • View Users
  • View User Deposit/Withdraw History
  • Merchant Payment History
  • Commission Settings
  • Merchant Details
  • Merchant API Category
  • Security Settings
  • Content Management System
  • Support System and more 

These are the desirable features that you can get from our white-label solutions. You can also customize these technical features smoothly based on your preference. 

You may doubt here with an important query,

Even though there are numerous methodologies for building a crypto payment processor , why choose white-label? We suggest white-label software because it shower vast benefits for newbie startups.

Why is White label Crypto Payment Gateway Beneficial For Startups?

White label Crypto payment gateway benefit startups by offering a ready-made solution, saving time and resources on development, while also providing a customizable platform that can enhance brand identity and user experience. We have listed the benefits in detail…

Highly customizable – Even though they are already made, you can customize the design, dashboard settings, and features as per your choice. 

Cost-efficient – Compared to other development methods, the white-label crypto payment gateway will cost less. It will fit in your business budget. 

Bug-free & secure – A team of developers would have developed the white-label software. Hence, the chance for technical bugs and errors is zero. Additionally, they possess advanced-level security features. 

Additional revenue Streams – As a part of customization you can modify the revenue streams based on your marketing tricks and strategies.  

Faster deployment – You can deploy your crypto payment gateway within a short span. The technical mistakes can also be rectified as soon as possible. 

Easy-to-use platform – With enough skill in deploying, you can launch the cryptocurrency payment processor by yourself. 

Now, you may be afraid about the cost and time of launching your crypto payment gateway. The next part covers the complete details of that.

Cost of White Label Crypto Payment Gateway

The cost of a white label crypto payment gateway can range from $7,000 to $12,000, depending on features and transaction volume. By using the best white label crypto payment gateway, you can create a stunning crypto payment gateway platform within a week. And you can customize the white-label software as per your business needs and requirements. 

Do you have enough capital and high-end tech staff? You can go with the scratch. However, you need to enable each functionality and develop the platform from the ground up. So, it would take you more than one year to deploy the product. Besides, the development cost will be around 80,000 USD to $100K USD.

Thus, it would not suit all budding startups and it’s a kind of risky method!!! We’re not ghosting you, but we are suggesting that this method might collapse your entire project and the outcome might not satisfy your expectations.

On the flip side, if you have a minimum amount of investment, then a white-label solution might be the best choice to save your hard-earned money. Additionally, it will reduce the technical difficulties that you face with other development methods. At Coinsclone we offer the best white label solution for crypto payment gateway. Our cost of te white label might sound quite expensive, but you need to understand that the cost defines the quality of the solution. We don’t compromise quality and security over anything. It’s our motto!

Here, choosing the right white-label solution is very important. Our team has suggested the top and best white label crypto payment gateway solutions.

Best White Label Crypto Payment Gateway Solutions of Coinclone

Whatever the requirements might be, we at coinsclone will offer the Best White Label Crypto Payment Gateway solutions that meet the client’s demands and business needs.

White label Bitpay 

Our cutting-edge script, complemented by Bitpay’s impressive functionalities and advanced user interface/experience establishes the foundation for effortlessly integrating into your business operations.

White label CoinPayments

An error-free solution that enables you to establish a high-caliber cryptocurrency payment processor mirroring the renowned CoinPayments platform. This first-class script ensures a 100% similarity to CoinPayments, providing your business with a competitive edge and a professional, user-friendly payment gateway.

Integrating effective features into your platform increases the potential to attract users from the global crypto market. The success of your gateway business in the competitive crypto industry depends on the functionalities and security modules you implement. 

Among numerous white-label crypto payment gateway software providers in the industry, only a few get the limelight. In that regard, We at Coinsclone excel in providing white-label software for crypto payments. But…

Why Choose Coinsclone For White Label Crypto payment Gateway?

Coinsclone is a well-established and leading crypto payment Gateway development company in the crypto sector since 2016. We are specialized in crafting crypto-related white label products with world-class outcomes. Our premium white-label cryptocurrency payment gateway software will help you to start a flourishing crypto payment gateway business according to your needs and requirements. Our software is well-tested by experienced quality analysts and our team will enable military-grade security mechanisms for safeguarding your platform. 

We have a pool of trained and skillful blockchain developers who can develop the crypto payment gateway with the latest technologies. Besides, our development team doesn’t stop once the product is delivered as we also offer effective 24*7 technical support after the product is given to the client. By choosing Coinsclone as a technical partner, you can gain all of these mind-blowing perks.

What are you waiting for??…