Security Token Offering Development Services – A Secured Way to Raise Funds

Most grown companies choose security token offerings to shift their business to the next level. If you wish to create one, you need to consider two major factors while launching an STO that involves backing assets and getting approval from the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). All these processes include many technical functionalities and regulatory frameworks. As an amateur, you might not be well-versed in following these criteria. Right? No worries!

Coinsclone offers first-class STO Development Services for startups struggling to launch a security token offering platform. We help startups with all processes before getting SEC approval. Hence, it aids companies with a hassle-free process. Before knowing more about the list of STO development services we offer, you need to know what it means.

Here, we will discuss STO development services, their benefits, features, etc. 

Security Token Offering Development Services – Coinsclone

Security Token Offering (STO) Development Services involve providing comprehensive solutions for creating and launching tokenized securities on blockchain networks, ensuring regulatory compliance and investor protection. Coinsclone offers comprehensive STO development services for companies and businesses willing to leverage compliant blockchain-based securities trading and tokenize their assets. Leveraging our proficiency and experience in smart contract development and regulatory adherence, we guarantee a smooth and prosperous STO launch. As a prominent service provider in the crypto market for security token offering development, we specialize in creating platforms that comply with regulations for companies. Now, let’s delve into the details.

Types of Security Token Offering Development Services- We offer 

We offer multiple services for companies willing to create their own STO platform. Our prominent services include

Asset Token Development

You can back your tangible or intangible assets’ values and tokenize them into security tokens. It increases the value of the investment and the token which leads to an increase in liquidity of the assets.

Equity Token Development

A startup can represent their stocks or shares and convert them into a security token that increases the volatility. It also helps to build the reputation of the company to the next level.

Debt Token Development

We help startups to tokenize the short-term loans and funds collected from the investors into security tokens. It helps investors by offering streamlined debt management and predictable outcomes.

STO White Paper Creation

We create a thorough and complete guideline on financial, technical, and commercial information of the STO project with our whitepaper development services.

STO Website Development

We design and develop a client-inducing and UI/UX-rich STO website filled with attractive features. Our STO website helps to attract many potential investors for the project.

Customizable STO Dashboards

We offer a user-friendly and customized STO dashboard for both admin and investors. Through this, they can maintain quality checks and real-time records with an impressive STO portfolio.

These are the main STO Development Services we offer at Coinsclone that help many companies create an STO platform. Most popular companies offer all these services, but what makes Coinsclone stand out more than others? Here are the following.

Why choose Coinsclone for Security Token Offering Development Services?

As said above, there are many regulatory parameters that you should consider for an STO development. To create a security token, you should pass the Howey test. Also, you should follow the regulations like Regulation A, Regulation S, Regulation A+, etc as per the local government’s policies. Hence, having professional support is highly mandatory to make it all successful. 

In addition, companies find it challenging to spend more money on token creation, STO website development, and marketing. To solve all these hassles, we have an ideal solution. Also, a core factor that makes us exemplary among others is our all-in-one solution, the STO Script. The security token offering script is a pre-made solution that holds the necessary parameters for an STO launch. With an STO script, you will get a feature-rich STO website, a whitepaper, and an asset-backed security token for a successful launch. Besides, numerous features come along with our STO script as follows.

Security Token Offering Development Services

Stunning Features of our STO Script

Features play a major role in ranking a product top among the others. Having distinctive features in your STO website will help you get more popularity and reach among investors.  In that sense, Coinsclone delivers a feature-loaded script for all our clients. We offer identical admin and user dashboards where the startup and investors can have real-time tracking. The mind-blowing features of our STO script are:

Admin Dashboard

  • Automated KYC verification
  • Whitepaper creation
  • Transaction history
  • Community management
  • Detailed monitoring
  • Investors management
  • Token listing

User Dashboard

  • Real-time statistics
  • Current exchange rate
  • KYC/AML solutions
  • User-friendly interface
  • Investors review
  • Referral program
  • Two-factor authentication

These are the core features that come with our STO script. Further, you can reap multiple advantages by choosing our STO script. 

Benefits of choosing our Script for STO development

The core benefits a startup can attain by adopting our security token offering development services, mainly STO script include,

Instant Deployment

You can develop and deploy an STO website promptly with a script as it is a pre-designed template ready for launch. To be precise, one can launch an STO platform within a week.


It is an economical solution as it comes at an affordable cost compared to scratch. The cost to create an STO platform from scratch will start from $40,000 whereas the script will range from $15,000 to $20,000 based on your customization.

High-end Security

A startup can launch an STO website safely and securely as all the high-end features come with our security token offering script. It will help in neglecting any malicious activities.


Anyone can customize the desired features as per their interest in the STO software and launch their security token offering platform accordingly.

Negligence of Technical Expertise

 All the essential features will come with our script, doing customization is enough. There is no need to have specific skills or technical knowledge in creating an STO platform.

Increased Trust

As our script comes with all primary and security features, it boosts truthfulness and credibility among startups. Hence, they do not need to search for experienced professionals in the crypto space.

Not only this but various benefits come with adopting our security token offering development services.

Wrap up

Considering all the features and benefits of our STO development services, you might wish to create a Security Token Offering Platform for your business. You can develop an STO website promptly by leveraging our STO development services. On the other hand, if you wish to raise funds in an unregulated way, we offer a first-class ICO script.

Not only with STO and ICO script, Coinsclone has a trademark as excellent crypto launchpad development company and also offering clone scripts of all popular crypto exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, etc. We also excel in NFT marketplace development, crypto payment gateway development, Defi exchange development, etc. Our developers are always available to aid you with any of the services related to cryptocurrency. Now, initiate your STO development with Coinsclone and drive your business to the top level.