Our STO Development Services

Coinsclone offers definitive and organized STO development services that can build greater investor trust for your project. Acquire our STO services and get ready to enlarge your financial status through a proven fundraising strategy.

STO Platform/Website Development

We create STO websites with precise planning and high-end security for increased business value in the market. Our STO websites have an engaging UI/UX interface to enhance token distribution.

Smart contract development

Our professional developers construct accurate smart contracts to automate processes involving trading and monitoring activities. Our smart contracts have wide applications in STO development especially while accepting or rejecting transactions.

White paper creation

We develop white papers with the entire technical and financial information about the project in a prolific way. Our white papers have produced the best results since we define the purpose, execute the problem summary, and comprehensively depict the solution overview.

STO Marketing

Through our STO Marketing services, we offer a clear picture of our project and token sale to the investors. The STO marketing services we include are social media optimization, PR creation, influencer marketing, etc.

STO Consulting

Our STO Consulting services help out and guide businesses through the process of STO development. Also, we contribute technical insights and in-depth knowledge about Security token offerings to the necessary clients.

Security Token Development

We define the token purpose elaborately and design tokens with potent features according to different token standards like ERC-1400, ERC 3643, etc. These tokens have the backing of real-world assets like shares (equity), real estate, and commodities.

Types of Security Tokens Offered By Our STO Development Company

Coinsclone offers different kinds of security tokens with unique and specialized purposes on each of them. Here are the types of security tokens we offer for our clients around the globe.

Our STO Development Process

We follow six crucial steps as far during STO development where we design, develop, and launch a standardized STO. These steps play a vital role in the overall project coming out on the positive side.

Locating requirements

Here, we gather the entire necessities from the clients and make a collective decision on how to enhance their business. In terms of STO development, we make a list of the essential commodities required as the first step.

Solutions Designing

Once we gather the essentials, designing solutions based on requirements will be our next goal. From the proper research conducted, we align strategies and STO design solutions along with defining the legal consultations.

Coding development

We prepare the backend codes in the development phase for the STO platform. The development phase is critical and we constantly update clients on what’s in store. We divide the STO or security token development phases into three stages.

QA Testing

Quality assurance testing is carried out in this phase where our developers verify the credibility. This phase is to ensure that the security tokens or the STO platform has come out well with greater potential.


Our newly developed STO platform has to be deployed on the right server after approval from the client. For any kind of server hosting, we look after the whole process. The security token has to be listed on a popular exchange.

Support and Maintenance

Finally, once the platform is launched and deployed on the server, we provide additional assistance and 24/7 support. This helps in the STO platform maintenance for long-term survival and effective working.

Benefits Of Our STO Development Services

Our prominent development company offers multiple benefits to startups to launch a successful STO platform. From providing transparency to advanced security, our STO development can be quite handy. Here are the phenomenal benefits offered by our STO development services company.

Reduced costs

Compared to other traditional fundraising mechanisms, STO development has cost cutdowns on areas like legal expenses and administrative overhead. Hence, the overall cost needed for the STO process is reduced considerably as well.

Ownership and rights

The investors in the STO project can get a sense of ownership and rights with the security tokens offered. Additionally, the investors can also enjoy the profit shares which becomes a huge bonus if the project is successful.

Global participation

Investors from around the globe get to participate in the STO without much restrictions. Thanks to blockchain technology, transactions are recorded on a digital ledger and are transparent to everyone which attracts investors from different parts of the world.

Intense security

Usually, blockchain-powered platforms have high security and STO platforms are no different. Hence, STO fundraising doesn’t involve many scams or fraudulent activities which attracts a wider range of investors.

Enhanced market

Since STO involves security tokens, the Crypto market is enhanced with improved liquidity, better transaction rates, and cost reduction. This is largely due to the trust in security tokens which in turn increases the number of investments.

Simpler to access

STO fundraising mechanism is comparatively simpler to access than other fundraising techniques like IPO (Initial public offering) for stock exchanges. The main reason behind simpler accessibility among investors is the digital tokenization of the company’s assets.

Features Of Our Security Token Offering (STO)Development Services

Our STO development company has covered the best-in-class features for smooth operation. These STO features fulfill both the criteria of attractiveness and effectiveness. Here are those features.

Automated SEC compliance

During STO development, the security tokens we develop come under the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) compliance regulatory guidelines. Hence, it helps you to present the investors with an assurance about the security tokens.


We integrate KYC(Know your customer) and AML (Anti-money laundering) features in the STO platform to allow only validated users. This increases the value of the STO project as well as safeguards from any kind of forgery activity.

Investor Dashboard

Our STO development process includes an attractive and comprehensive investor dashboard for startups. Through this feature, investors can view their dividend payments, holdings, transaction history, voting rights, and many more relevant information.

Customized smart contracts

We tailor smart contracts according to your requirements while developing security tokens. The customized smart contract feature enables you to define and determine how the token can be purchased, traded, and sold.

STO Wallet integration

The wallet is a significant feature during the STO fundraising technique for secure storage, management, and transfer of security tokens. By supporting STO wallets, we enable a new way of improving your user experience.

No intermediary

In our STO process, there is no involvement of third-party intermediaries like a cryptocurrency broker. We conduct STO fundraising through a decentralized platform between the investors and startups.

Rise in token liquidity

Security tokens usually have a higher range of liquidity rather than normal digital tokens which is a great feature to have. Thus, our STO development services encourage the future of fundraising mechanisms through tokens.

Token sale mechanism

Apart from just attracting investors through our STO development, we conduct different token sale sessions to boost popularity. With this feature, you can carry out top-quality token sales to investors and enlarge your profit levels.

What makes Coinsclone the Ideal STO Development Company?

We, Coinsclone are a reputed STO Development company with extensive profit-making solutions and worthy ideas. The security tokens we develop keep investors engaged and have a high brand value in the market. Additionally, our STO platform is specially designed to raise funds in an accelerated way and can take you to greater heights. Take a consultation with our STO developers for effective Security token offering development services.

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As a premier STO Development Company, we have the best resources to deliver top-notch results. Our clients have raised sizeable funds through reliable STO fundraising techniques. We design and develop STO platforms based on extensive research work to guarantee success. Additionally, here are some of the top reasons why you should approach us.

  • 24/7 Maintenance and support system
  • Advanced clone scripts for unique products
  • Streamlined development process
  • Scalability and quality assurance
  • Affordability and transparency to clients
  • Constant tracking and progress monitoring

Technologies Used For Our STO Development

Coinsclone’s expertise in the STO field uses some of the latest cutting-edge technologies to accomplish goals more efficiently. These tools and technologies serve various purposes and have specific reasons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Security Token Offering (STO) is an advanced-level fundraising mechanism through the distribution of security tokens on a blockchain-powered platform to preferred investors. It is a vastly secured fundraising strategy with an emphasis on regulatory compliance.
Coinsclone can develop a customized STO platform in just two to three weeks with a ready-made solution. However, it could take more than six months on average to develop an STO platform from scratch with higher requirements.
Coinsclone is the best STO development company in terms of both quality and on-time delivery services. Their readily-built solutions have transformed small-scale startups into highly-earning enterprises.
The cost to develop an STO platform on average ranges between $12,000 to $20,000. However, if you opt for a ready-made solution to build your STO platform, the cost could come down considerably.
Yes! Our white-label solutions are quite popular and we are a renowned service provider. For STO development, we offer a multi-tested and qualified white-label solution to launch your STO platform instantly.