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STO Script

Cryptocurrencies have reached their peak popularity after the advent of Bitcoin in 2009. As blockchain is the core term involved in the back end of crypto transactions, entrepreneurs started adopting crypto-business ideas. One of the esteemed business ideas that a startup can adopt in the crypto space is crowdfunding. You can collect your required funds from bulk investors using crypto crowdfunding techniques. 

Among the prominent crypto-fundraising models like ICO, STO, IEO, and many more prevailing, STO(security token offering) is the most secure and eminent crypto-fundraising method. Security token offering includes two major processes, namely security token creation by backing assets and SEC approval. As STO is executed with central authorities’ advice, most investors are interested in buying and trading security tokens. Thus, the prominence for STO is much more in the cryptopreneurs’ circle than the others. 

Basically, an STO development can be carried out in two ways viz. development from scratch or using the white label STO script software. Creating an STO platform from scratch is a long and complicated process because it includes greater resources, time, and money. On the other hand, choosing the premium STO software will help you in more ways. In this blog, we will cover everything regarding STO software, its working process, benefits and features, etc. 

What is STO Script?

STO script/software is a pre-made solution and a ready-to-launch tool that has all the core features and functionalities that should be included in the STO website. With premium white-label STO software, any features can be customized as per the users’ requirements and can be launched promptly. This acts as a golden key for well-built companies who wish to convert their equities and assets to securities. This script also comes as a package of security tokens, a non-custodial crypto wallet with an adorable STO website. Thus, going with a script will be an optimal solution for your security token offering development.

Benefits of STO Script Software

Numerous advantages come along with choosing STO software. Those core benefits are included below.

Instant Deployment

You can deploy an STO website instantly with a script as it is a pre-developed tool ready for launch.


As this ready-made script comes at an affordable cost than developing an STO website from scratch. Hence, STO software acts as an economical solution.

High-end Security

All the security parameters come with white-label STO software, so, an STO website can be launched safely and securely. 


Anyone can customize the desired features as per their interest in the STO software and the Security Token Offering Platform will be launched accordingly.

Negligence of Technical Expertise

As white-label STO software is a pre-designed, developed, and tested software, you need not possess any skill or technical knowledge in STO platform creation.

Increased Trust

The script also boosts credibility and truthfulness. So, it saves much time and resources for the security token offering startup.

Apart from these, multiple benefits come with picking the pre-made script. In addition to this, many folks are also interested in knowing the core features that are included in STO software. Those include.

Outstanding Features of STO Script

Features play a major role in choosing any product or service. In that regard, the applauding features that are covered in our script are as follows.

Admin Dashboard

  • Automated KYC verification
  • Transaction history
  • Investors management
  • Token listing
  • Whitepaper creation
  • Transaction history
  • Community management
  • Detailed monitoring

User Dashboard

  • Real-time statistics
  • Current exchange rate
  • KYC/AML solutions
  • User-friendly interface
  • Investors review
  • Referral program
  • Two-factor authentication, and much more.

In addition to this, you can add or customize any of your desired features in your STO dashboard.

Working Process of Security Token Offering Script

The working procedure might differ according to the admin and user dashboard script.

For the Admin Dashboard Script

  • First, we’ll offer you the end products of our STO script that include a feature-loaded STO website, an STO whitepaper, and an asset-backed security token.
  • After that, you should incorporate the whitepaper and security token in your STO website.
  • You should get approval from the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), run the token sale, and start attracting investors. 
  • As the admin of your STO website, you should check and analyze the KYC of the investors and pick suitable ones for your STO project.
  • Finally, you can sell your tokens to potential investors and raise funds in return.

For Investor Dashboard Script

  • If the STO website is impressive and worthy, the user will register as an investor.
  • Know your customer (KYC) details have to be submitted on the STO website.
  • The investor has to integrate the crypto wallet for storing the tokens received.
  • Funds will be offered by the investor and tokens will be received in return.
  • The investor can use the tokens for their futuristic purposes.

This is how our STO software works. To Create STO Website with all features, you can contact a reputed STO script provider like Coinsclone for effective results. Now, you might be inquisitive to know about the cost of the script which we offer. No worries!!! We have included that too.

What is the Cost of Our STO Script?

Our customer satisfaction is the core factor we always consider first. Hence, we offer our readymade script at an affordable cost that matches all sorts of startups. As I’ve said earlier, our script software is a full package that covers security tokens, a wallet, and an STO website that matches all the expectations of a startup wishing to launch an STO platform. Speaking of the cost, our white-label STO software cost starts from $15,000. This is not a fixed range because various factors influence the STO script’s cost. The core factors that play a major role in fixing the cost of our STO software include,

  • The UI/UX design you chose
  • Blockchain platform for token creation
  • Quantity of tokens
  • STO launching country
  • Technical parameters 
  • Customization, and more.

With our feature-rich script, you can create your desired STO website with enriched features and benefits. Other than us, multiple STO script providers are prevailing in the crypto marketplace. But, what makes Coinsclone outstanding???

Why Choose Coinsclone to Buy the Advanced STO Script Software?

Coinsclone is a reputed STO Development Company that excels in offering top-notch services. We have more than 8+ years of experience in developing all crypto-based products. Our skilled and experienced developers will gather the client’s requirements, work accordingly and deliver the products on time. This makes our clients more satisfied with our services and our reputation has been still growing. 

We also outperform in offering premium ICO scripts, STO scripts, crypto exchange scripts, NFT marketplace scripts, and many more. As our White Label Software comes with all mandatory features, STO websites developed with an ideal STO script software development company like Coinsclone will possess a hefty success rate. Thus, getting first-class STO software from Coinsclone will help you catch your business dream easily and promptly.