ERC20 Vs TRC20 – The Complete Comparison That Guarantees Success

ERC20 Vs TRC20 Token Comparison

Have you ever thought about the difference between ERC20 and TRC20 tokens? In the dynamic crypto world, the ERC20 Vs TRC20 token competition is a constant and unchangeable one. This is because of their unique qualities which made them to get starlight in the crypto space. Each of these ERC20 tokens and TRC20 tokens have a wide range of use cases in the crypto space. 

Crypto-enthusiastic startups who want to succeed in the crypto realm would start with the crypto token creation. So, the demand and need for cryptocurrency token development is high. When it comes to creation, every startup is confused about choosing the TRC20 Vs ERC20 token. 

This has made both the potential tokens fight with each other. So, before choosing the best one, it is a must to know its characteristics, functionalities, features, and plugins. Are you interested in grabbing the information and having many doubts like is erc20 and trc20 the same? Then scroll through the blog to know about the difference between TRC20 and ERC20 tokens. First, let’s start with…

What is ERC20 Token?

ERC20 token is a digital asset built on the Ethereum blockchain which is used for various crypto purposes. The ERC20 tokens are one of the popular tokens that are used in crypto trading, staking, swapping, and others. As it is created on the Ethereum blockchain they have overcome numerous drawbacks of the bitcoin network. 

ERC20 standard is used to create these tokens which regulate the functions, transfer of, token balance, and approval-like features. The ERC20 tokens are the oldest and the most trustable crypto tokens among crypto users. Some of the popular ERC20 tokens in the crypto market are DAI, Shiba Inu, Tether, and Uniswap. 

These tokens are widely used in dApps, ERC20 are highly reliable, seamless, and flexible for crypto transactions. Through this, the market cap of the Ethereum tokens has increased by 90.7% in the last year. Consequently, many startups started to show interest in Creating ERC20 Tokens for their crypto business. For various crypto purposes, these tokens are created by crypto-enthusiastic startups and entrepreneurs.

As we have got the idea about tether ERC20 tokens, let’s take a deep glance at USDT TRC20 tokens. 

What is TRC20 Token?

TRC20 tokens are fungible digital currencies created on the Tron blockchain that possess high transaction speed with low fees. These tokens can be traded, transferred, and sold within the Tron blockchain-compatible platforms. The TRC20 tokens are created over the TRC20 standard which possesses some of the same features as the ERC20. 

The TRC20 possess features like burnable, created, multiple SSL security, deflationary, etc. The Tron tokens can be transferred at a high speed with a low investment. For these reasons, startups choose to Create Tron Tokens for their business needs. 

Hence, we analyzed USDT erc20 vs trc20 tokens, this is the time to discuss the parameters that differentiate them. 

What is the Difference Between ERC20 and TRC20 Tokens?

ERC20 and TRC20 are token standards utilized on distinct blockchain platforms. ERC-20 serves as the standard for tokens operating within the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem, whereas TRC20 is the designated standard for tokens functioning on the TRON blockchain. They vary due to their underlying blockchain technology and ecosystems. Despite both ERC20 and TRC20 tokens possessing unique features, functionalities, and plugins, individuals opt for the ones that offer advantages. Therefore, for your convenience, we have provided an infographic image and detailed explanations of each.


Blockchain Network

ERC20: The ERC20 tokens are created on the Ethereum network which is flexible to use in decentralized platforms. The blockchain has many ecosystems, communities, and well-developed infrastructure. 

TRC20: The TRC20 crypto tokens are built on the Tron network which uses the DPoS (Delegated Proof-Of-Stake) consensus mechanism. The Tron blockchain network offers higher scalability features for its tokens. 

Token Standard 

ERC20: One can create an ERC20 (fungible) with the ERC20 token standard. The ERC20 standard is the pioneer of all other blockchain token standards. 

TRC20: The TRC20 crypto standard possesses a set of rules, guidelines, and regulations that must be adhered to by the tokens. With this token standard, one can modify the smart contract, features, and transaction fee of the Tron tokens. 

Transaction Speed 

ERC20: The transaction speed of the ERC20 would be nearly fifteen minutes.but The speed can vary based on various factors like bulk token transactions, network congestion, and scalability issues. Around 15 transactions are processed within a single second. 

TRC20: The TRC20 crypto token transaction speed would take nearly three minutes. Compared to ERC20 tokens, the TRC20 token’s speed is higher. Additionally, 2000 transactions can be processed per second. 

Smart Contract Functionality

ERC20: The smart contract of ERC20 executes the pre-defined functions and restricts the specifications mentioned in the token. The smart contract illustrates the token supply, token balance, owner information, and token transfer details. The blockchain developers write the smart contracts with Ethereum solidity language. 

TRC20: Same as the ERC20 counterparts, the TRC20 also possess the same functionalities. The TRC20 crypto token smart contract has special features like self-verifying, self-enforcing, and tamper-proofing. Here, developers use Jave and other languages to code the smart contracts. 

Fee for Crypto Transactions 

ERC20: The average transaction fee for ERC20 tokens will be around $3 to $5. The transaction fees is comparatively high. One can calculate the fee based on the gas price. 

TRC20: Compared to Ethereum, the TRC20 tokens cost much less transaction fees. The price will be around $2.5 and based on the tokens the cost varies. 


ERC20: The ERC20 tokens are compatible with all crypto exchange platforms, and decentralized platforms. Various crypto wallets support the ERC20 tokens for storage.

TRC20: The TRC20 crypto tokens are compatible with the Tron-based crypto wallet, crypto exchange, and dApps. These tokens are highly adaptable in nature. 

Token Address 

ERC20: Usually the token address of the ERC20 tokens starts with ‘O’ and ‘X’. The token transfer address is open to the user. The address more or less seems like a public Ethereum wallet address. 

TRC20: The TRC20 crypto token address starts with the letter ‘T’. No one cannot change, modify or delete the transaction information. 

Security Factors 

ERC20: These tokens offer irreversible transactions, anti-whale protection, and advanced-level protection. The smart contract also plays a major role in securing the tokens. 

TRC20: As the Tron blockchain uses a DPoS (Delegated Proof-Of-Stake) consensus mechanism, the tokens are secure to use in the decentralized platforms. 

Popular Examples 

ERC20: Some popular examples of ERC20 tokens are Apecoin, Tether, Decentraland, and Maker. 

TRC20: Some popular examples of TRC20 crypto tokens are BitTorrent, JUST, USDD, and Klever. 

These are the parameters that make a war like T Vs TRC20. Apart from these, there is a difference between trc20 and erc20. As mentioned earlier, each token has its features and advanced-level technologies. Recently, the Tron blockchain introduces various security protocols, cost-effective transactions, infusion of new technologies, and many others. 

Like differences, the ERC or TRC tokens possess similar characteristics and features. 

Similarities of ERC20 and TRC20 Tokens 

Both ERC20 and TRC20 tokens adhere to standards, rather than being tied to specific blockchains. They share several similar features, including:

Total Supply – Both the tokens standards allow users to mention the total supply of the crypto tokens. 

Balance Enquiry – With this feature, users of both the standard can check their available balance from their particular address. 

Approval/Transfer From – The token standards represents a similar feature for getting transfer approval from the token holder. This feature enhances the usage of decentralized applications. 

Event Logging – Both these token standards comprises an event logging option to execute certain actions for a secure crypto transaction. 

This is how both the token standards possess some common similarities. In the next part, we have mentioned the perks of choosing those different token standards for token creation in detail. 

Which is Better ERC20 or TRC20 Token?

When comparing TRC20 tokens to ERC20 tokens, the latter presents greater versatility. While TRC20 tokens boast lower gas fees and are well-suited for crypto novices, ERC20 tokens offer a broader range of functionalities. In essence, both token standards possess distinct features and advantages. To provide clarity, we have detailed the unique features of each token standard.

Benefits of Choosing ERC20 Token Standard 

  • ERC20 tokens offer higher security measures and community support for users. 
  • It is an established and most popular token standard in the crypto realm that helps you gain a wide set of audience. 
  • ERC20 tokens possess multi-wallet compatibility options from hardware wallet to software wallet. 

Benefits of Choosing TRC20 Token Standard 

  • TRC20 tokens offer lower fees, higher transaction speed, and efficient options for users.
  • To increase the user base & community, technical issue reduction, and scalability, Tron blockchain comes up with innovations. This paved the way for TRC20 tokens to get hype in the future.
  • The TRC20 tokens possess an interoperable nature where they can easily interact with various tokens and dApps. 

Community and Adoption

The adoption and community support of a blockchain platform significantly impact its growth and development. Both Ethereum and TRON have active communities, but their focuses and strengths differ.

ERC20 Community and Adoption

  • Widespread Adoption: Ethereum’s ERC20 standard has been widely adopted by numerous projects, making it a cornerstone of the blockchain industry.
  • Strong Developer Community: A large and active developer community continuously contributes to the growth and improvement of the Ethereum ecosystem.

TRC20 Community and Adoption

  • Growing Ecosystem: TRON’s ecosystem is rapidly growing, with increasing adoption of TRC20 tokens in various sectors, particularly gaming and entertainment.
  • Supportive Community: TRON has a dedicated community that supports the development and promotion of TRC20 projects.


ERC20 and TRC20 tokens have their benefits. They both are used widely for various crypto purposes from trading to raising funds. 

USTD ERC20 Vs TRC20 tokens are still competing with their potential features. Hence, to be short, based on the business or any crypto need, the token has been chosen. Presently, the crypto space is used wisely by newbie startups and entrepreneurs. 

Crypto tokens are created in a bulk manner for various business purposes like listing, raising funds, introducing new payment options, and others. So, if you are one among them, then choose either ERC20 or TRC20 token. Choose based on your business estimation, need, and purpose. 

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