TRC20 Token Development – A Complete Guide For Startups

TRC20 Token Development

In this fast-paced technological era, creating a crypto token on Tron blockchain is an ideal choice for startups looking to create a digital asset. Because it is scalable, secure, and can be easily integrated into the Tron ecosystem. With the use of Tron’s decentralized applications (dApps), your token can be utilized in various ways, including for online purchases and even as a means of payment on websites and applications. In the Tron network, there are many token standards available in the crypto market. One such prominent token creation is TRC20 Token development. 

By creating TRC20 token, you’ll be on your way to developing a successful digital asset that can help your business grow and thrive in the modern digital technology. Because creating a crypto token on Tron blockchain  is the ability to easily connect your digital asset to other platforms within the Tron ecosystem. Tron is a decentralized ecosystem with untapped growth potential. Especially with the pricing of the Tron coins, which makes them infinitely cheaper than Ethereum and Binance. And that is why TRC-20 token development is the ideal point to start.

In this blog we will discuss TRC20 token development, its benefits, features and its cost. Now let us see…

What is TRC20 Token Development?

TRC20 Token Development is the process of creating a TRC20 token standard on the Tron blockchain network. TRC20 is a technical standard for tokens on the Tron network, which allows you to create and issue custom tokens with features such as smart contracts, mint and burn tokens, set transaction fees, and more. 

TRC-20 is the technical standard for creating smart contracts on the TRON blockchain. And that smart contract is used to create a tokenized crypto asset. This standard is similar to the widely-used ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum chain. And it intends to make it easier for developers to create and integrate tokens into their decentralized applications (DApps) on the TRON network.

The TRC-20 standard provides common guidelines that all create TRC20 tokens must follow. And this ensures that these tokens are interoperable. Meaning they are compatible with any dApp that supports the TRC-20 standard. And this makes it easy for users to track and manage their assets. Why? Because they can use any wallet or application that supports the TRC20 standard to access and manage their tokens.

Contents of TRC-20 Token Standard

The TRC-20 is a technical standard for crypto tokens. Technical standard means it’s a sophisticated piece of code. And computerized code is full of functions, callbacks, and loops. Let us take a look at the contents of TRC-20 token development.

Name – This function returns the name of the TRC20 token.
Symbol – This function returns the assigned symbol of the TRC20 token.
Total Supply – This function returns the total supply of the TRC20 token.
Balance Of – This function returns the balance of a specific account for the TRC20 token.
Transfer – This function transfers a specified amount of the TRC20 token from one account to another.
Approve – This function allows one account to approve another account to transfer a specified amount of the TRC20 token on its behalf.

These core functions provide the basic framework for designers to create and operate TRC20 tokens. And it determines how these tokens function. Developers can weave in additional features and functionality to these tokens as needed. And this is an essential part of TRC20 token development.

Benefits of Creating TRC20 Token

TRC20 token development  is popular among new businesses. It has great benefits that generate profit and reliability for your business project. Here is the list of,

1. Scalability

Scalability is perhaps the most significant advantage of create TRC20 for Tron token development. The Tron network can handle up to 2,000 transactions per second, making it one of the fastest blockchain platforms globally. By leveraging this scalability, you can create tokens that are capable of handling high transaction volumes without sacrificing speed or efficiency.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Another significant benefit of create TRC20 token is cost-effectiveness. Unlike other platforms that charge high transaction fees, the Tron network has a negligible transaction cost, making it an attractive option for you looking to create cost-efficient solutions.

3. Robustness

The TRC20 standard has been thoroughly tested and audited by the Tron community, ensuring that it is robust and secure.

4. Interoperability

TRC20 is fully compatible with the ERC20 standard used on the Ethereum network, making it easy. This interoperability feature makes it easy to reach a broader audience and achieve greater adoption of your tokens.

Therefore, the benefits of creating a TRC20 token are vast, ranging from enhanced liquidity and accessibility to cost-effective implementation. TRC20 tokens enable businesses to leverage the power of the Tron blockchain ecosystem, increasing interconnectivity and compatibility.  Now let us see…

Features of TRC20 Token Development 

One of the main features of create TRC-20 standard is its support for smart contracts. The TRC-20 technical standard has built-in functions that are useful to developers to create custom tokens. And these functions allow developers to specify the name, symbol, and total supply of the tokens, as well as to transfer those tokens and track token balances.

The TRC20 standard defines a set of guidelines for implementing tokens on the TRON blockchain. Let me list the main features of TRC20 token development.


The TRC20 tokens are, by design, fully interoperable, meaning its compatible with any DApp that supports the TRC20 standard. And this makes it easy for users to track and manage their tokens.

Smart-Contract Support

The TRC-20 standard is one of the easily modified smart-contract standards in the crypto space. And this can help to improve the efficiency and security of transactions. Not to mention crypto projects that can customize the contracts to fit any blockchain ecosystem.

Built-in Functions

The TRC-20 standard has some in-built core functions that have been revolutionary. Furthermore, any ERC-compatible blockchains, DeFi platforms, dApps, and code can incorporate into it.


The TRC20 standard is, by design, flexible. It allows creators a wide range of options for tokens with various features and functionality. And this can help to support the growth and development of the TRON ecosystem.

Overall, the TRC20 standard is a development for the TRON network. Why? Because it allows for a wide range of interoperable tokens that can easily integrate with DApps. And this can help to promote the growth of the TRON network and its ecosystem. TRX is easy to mine, and the token supply is high enough that the price of a single TRON coin cannot exceed a dollar. And this makes TRON so attractive to emerging startups. Now this question on your mind,

How Much Does it Cost to Create TRC20 Token Development?

With each passing day, the demand for the development of new tokens keeps increasing, making it necessary to understand critical factors that influence the cost to create TRC20 token. Every startup would probably be concerned about the Cost to create TRC20 tokens. The cost price varies depending on the following factors,

  • Token design
  • Token complexity
  • Development team
  • Nature of the tech stack
  • Features and functions
  • Token creation and testing

The factors mentioned above  play an important role in determining the cost of crypto token development. Even considering all these parameters, it can be assumed that you know the approximate cost to create TRC20 tokens. The price of the token cannot be fixed and  changes depending on the needs of the business  and the time of development. The development cost of create TRC20 tokens ranges from $5,000 to $6,000. A reputable Tron Token Development Company like Coinsclone will help you  to create feature-rich TRC20 tokens at cost efficiently.

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