How To Create ERC20 Token in 6 Steps

Create ERC20 Token

If you are a newbie startup searching rigorously for How to create ERC20 token, then this blog is for you. ERC20 or utility tokens are tailored with ERC20 token standards where they are interchangeable, fungible, and exchangeable. They are widely created, developed, and used for multiple crypto purposes. In fact, the year 2017 proved to be the ultimate pushover for making ERC20 tokens as they massively contributed funds through the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) model. 

Notably, a lot of newbie startups have wondered about the query of how to create ERC20 Token. The ERC20 token creation process looks comparatively straightforward, but there are certain aspects that startups should be aware of before looking for crypto token development servicesWe at Coinsclone are here to take you through a detailed map of how to create an ERC20 Token within 6 easy steps in a hassle-free manner. 

How To Create ERC20 Token In 6 Simple Steps?

Embrace the power of ERC20 token creation within easy and efficient 6 steps.

Step 1 –  Planning and Defining 

First, be clear about the purpose of creating ERC20 tokens for your crypto business. Then, gather enough resources, and tools for ERC20 token creation at ease. It is imperative to finalize the essential features needed for the token at the beginning. 

Step 2 – Token Design

Following the requirements analysis, the subsequent phase is the development of the Smart contract code for the ERC20 Token.  You can also choose the token design, symbol, and decimal. 

Step 3 – Feature Integration

It is essential to initiate testing by running and verifying the code for functionality and security. Developing ERC20 tokens with potential and cutting-edge features can profit you in your business. 

Easy Accessibility – ERC20 Tokens developed can be stored in the wallet from which it is easily accessible. They can also be accessed from the account history.

Compatibility with Wallet – The ERC20 Token is compatible with non-custodial wallets like Metamask which remains a specialty of the fungible token developed on the Ethereum blockchain.

Interchangeability – Fungible tokens are usually interchangeable and ERC20 Token is in no way different from them. 

Brand Value Boost – The ERC20 standard has maintained a brand value and it has been an evergreen solution while creating new tokens. 

Decentralized System Support – Various Decentralized applications (DApps) support ERC20 Tokens and hence more business heads are likely to follow the ERC20 standard.

Quick Transactions  – Through the ERC20 Token listing, any exchange can improve its liquidity and hence, the transactions get quicker as a result. 

Features of ERC20 Tokens

Step 4 – Smart Contract Development 

The next step involves the creation of a smart contract. The foremost need for creating a smart contract is solidity language and core function integration.

Solidity Language

Popular solidity languages used to frame smart contracts include Python, Javascript, and C++. Depending on your business needs and convenience you can choose any of the languages. 

Core Functions

Analysis of the token’s performance during this stage allows for any necessary adjustments. Some of the core functions of smart contracts include 

Total Supply –  The total Supply function signifies the overall number of tokens that can circulate. The Smart contract allows setting a limit on the quantity of tokens.

Balance of – The Balance of function reveals the token owner’s account balance, indicating the number of tokens held by a specific address.

Transfer – The Transfer function automates the token transfer to a specified address. The protocol verifies whether the sender possesses sufficient tokens for the intended transfer.

Transfer From – The Transfer From function facilitates receiving tokens from a specific address and permits transfers from an account not directly involved in the transaction.

Approve – Approve function grants users permission to withdraw or spend tokens from an account.

Allowance – The allowance function provides accessibility for returning tokens from investors to startups.

Step 5 – Testing and Auditing 

The crucial part of creating an ERC20 token is testing and auditing the mistakes, errors, and bugs. This helps to rectify the malfunction of the ERC20 tokens and their functionalities. Also you can ensure the hassle-free working of the ERC20 tokens. 

Step 6 – Deployment 

The final stage encompasses deploying the Smart contract onto the Ethereum network by connecting it to a Wallet. During this process, the startup specifies details such as token supply, token contract address, and token symbol, ultimately generating the new token.

You can then launch the ERC20 tokens without any issues.  Although Creating a crypto token on the Ethereum blockchain network looks quite easy to the naked eye, it involves considerable risk. Any slight error from the startup or a budding entrepreneur while preparing the Smart contract could lead to a complex situation. To avoid such complicated situations, another method is available that doesn’t involve much risk and has proved to be a blessing for startups. 

The process of creating ERC20 tokens from entrepreneurs and guiding them through the line. A lot of Token Development companies have started providing solutions for creating an ERC20 Token to make the work of the startups easier. 

But, among various token standards…

Why Should You Create ERC20 Token For your Business?

Creating an ERC20 token offers benefits such as ease, interoperability with various platforms, and access to a well-established ecosystem of decentralized applications (DApps) and exchanges, which can enhance liquidity and utility. Usually, the fungible tokens are created for a specific purpose which the project head is likely to decide. Besides, it’s a well-known fact that tokens serve well in the crowdfunding aspect. In addition to that, here are the benefits associated with creating ERC20 Token

  • ERC20 Token standard is highly popular in the market, and hence, raising funds in ICO becomes quite comfortable.
  • The Ethereum-based fungible token is comparatively easy to create and cost-effective. 
  • It is secure with a smart contract which is not easy to break.
  • The standardized Token increases liquidity due to the trust factor and more investors. 
  • ERC20 Token can be an excellent source of revenue generation for entrepreneurs and investors due to its extensive utility.
  • The most used Ethereum fungible Token can be backed as a Crypto-asset. 

Why Should Approach a Development Company to Create ERC20 Token?

Approaching a development company to create ERC20 token ensures professional expertise, security, and compliance with best practices, reducing the risk of errors and vulnerabilities in your token’s smart contract. We also allow you to tap into experience for customization and optimizing your token for specific use cases.

If you are an aspiring startup developing ERC20 token ideas, you may prefer to approach a renowned ethereum token development services providing Company like us, Coinsclone, to create ERC20 tokens without much hindrance. We have enough hands-on experience in the industry to complete your token development process with ease.

Secondly, approaching a Token development company helps you with different services apart from just the token creation. Here are the add-on works that are available for entrepreneurs who approach an ERC20 Token  Company.

  • Setting Initial Supply
  • No of Issues
  • Setting Fractions
  • Deploy Contracts
  • Mintable
  • Burnable
  • Pausable
  • Generate Tokens
  • Validate Contract
  • High-end security features

Thus, startups or entrepreneurs with token development ideas no longer have to worry about any risk involved when they meet the ideal Crypto token development company.

Why Choose us?

We, Coinsclone, are among the best Token development companies in the blockchain industry and have an expert group of developers who never compromise on quality. Besides, collaborating with us to develop ERC20 Token has significant advantages, which include customization. Additionally, We deliver your project relatively quickly and have the perfect support group to assist you.

Also, Coinsclone has mastered the art of developing ERC20 Token with a number of projects in the past few years. Any technical problem can be easily sorted out by the expertise in the company in no time. Launching Token is believed to be the perfect foil for startups who would like to generate funds through crowdfunding models. And hurry up to connect with Coinsclone, where all the latest blockchain-related services are available.

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