Profit-Earning Ways to Earn Money with DeFi Platforms

earn money with defi

Have you ever thought about how DeFi platforms make money? Not only you, but everyone has the same query hovering over their minds. Everyone thinks there are only limited ways to make money with DeFi platforms. This is just like an illogical myth. Like other crypto-related businesses, DeFi also possesses various business options to make money for budding startups and entrepreneurs. If you are also interested to know how to make money from DeFi, then scroll through this blog. We have given a complete guide to diverse DeFi business strategies and their ways of making money. First, let’s look deeply at DeFi or Decentralized finance money-making strategies. 

How to make money with DeFi platforms? 

There are numerous business ideas to make money from DeFi platforms. We have enlisted some of the major ways to make money. 

Decentralized Exchanges

The first and foremost business idea of every startup to make money with DeFi platforms is developing a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platform. By creating a DEX platform, startups can gain global outreach and revenue. Some of the ways to make money from defi platforms are, 

  • Swapping Fees – The DEX platform charges smaller amounts for each swap transaction as swapping fees. Depending on the crypto token, quantity, and price fluctuations, the swap fees change. This is the primary revenue source for a decentralized exchange. 
  • Staking Fees – Each DEX platform utilizes a unique staking method strategy to make money. Through staking, users benefit from higher interest, but how come it helps the platform to earn money? Users can gain more revenue through the staking method, on the other hand, when they try to break the bond, the amount is fined as a penalty by the DEX platform. As the crypto market is volatile, many choose to break the staking bond which paves the way for DEX to make money. Popular DEX platform Pancakeswap makes use of this to earn money. As per your revenue strategies, you can enhance the policies for staking. 
  • IFO Launchpad – IFO or Initial Farming Offering is a popular method of crypto crowdfunding to raise funds for a crypto project. Every startup that wants to sell its tokens efficiently approaches a DEX platform. Then, the Decentralized exchange promotes and sells those tokens to its trusted users. For conducting the token sale, the startups would pay an ample amount. 
  • Token Listing – Users pay fees to list their tokens in the DEX platform. This is considered one of the best ways to earn money. With revenue, additionally, the DEX earns trust and fame through this.

DeFi Flash Loan Provider

Flash loans allow crypto users to borrow loans or funds without collateral or credit score. Popular exchanges like dydx, Uniswap, Aave, etc. provide flash loans for crypto investors. 

If you want to become a flash loan provider then you must know how to make money with flash loans. For instance, we can take Uniswap, they are providing flash loans in the name of flash swaps. Crypto users can get their loans without collateral but during the repayment period, they are expected to pay a 0.3% fee as a charge. 

Through this Uniswap platform, the admin can make money with the flash loan feature. As per your needs, you can also integrate the flash loan feature into your DeFi exchange. 

DeFi Payment Gateway 

Apart from decentralized exchange, you can also invest in creating a DeFi Payment Gateway platform. If you want to invest less and earn more, then choose this business idea. Let’s see the money-earning streams of the DeFi Payment Gateway. 

  • Transaction Fees – The DeFi payment gateway charges certain fees to process the crypto transactions. The fee may vary according to the user’s crypto transaction. 
  • Premium/Subscription Fee – Many payment gateways are offering convenient services for traders and users as premium services. By paying a certain amount, users can utilize them. 

DeFi Wallet 

Crypto wallets are an essential factor in executing all crypto transactions. Users who want to maintain their crypto assets by themselves would choose to use DeFi wallets. You may think, by simply providing a DeFi wallet how do they earn money? The detailed answers are given below

  • Transacting Fee – The admin collects fees from users for transferring & withdrawing crypto assets. The crypto wallet admin can earn constant revenue from these fees. 
  • Staking Fee – Like other DeFi platforms, wallets have also introduced the Staking features for their users. Users can stake their crypto coins or tokens for future use.
  • Promotions – Collaborating with other platforms to enhance their brand helps to generate enough revenue. Through these affiliate programs or partnerships, the wallet owner can gain revenue. 

DeFi Aggregator 

The DeFi aggregator is a platform where users can get access to various DeFi-related services. Numerous staking, yield farming, and liquidity options are offered for DeFi users at a single interface. DeFi aggregators are beneficiary hubs for crypto users. In addition to these, they also offer various revenue streams for the admin. 

  • Commission Fee – Most often DeFi aggregators collaborate with popular DEXs, staking & lending platforms. Those platforms are referred to in the DeFi aggregators to their users. For referring those platforms, certain commissions or fees are collected by the admin. 
  • Governance Tokens – Native or governance tokens are created and distributed to users to enhance the ecosystem and participate in governance activities. Some DeFi aggregators create their native tokens. When more users buy those native tokens for crypto purposes, automatically, the value of the native tokens also increases. This results in the admin receiving more revenue. The popularity of the token and platform will also increase. 
  • Collaborations or Partnership – Apart from referring, the DeFi aggregator officially collaborates with the other DeFi protocols to make money. The collaborations are made to increase the revenue for any other crypto projects. 

DeFi Lending & Staking Platform 

Loans can be lent and borrowed for various purposes by enabling crypto assets as collateral. Users who want to fulfill their financial needs would try to get loans from these platforms. 

  • Interest Rates – The platform admin would charge interest rates for offering the loans. This is the primary source of revenue for the admin. Additionally, the lending & borrowing platform would charge fees for staking the cryptocurrencies. 
  • Loan Fees – The lending platform would take a sum of the amount before offering the loan to users. 

This is how one can make money from DeFi platforms. Decentralization would be the next-gen technology for everyone. Hence, this is the perfect time and solution for startups to earn enough money. There are numerous ways to earn money in the crypto space. But, you may think that…

Why Choose the DeFi for a Potential Crypto Business?

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