Cryptocurrency Business Ideas You Can Start in 2024

Top Cryptocurrency Business Ideas

Hello fellas, we’re in crypto 2024 and we can see a small surge in the price of all top cryptocurrencies after a time. Well, it also looks like an ideal time for you to start a crypto-based business to become a successful startup. Starting a crypto business with specific blockchain technology is a smart move, but it comes with several challenges. 

The truth is, starting a crypto business of any type is quite hard work and the first step is choosing the right blockchain business idea. Countless people have already embraced the crypto world by picking the best crypto business idea and they have turned into successful entrepreneurs. If they can, you can too!!!

However, it doesn’t happen in a single day, it takes time and it is based on the idea you choose & the business concept you have in your mind. In simple words, we can say that the business idea you choose for starting a crypto business plays a vital factor in determining success rate and other aspects. Therefore, to help you find victory driving cryptocurrency startup ideas, we’ve put together a collection of ideas that never let you down at any cost.

In this article, we’ll give you a cluster of crypto-based startup ideas. Also, we will guide you step-by-step on how to start them effectively and easily with the right solution that fits your business requirements.

Top Cryptocurrency Business Ideas

The crypto-related business ideas which we are going to list are based on their revenue, trend/popularity, and usage among crypto users. 

  • Create a Cryptocurrency exchange platform
  • Construct an NFT Marketplace 
  • Start a DeFi Exchange business 
  • Create a Crypto wallet app
  • Crypto MLM
  • Cybersecurity for crypto transaction 
  • Crypto industry tracker 
  • Crypto token creation (Crowdfunding)
  • Bitcoin miner 
  • Binary trading option

Create a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform 

The crypto exchange is the online place where all Bitcoins, Ethereum, Cardano, Matic, and other altcoins will get listed for trading. Cryptocurrency exchanges are believed as one authentic way of trading and listing cryptocurrencies. This is not a frivolous recommendation to start a crypto exchange. We have authentic data on the per-day earnings of the crypto exchanges.  

Starting a crypto exchange is one of the excellent cryptocurrency startup ideas in the current situation. There are two significant types of crypto trading platforms, they are:

  • Centralized Exchange (CEX)
  • Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

Centralized Exchange

A centralized exchange is a traditional exchange where users can do their trade or transactions only with the help of a middleman. Here, the transactions can be either done by fiat-to-crypto or crypto-to-crypto. The centralized exchange has an escrow system as a security feature. The asset will be in the hands of the middle-man until the transaction gets successful.

These are the possible ways to earn money through a centralized exchange.

  • As an admin, you can be involved as a middleman for every transaction done through your exchange.
  • You can charge a commission fee for every transaction. 
  • By implementing an escrow system in your exchange for every transaction, you can charge a separate fee from the user.
  • You can collect fees for listing new cryptos. Also, you can charge a fee for crypto withdrawal, fiat deposit, and fiat withdrawal. 

Decentralized Exchange

A decentralized exchange is contrary to a Centralized exchange. No middleman will be involved during the trade or transactions. DEX involves blockchain technology, which functions like a Distributive Ledger. 

These are the possible ways to make income through the decentralized exchange.

  • Coin issuers will seek help from the exchange owner (you) to list their coin in your exchange.
  • You can earn a good amount as a brokerage or a commission for every transaction done by the user through your exchange.
  • You can also charge a reasonable percentage for transactions done through smart contracts.  

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Construct an NFT Marketplace

Every crypto enthusiast knows that the NFTs aka non-fungible tokens are the latest crypto trend. NFTs are digital collectibles that can’t be interchanged with other tokens and it represents artwork, GIFs, images, videos, etc. To trade these NFTs, one needs an NFT marketplace. It is where the users can buy/sell NFTs seamlessly. The NFT marketplace runs with the support of blockchains like Ethereum, Tron, Polygon, BNB chain, and more.  

The demand for the NFT marketplace is high now due to the popularity of NFTs. Besides, experts believe that the growth & revenue of the NFT marketplace will skyrocket in the upcoming years. That’s why launching an NFT marketplace is one of the crypto startup ideas. By starting an NFT marketplace business, you can earn revenue through…

  • Listing fees
  • Minting fees
  • Bidding fees
  • NFT trading fees
  • NFT staking  

Create a Crypto Wallet App

This is one of the prominent cryptocurrency business ideas related to blockchain. A Crypto wallet is a basic need for crypto investors and for some traders. The crypto wallet is mainly divided into custodial wallets and non-custodial wallets. Among these two, the non-custodial crypto wallet is the major preference for most investors due to its high-end security protocols. 

When you launch your own non-custodial crypto wallet app, you can integrate your wallet with many reputed Decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap, UniSwap, binance DEX, etc. This will create good user engagement for your wallet. Through this, you will have a profitable way of earning. There are three types of crypto wallet storage, they are Hot wallets, warm wallets, and Cold Wallets. 

Possible ways of Earning Through a Crypto Wallet

  1. As a crypto wallet owner, you can earn a commission for using your crypto wallet. The commission can be collected periodically.
  2. You can collect different charges for the different kinds of wallets you provide.
  3. Charge some amount as a brokerage from users for every transaction done from your wallet.
  4. You can also collect fees for wallet maintenance.
  5. You can enable the staking option and earn revenue through it 

Start a DeFi Exchange business

Like crypto, DeFi is also a big industry in the blockchain space. Since 2018, there is great hype for Decentralized Finance applications and exchanges. Starting a DeFi exchange is one of the best crypto business ideas. It is due to its revenue streams, popularity, and demand in the crypto market.

Pancakeswap, Uniswap, and Bakeryswap are the reputed DeFi exchange giants in the DeFi world. You can compete with them if you have a strong business plan. You can make your own DeFi exchange platform with the help of the ready-made DeFi exchange script. It is an effective solution to start a DeFI exchange business right now.

Possible earnings by starting a DeFi exchange

  • Staking 
  • IFO
  • Swap fees
  • Conducting DeFi-based token events
  • Running third-party Ads

Crypto Token Creation

It is one of the well-known crypto business ideas in the blockchain space. Tokens are also the same as digital assets. Crypto tokens can be created by an individual or an organization for various purposes. After the Crypto token development, the token issuer will perform a crowd sale process for fundraising by choosing any of the best crowdfunding methods. This might later help the token to get listed in the exchanges. 

Here, we will explain to you some possible ways to raise funds.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

An initial coin offering is a kind of crowdfunding done for a newly launched crypto coin or a crypto token. In ICO, many startups and budding entrepreneurs will take part to gain huge profits. If you have created a crypto token, you need to promote your tokens to the crypto users through the whitepaper. Through this, as a crypto token issuer, you can have a huge amount of profits. ICO happens still in the crypto market for a limited time. 

Advantages of ICO

  1. You can earn huge profits from the crypto users before listing to the exchange.
  2. This reputation will help your token to reach a margin sales amount for listing in a crypto exchange.

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Security Token Offer (STO)

Security token offering(STO) is subject to the norms of the government. In STO, security tokens are packed with real-time assets. STO is also considered to be a type of crowdfunding method, which is done legally. Many company owners are emerging by introducing a security token that is packed with their company. 

Benefits of STO

  1. As the token is packed with the real-assets, there will be no scams or fraudulent activities entertained. 
  2. STO has worldwide users for its trust and reliability.

If this does not work out for you, you can try as a…

Binary Trading Option

It should be considered the last cryptocurrency business idea as it involves some risk and it is based on the funds that you invest. A binary Trading Option is a form of investment that can be done by assets like commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. Here, we can take cryptocurrencies. 

You can yield a profit by predicting the price fluctuation of a cryptocurrency in which you have invested. If the price of the cryptocurrency goes as predicted, the investor will earn. If the price moves in contrast as predicted, the investor will lose money. 

Advantages of Binary Trading Option

  1. Investors can yield huge profits in a short time.
  2. The rate of interest is huge compared to other investment trading.

If this does not work out for you, then you can try to…

Become a Bitcoin Miner

We all know that Bitcoin miners are the pillars of Bitcoin. They will always be involved during the transaction of Bitcoin from one user to another. As a Bitcoin miner, you have to validate the transaction details of the user who is involved in the transaction. Once the validation is done by a miner (i.e. you), the transaction gets completed. 

Key Points for being a Bitcoin miner

  1. Bitcoin miners have to be well-versed in blockchain technology with good programming skills to validate the transaction.
  2. As a miner, you can earn Bitcoin through mining.

Crypto Industry Tracker

You can be a crypto industry tracker and it is also one of the good crypto startup ideas. you need to know about the latest news and happenings in the crypto industry. With this updated news, you can post those on your social media or website. So that your social media and website will have good user engagement. Along with this, if you have an exemplary knowledge of crypto and blockchain, then you will be highly paid for your knowledge based on the hours. 

Possible Ways of Earning as a Crypto Industry tracker

  1. When your social page has a lot of engagement, naturally many crypto development companies will reach you for advertisements. So you can earn through that.
  2. Many crypto coin issuers will sponsor you for free coins for branding.

Cyber security for Crypto Transaction

The Crypto industry completely relies on the internet. As this is a fast-growing world, the invention of new technology is taking various dimensions. Everything has its own pros and cons, and the invention of new technology also has that. This leads to the insecurity of money transactions and data warehousing. The insecurities are caused by hackers around the world. 

Hackers will constantly look for loopholes or leave bait that will make us prey to them. To avoid such acts of internet phishing and to build strong iron curtain securities, the cybersecurity team will come into action. As a SOC analyst, you need to have a constant eye on the evolution of new internet threats and viruses.

Largest crypto exchange hacks

(Source: The Block Crypto)

The report shows the hacking rates, this could be the right time for cybersecurity to enter the field.

Key Points for a Cybersecurity

  1. The cybersecurity analyst will safeguard the whole crypto platform. 
  2. Cybersecurity should know about the tools used to detect the threat and other attacks.

Crypto MLM

MLM expands its network and covers the crypto industry too. When you start a crypto MLM, you need to promote your currency, which will end up in buying so many users indulging in buying the currency. This will naturally create profit for the user who joins one user and the user who joins another more like a chain. As an MLM owner, you will get a huge profit in multiple ways.

Possible Ways of Earning Through Crypto MLM

  1. There are a lot of promotional activities involved during the initial stage.
  2. Besides huge profits, you can have some commissions and brokerages too.

We have shown you the best crypto business ideas and cryptocurrency startup ideas in the blockchain industry. These crypto-related business ideas will help you to enter the crypto world and earn profitable income. 

Moreover, among these astounding crypto startup ideas, starting a crypto exchange is the best business idea in the industry right now. Many people gained millions by creating a cryptocurrency exchange platform with their unique money-making ways. You can also become rich and earn billions when you create your own crypto exchange with the help of the premium crypto exchange script. 

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