How to Create ERC-1400 Security Token :- Overview

ERC1400 Token Development

What is ERC-1400?

ERC-1400 is a standard for token issuance and management on the Ethereum blockchain. ERC-1400 is a standard meant for security tokens. The proposal was brought-up by four developers, Fabian Vogelsteller, Pablo Ruiz, Stephane Gosselin, and Adam Dossa, in 2018. The Ethereum Community Special Interest Group (SIG) developed it as a framework. It aimed to provide an alternative technical standard for crypto tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

It is a new standard, and few are well-versed in it. Cryptocurrencies are proliferating and branching out into the financial system. Soon, ERC-1400 will see more utilities. And this is when ERC1400 token development will come in handy.

Allow me to give you a brief overview of ERC1400 token development.

Features of the ERC-1400 Standard 

ERC-1400 is a standard for token issuance and management on the Ethereum blockchain. It improves interoperability between tokens. It also makes it easier to integrate token functionality into smart contracts. ERC1400 token development is an emerging field of smart-contract development.

Let me list out some of the vital features of the ERC-1400 standard. 

  • The ability to issue many types of tokens with different rules and restrictions allows for more flexibility and customization of crypto tokens.
  • Support for token holders and their permissions, allowing for more advanced control over who can use and manage tokens.
  • The use of extension contracts enables to customize of the behavior of tokens in more complex ways.
  • Added features are for compliance and security. 
  • Support for trusted third-party verifiers and the ability to freeze or black-list tokens in certain situations.

The features of ERC-1400 provide a more advanced and flexible framework for crypto tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. 

There is a fine line of difference between crypto assets and securities. And there is a great debate about whether crypto assets are securities. Whatever the verdict, as cryptocurrencies integrate with Fintech, ERC-1400 standard tokens will grow, and development will become necessary.

Crypto tokens that use the ERC-1400 standard

ERC-1400 is a relatively new standard, so not as many tokens have been created using it; compared to the more widely-used ERC-20.

  • POLY – Polymath
  • FET –
  • GRG – RigoBlock
  • SDS – KeplerSwap

However, it is vital to note that the above list of ERC-1400 tokens may change over time. New tokens; will be created using this standard, and existing ones will be modified or retired. ERC1400 token development is an emerging art form in the crypto space.

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