ERC1400 Token Development Services – To create Security Token using ERC1400 Standard

ERC1400 Token Development

ERC-1400 stands as a benchmark for facilitating token creation and administration within the Ethereum blockchain environment. This particular standard finds its niche in the realm of security tokens. The inception of this concept traces back to 2018, when a quartet of developers namely Fabian Vogelsteller, Pablo Ruiz, Stephane Gosselin, and Adam Dossa, laid down the proposal. Orchestrated under the banner of the Ethereum Community Special Interest Group (SIG), this framework emerged with the intent of furnishing an alternative technical norm for crypto tokens leveraging the Ethereum blockchain.

Being a nascent standard, only a handful possess a comprehensive understanding of it. When it comes to ERC1400 token development, partnering with the right crypto token development company can make all the difference in achieving success. They offer the best cryptocurrency token creation firm to ensure a flawless launch and subsequent growth.

Permit me to provide you with a concise overview of the realm of ERC-1400 Token Development.

Benefits of ERC1400 Token Development

Let’s start by understanding the benefits of creating ERC-1400 tokens

Inclusive for Businesses

 ERC-1400 tokens cater to businesses of all sizes globally, ensuring accessibility and favourable transaction outcomes.

Enhanced Transparency

The standard interface of ERC-1400 tokens facilitates real-time transaction tracking, boosting the transparency of security token transactions.

Dependable Investment Avenue

By adhering to ERC-1400 standards, tokens gain credibility as a reliable investment option, fostering investor trust.

Sole Ownership 

Holders of ERC-1400 tokens enjoy exclusive ownership rights, elevating these tokens to the status of secure and personalized assets.

Efficient Fund Recovery

The incorporation of streamlined fund recovery mechanisms within ERC-1400 further enhances user convenience and ease of use.

Features of the ERC-1400 Standard 

ERC-1400 is a standard for token issuance and management on the Ethereum blockchain. It improves interoperability between tokens. It also makes it easier to integrate token functionality into smart contracts. ERC1400 Token Development is an emerging field of smart contract development.

Let me list out some of the vital features of the ERC-1400 standard. 

  • The ability to issue many types of tokens with different rules and restrictions allows for more flexibility and customization of crypto tokens.
  • Support for token holders and their permissions, allowing for more advanced control over who can use and manage tokens.
  • The use of extension contracts enables to customize of the behaviour of tokens in more complex ways.
  • Added features are for compliance and security. 
  • Support for trusted third-party verifiers and the ability to freeze or black-list tokens in certain situations.

The features of ERC-1400 provide a more advanced and flexible framework for crypto tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. 

There is a fine line of difference between crypto assets and securities. And there is a great debate about whether crypto assets are securities. Whatever the verdict, as cryptocurrencies integrate with Fintech, ERC-1400 standard tokens will grow, and development will become necessary.

Crypto Tokens that use the ERC-1400 Standard

The ERC-1400 standard is relatively new, resulting in fewer tokens being created with it compared to the more popular ERC-20 standard. Tokens such as

  • POLY (Polymath)
  • FET (
  • GRG (RigoBlock)and
  • SDS (KeplerSwap)

It’s important to acknowledge that this list of ERC-1400 tokens may evolve over time as new tokens are developed and existing ones are adjusted or phased out. ERC-1400 token development represents an emerging trend in the cryptocurrency sphere.

How to Create a Security Token Using ERC1400

Developing a security token entails several key steps that are crucial for its successful creation. Here is a breakdown of the necessary stages:

Obtain SEC Approval

Before proceeding with the deployment of a fully functional security token, it is imperative to secure approval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Adherence to all SEC rules and regulations is paramount to ensure the proper and compliant creation of the security token.

Utilize ERC1400 Token Standard

Once SEC approval is granted, the creation of the security token should follow the ERC1400 token standard. Adhering to the specified parameters for token creation within this standard facilitates the seamless generation of security tokens.

Choose Development Approach

There are two primary approaches to creating security tokens: independent development and utilizing a service provider. Your level of technical familiarity with ERC1400 will influence this decision. Those well-versed in ERC1400 can opt to independently develop a security token. However, note that this path comes with inherent risks, as any mistakes during the process can lead to token instability. Alternatively, engaging a reputable Ethereum Token Development company within the cryptocurrency ecosystem is a prudent choice. These experts can guide you through the secure creation of an ERC1400 token.

Working with a Service Provider

When choosing a service provider for the development of your ERC1400 security token, it’s crucial to furnish all required token details, such as its name, symbol, total supply, and other pertinent information. By diligently adhering to these steps, you can effectively navigate the intricacies of security token development utilizing the ERC1400 standard. It’s essential to bear in mind that obtaining SEC approval and adhering to industry standards are crucial for the successful and compliant creation of your security token.

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