White Label Crypto Payment Gateway – A Perfect Choice for Startups

White label crypto payment gateway

Cryptocurrency and its underlying technology changed the complete course of financial operations. To become a successful crypto startup, you can start a crypto payment gateway business which is one of the best cryptocurrency business ideas that many startups choose to start a crypto company. 

Cryptocurrency payment gateways are intermediaries between the two parties. With the help of a gateway, a user can transfer crypto to fiat & vice versa from one end to another without any trouble. The payment gateway for cryptocurrency involves the same procedure as the traditional payment gateway. But the cryptocurrency payment gateway processor comes up with additional benefits and functionalities.

To facilitate cryptocurrency payments safely without any interruptions, anyone will need a crypto payment gateway. Besides, crypto transactions are becoming more prevalent and soon, crypto payment gateways will be present in all places. So it is better to create a Crypto payment gateway platform right now with unique features to reap an immense amount of profits. 

Undoubtedly, this will help move your business to the next level by accepting payments from those who are interested in crypto. You can develop a crypto payment gateway platform for your business by acquiring the best-in-class white-label crypto payment gateway solution. 

In this article, we would like to discuss what is white label cryptocurrency payment gateway with its features, benefits, and a lot more interesting stuff. 

White Label Crypto Payment Gateway

The white label crypto payment gateway is a ready-to-use solution that helps you launch a fully functional crypto payment gateway platform easily. It is pre-designed, developed, multi-tested by blockchain experts, and ready for deployment. When you launch a payment gateway using the ready-made solution, you can save time and money which plays a vital role in any business. 

If you launch a cryptocurrency payment gateway using the white label software, your merchants/users can facilitate online payments using their brand or any other third parties. This solution is utterly optimizable according to your business plan and needs. Crypto payments play a major role in payment gateways and for your business. 

Therefore, to get this astounding white-label crypto payment gateway software, seeking a well-experienced and professional provider will be a smart move. One such genuine software provider in the global crypto market is Coinsclone. 

Coinsclone is ready to offer all sorts of premium white-label cryptocurrency payment gateway solutions with state-of-the-art features. We are sovereign in the crypto field when it comes to quality tailor-made solutions. When you get our white-label solution, you can modify the logo, visuals, back-end functionality, front-end themes, UI/UX, and a lot more with ease. 

Our Ideal White Label Crypto Payment Gateway Solutions

Whatever the requirements might be, we will offer the perfect custom-made solutions that meet the client’s demands and business needs. When it comes to the white label cryptocurrency payment gateway, we offer premium white label Bitpay clone script and error-free white label CoinPayments clone script. These two are the most wanted and searched services among crypto startups and entrepreneurs. 

By using our ultra-modern bitpay clone software, you can build a cryptocurrency payment gateway like Bitpay with amazing functionalities and advanced UI/UX. Whereas, if you buy our first-class Coinpayments clone script, you can create and deploy a superfine crypto payment gateway that looks 100% similar to Coinpayments. 

Peculiar Features of our White Label Crypto Payment Gateway 

The more features you integrate the more users you can gain to your platform from the worldwide crypto market. The functionalities and security modules you enable will determine the success rate of your gateway business in the competitive crypto business world. Here we list the latest features that you get from our premium white label crypto payment gateway solutions. 

User/Merchant features

  • User/merchant login
  • Security(KYC)
  • Impressive dashboard
  • Wallet integration 
  • Deposit & Withdrawal history
  • Transaction details
  • Multi-lingual assistance 
  • Multiple crypto support for transactions
  • Merchant tools
  • Button maker
  • Html post field
  • IPN history
  • API key generation and more

Admin features

  • Sign-in
  • Dashboard
  • View Users
  • View User Deposit/Withdraw History
  • Merchant Payment History
  • Commission Settings
  • Merchant Details
  • Merchant API Category
  • Security Settings
  • Content Management System
  • Support System and more 

These are the desirable features that you can get from our white-label solutions. You can also customize these technical features smoothly based on your preference.

White Label Crypto Payment Gateway Development Cost and Time

When it comes to starting a cryptocurrency payment gateway business, most startups will be in chaos in choosing between building from scratch and buying white-label software. To make a clear decision, you need to be aware of the development time and cost of both methods.

Do you have enough capital and high-end tech staff??? You can go with the scratch method. However, you need to enable each functionality and develop the platform from the ground up. So, it would take you more than 1 year to deploy the product. Besides, the development cost will be around 80,000 USD to $100K. 

Thus, it would not suit all budding startups and it’s a kind of risky method!!! We’re not ghosting you, but we are suggesting that this method will collapse your entire project and the outcome will not satisfy your expectations.

On the flip side, if you have a minimum amount of investment and want to quickly enter the competitive market, then our white label solution might be the best choice to save your hard-earned money. Additionally, it will reduce the technical difficulties that you face with other development methods. By using our best white-label cryptocurrency payment gateway, you can create a stunning crypto payment gateway platform within a week at a moderate cost.

The white label solution that we offer at Coinsclone will cost you around 7000 USD to 12,000 USD. For some people, it might sound quite expensive, but you need to understand that the cost defines the quality of the solution. We don’t compromise quality and security over anything. It’s our motto! 

We are sure that you will get a jaw-dropping cryptocurrency payment gateway product as an outcome and it would be worth the investment!!! 

Let’s conclude this article with…

Why Choose Coinsclone as your Technical partner?

Coinsclone is a well-established and leading Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development Company in the crypto sector since 2016. We are specialized in crafting crypto-related white label products with world-class outcomes. Our premium white-label cryptocurrency payment gateway software will help you to start a flourishing crypto payment gateway business according to your needs and requirements. Our software is well-tested by experienced quality analysts and our team will enable military-grade security mechanisms for safeguarding your platform. 

We have a pool of trained and skillful blockchain developers who can develop the crypto payment gateway with the latest technologies. Besides, our development team doesn’t stop once the product is delivered as we also offer effective 24*7 technical support after the product is given to the client. By choosing Coinsclone as a technical partner, you can gain all of these mind-blowing perks.

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