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unocoin clone script

Unocoin – a well-known and trustable centralized cryptocurrency exchange in India that comes under the order book exchange type. This exchange was first founded in 2013 by Sathvik Vishwanath who is a successful entrepreneur in society.  We can also say Unocoin is India’s first crypto exchange in the blockchain space. Initially, Unoicoin was operated at Tumkur, Karnataka, but later they shifted their headquarters to Bangalore. 

Unocoin lets crypto fans buy/sell crypto assets in a safe and risk-free way. Being a top player in the crypto arena, they contribute their ideal trading service to crypto users around the globe. In recent years, Unocoin has proved its reliability by offering a seamless trading experience to Indian users. This helped them to attract many crypto traders and currently, about 1.5+ million active users are trading in Unocoin. 

They have massive user traffic on the platform which helps them earn profitable revenue per day. As we can know that India has accepted crypto assets for trading with some limitations. However, the Indian crypto market is huge and many people are showing keen interest to invest in popular cryptos. So, crypto users are increasing at a rapid pace which helped many exchange owners to earn a lucrative amount of money. 

The Indian crypto market looks healthy now and Unocoin is an excellent profit-yielding business model in the crypto world. So, If you launch a crypto exchange like Unocoin, you can even become a millionaire in a short period. But how to develop an exchange similar to Unocoin?? This is where the most efficacious development method comes into the picture.

Yeah, we are speaking about the Unocoin clone script!!! 

What is exactly Unocoin clone script?

Unocoin clone script is the pre-developed crypto exchange clone software that consists of all the functions and plug-ins that Unocoin has in its platform. It is one of the trending exchange clone scripts and has a big demand right now in the crypto marketplace. This is because by getting this ready-made clone software, an aspiring startup can start a crypto exchange 100% similar to Unocoin within 7 days. In other words, we can say the Unocoin clone software is a replica of Unocoin. 

Like Unocoin, the Unocoin clone software also supports all major cryptos and trading pairs which helps to enhance the user base quickly. It is a pre-designed one so it is completely developed and multi-tested, and you can launch your own exchange like Unocoin within a week. Apart from these, you can also alter the core functionalities, color, theme, trading features, and other modules based on your business needs. By customizing the exchange, you can get an exemplary output as a result. 

We at Coinsclone are ready to offer you top-notch white-label Unocoin clone software with advanced features as per your business needs. Our premium Unocoin clone software is affordable, highly responsive, and comes with tightened security mechanisms.

Unocoin Clone Script

How does Unocoin Clone Script work?

Recently, most budding crypto startups/entrepreneurs prefer to start a crypto exchange similar to Unocoin as it has a user-friendly workflow and users can easily trade on it. In that regard, our premium Unocoin clone software also operates the same as the existing Unocoin exchange. For a better understanding and clarity, let us explain the working process of our white-label Unocoin clone script briefly.

The initial step is user registration. This clone script has a user-friendly interface so your users can register with the platform in an instant of time using their mobile number Gmail. 

  • Your user will receive a verification link or One-Time Password in their registered mobile number or Gmail id. Once they receive that, they can complete the registration process. Sounds simple and easy, right? 
  • After registration, users need to finish the KYC verification by submitting all the essential documents like a driving license, photograph for identity verification, and other Government-issued documents. 
  • As an admin of the exchange, you will verify the user’s KYC documents and approve their account for crypto trading. After being verified, users can begin their trading by depositing funds into their accounts.
  • To deposit fiat currency, they need to provide bank account details and connect with their exchange account.  
  • Now, your users are ready for trading. By analyzing the chart, users can place buy/sell orders and start trading with the help of the live order book system. Once the trade is done, the crypto will instantly transfer into their default crypto wallet on the platform.
  • For every successful crypto trade, you can charge a small amount of money as a commission fee. By doing this, you can reap a hefty amount of revenue in a short period.

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Top-rated Features of Unocoin Clone Script

Every individual who is planning to start a crypto exchange will aim to taste success in the crypto space. But startups must note one main factor that features that you integrate into the platform plays an essential role in enhancing the success rate. By enabling cutting-edge features, you can reach your target and gain a massive crypto user base for your platform. As a result, you will make an enormous amount of money flow daily that you have never imagined. 

Considering all the above parameters, our blockchain experts have incorporated all the extraordinary features in the white-label Unocoin clone script. Here we listed some of the advanced features that you can get from our ready-made exchange software.

  • Order book 
  • Live price chart 
  • User dashboard 
  • Admin Console
  • OTC trading
  • Crypto payment gateway integration
  • Margin trading
  • Crypto wallet integration
  • Multiple fiat support 
  • Crypto Trading mobile app 
  • Multiple payment methods
  • KYC/AML integration 
  • Referral program 

Security and protection of the exchange are our primary concerns. We don’t compromise when it comes to security mechanisms. Therefore, we integrate the following security features in our Unocoin clone script to safeguard the exchange from malware activities. 

  • HTTPS authentication
  • Jail login
  • Data encryption
  • Two-factor authentication
  • SQL injection prevention
  • Anti Denial of Service(DoS)
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) protection
  • Server-Side Request Forgery(SSRF) protection
  • Anti Distributed Denial of Service

And more….

You can acquire all these features as a whole package at an affordable price. In case, you want to customize them, you can also alter the security modules and other features based on your business needs.  

After knowing all these aspects, you need to know how to start a crypto exchange by following the simple steps. Knowing them will be highly beneficial for your business.

What makes our Unocoin clone script Unique?

  • Our white-label Unocoin clone software is crafted with the best technology stacks that are evolving around the market.  
  • A wide scope of customization so you can modify your exchange right from core functionality  as per your business concepts
  • Cost-effective, highly responsive, and glitch-free
  • Comes with in-built security modules and essential trading attributes
  • High ROI in a short period
  • As an admin, you can manage all features, transactions, and other functions in a hassle-free way.
  • Faster deployment
  • You can start a crypto exchange website and crypto trading mobile app for Android and IOS by using the Unocoin clone script
  • Comes with an amazing admin and user dashboard
  • No need for any technical knowledge
  • High scalability
  • You can set the commission fee for every crypto in our Unocoin clone script.

Unocoin Clone Script

Why Choose Coinsclone to Start a Crypto Exchange?

Coinsclone has been in the crypto industry for a significant amount of years, so we have hands-on experience in offering all sorts of crypto exchange clone scripts with utmost perfection. Being a  professional cryptocurrency exchange development company, we provide a high-quality Unocoin clone script that will exceed your expectations. To provide the best service, we enable some of the advanced components in the clone script.

Coinsclone believes that offering the good and finest quality service is the right way to build trust among clients. We have a team of well-experienced cryptocurrency exchange developers to start a crypto exchange as per the client’s requirements in the best possible way. Besides, we too have a productive team for offering effective 24/7 customer and technical support to all our international clients. 

Do you still have queries on this clone script?? Don’t worry! Our team is readily available to solve your queries. 

Talk to our team experts and grab a free demo of our Unocoin clone script now!

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