SunSwap Clone Script – One Stop Solution For Creating a DeFi Exchange on Tron Network

SunSwap Clone Script

The Surprising term DeFi stands for Decentralized Finance. Over the past two years, DeFi has become a new crypto trend and a hot topic in the blockchain industry. Many business people in the blockchain sector started to implement DeFi protocols for various purposes. By applying DeFi protocols, one can experience several beneficial factors in different aspects. 

When it comes to DeFi, token swap platforms play a vital role and are deemed as an excellent business model for gaining profits. As a crypto startup, you will be planning to enter the crypto market by starting an ideal crypto business. In that regard, you can choose the Best Decentralized exchange – an exemplary revenue-making business model. Presently, there are plenty of Decentralized exchanges in the market which run in different blockchain networks like Ethereum, Tron, and binance smart chains.

Among those, the SunSwap platform attracted many startups and entrepreneurs through its excellent services and revenue streams. It operates on the Tron blockchain which is a major reason to pick this business model. You may have a doubt – Is it Possible to launch a DEX similar to SunSwap?? In this modern era, nothing is impossible. Any startup/entrepreneur can launch a superfine DEX like SunSwap by using the White Label SunSwap Clone Script. 

This mind-blowing article will speak about the SunSwap Clone Script and its importance for Developing a Best Decentralized exchange on the Tron blockchain network. 

Let us start with…

Overview of SunSwap

SunSwap is the prominent DeFi exchange protocol that is completely operated on a secure Tron blockchain network. Initially, it was named JustSwap and recently acquired JustSwap. So they upgraded it to SunSwap. It is one of the important components of the Tron DeFi ecosystem. 

SunSwap is Tron’s first DeFi exchange protocol that enables stablecoin swap, token staking, self-governance, and gained massive support from the crypto community. In addition to this, it has a native utility token named SUN and it will be used to reward liquidity providers, govern the platform, staking, and more. 

The SunSwap Platform can serve as a Decentralized Exchange and support stablecoin transactions like the combination of Curve and Uniswap on Ethereum. Experts in the blockchain community are claiming that – it is a great innovation for both the Tron network and the DeFi ecosystem. With the support of BTTC’s decentralized cross-chain bridge, SunSwap will become the World’s Largest DeFi Exchange in the crypto space. 

SunSwap is one of the best DeFi exchanges and is also new to the market. So, starting a DeFi exchange on Tron similar to SunSwap will make you earn profits and stand unique from others.  

Now, let us dig deeper…

What is SunSwap Clone Script?

What strikes your mind when you hear this phrase: SunSwap Clone Script?? Most people think it’s a copy or an open-source code of the SunSwap platform. But it’s not exactly what you think. SunSwap Clone Script is the ready-to-launch DeFi exchange clone script that is perfectly designed and developed on top of the Tron network.

SunSwap Clone Software holds all the core functionalities, security modules, and plug-ins of the SunSwap. We can also say this as a Tron-based DeFi exchange clone script. By utilizing the SunSwap Clone Script, you can deploy a full-fledged DeFi exchange platform 100% similar to SunSwap within 7 days. It sounds great! Isn’t it??

Furthermore, the interesting fact about SunSwap Clone Software is the customization scope. You can alter the visuals, features, swapping mechanism, and more as per your business plan. By doing this, you can get an optimized DeFi exchange on the Tron blockchain that satisfies your needs.

Coinsclone offers an ultra-modern SunSwap Clone Script with cutting-edge attributes. Our Clone Script is affordable and highly responsive, so it is a sure-shot shot solution for startups who are planning to initiate a DeFi Exchange Platform on the Tron network. 

How Does SunSwap Clone Script Work?

Our premium SunSwap Clone Script operates similarly to the existing SunSwap. Like the SunSwap platform, this clone script is also a decentralized portal for generating liquidity. So, it provides customized automation to the liquidity generation process. To understand the working process of this script, you need to know two main functionalities Swapping and Pooling. 

The White Label SunSwap Software, we offer completely based on the pooling and swapping mechanism. Let us first see the swapping functionality. 


Initially, the user needs to connect to the external crypto wallet. As an admin of the platform, you can give support to any external cryptocurrency wallet. 

  • By connecting the wallet, your users can swap TRX to the desired TRC20 tokens.
  • For every successful token swap, the user must pay the Liquidity provider fees. This acts as one of the main sources of revenue for your DeFi exchange business.


  • The pooling mechanism in our script helps your users to add liquidity for their desired pair. 
  • By adding liquidity, your users can earn some rewards in the name of LP tokens. So that users can utilize LP tokens for staking. 

Core Features of Our SunSwap Clone Script

Without perfect features, one can’t run a successful DeFi exchange business. Therefore, features play a primary part when it comes to the decentralized finance exchange platform. SunSwap offers only a minimum amount of features, but we at Coinsclone have an out-of-the-box thought process and enabled all the latest features in the clone script to make it stand out from the crowd. 

Here is the list of desirable features that you can get from our premium White Label SunSwap Clone Software.

  • Token swap 
  • Automated Market Maker 
  • Staking 
  • Pooling 
  • Multiple wallet connection support 
  • Advanced UI/UX 
  • Cutting-edge Price chart tools
  • Multi-lingual support  
  • Transaction history and more 

Security Features of Our SunSwap Clone Script

The protection and security of the platform are our major concerns, so we at Coinsclone incorporate tightened security features to safeguard your SunSwap Clone platform. 

  • Inbuilt security APIs
  • Immutable smart contracts
  • Multi-layered security options 
  • Advanced decryption 
  • Server-side entry forgery features 
  • Protection against DDoS
  • End-to-end SSL encryption 
  • Encrypted bridging 

You can acquire all these features as a complete package from our bug-free SunSwap Clone Script. Apart from these, you can also optimize the features and other security aspects as per your business necessities with ease. 

Business Benefits of Using SunSwap Clone Script

  • Faster deployment is possible. Our SunSwap Clone Script helps you to create and deploy a user-friendly Decentralized exchange like SunSwap within a week.
  • Comes with an effective user dashboard and a first-class admin dashboard.
  • As an owner of the platform, you can manage the admin portal and control all functionalities, security modules, and more in a hassle-free manner.
  • Complete white-label solution.
  • Supports an unlimited number of Tron-based crypto tokens
  • It is specially designed for DeFi users, so you can attract a wide range of crypto audiences simply.
  • This clone script is completely developed and tested by blockchain experts, so you not need to put any effort into any development process.
  • One of the major perks is the high customization scope. The customization you get in our SunSwap clone script is unimaginable. This is because you can completely modify from visuals to the backend functionality. As a result, you can get a unique DeFi exchange on the Tron blockchain as per your taste.
  • The SunSwap Clone Script comes with an advanced multi-tier architectural design to reduce server maintenance cost and resistance to malware attacks.
  • The protocol in the SunSwap Clone Software supports the integration of multiple Tron blockchain wallets.

You can yield all these extraordinary benefits by getting premium white-label SunSwap Clone Software. After realizing these advantages, you need to follow certain steps for building a DeFi exchange using a SunSwap Clone Script. So, let us jump into…

Steps to Develop a Decentralized Exchange on Tron Blockchain using SunSwap Clone Script

As already said, Sunswap Clone Software will let you deploy a Tron-based DeFi exchange instantly after optimizing the exchange. But the significant part is even though you use the ready-made clone script to launch a DeFi exchange, you need to deem some paramount factors for building a Decentralized Finance exchange on the Tron network using the SunSwap Clone Script.

Here we revealed 10 important steps that you need to follow.

  1. Come up with a unique Business concept.
  2. Research all the corners of the SunSwap before creating a DeFI exchange similar to SunSwap
  3. Do crypto market research
  4. Recognize the pros and cons of SunSwap. Once you find them, try to rectify them on your DeFi exchange.
  5. You need to check the jurisdictions in the country where you are planning to launch a DeFi exchange like SunSwap. This is because some major countries banned crypto assets. So check the laws of the country twice before starting a DeFi exchange business like SunSwap.
  6. Make sure that you have enough funds to create a DeFi exchange on the Tron blockchain network using a SunSwap Clone Script.
  7. List out the core features and security modules that you want to incorporate into your SunSwap Clone Exchange Platform.
  8. Run a beta test
  9. Deploy your DeFi exchange like SunSwap on the Tron blockchain with the support of the first-class DeFi exchange clone script provider – Coinsclone.
  10. Finally, Start promoting your DeFi exchange like SunSwap to your targeted crypto audience.

By following all these above-mentioned steps, you can start a Decentralized exchange on the Tron blockchain using SunSwap Clone Software. 

Let us wrap this article with…

Why Choose Coinsclone For SunSwap Clone Script?

To experience high-quality and error-free SunSwap Clone Software, you need to shake hands with a reputed script provider. This is where Coinsclone ranks top position in the crypto market. Clients who acquired clone scripts from us are making hefty returns right now and they are alluding to other startups to utilize our service. This huge success is possible only by the quality, scalability, performance, and reliability which we offer in our clone script. 

We are masters in offering all kinds of prominent DeFi Exchange Clone Script solutions with premium outcomes. Speaking of which, we offer the best-in-class SunSwap Clone Script which is specially designed and developed for budding startups and entrepreneurs. We have a handful of well-trained blockchain coders to craft and deliver the Sunswap Clone Script within the specified time frame as per the client’s requirements. 

If you are a Crypto startup planning to create a DeFi Exchange on the Tron blockchain cost-effectively, then connecting with Coinsclone will be an excellent Decentralized Exchange Development company for your DEX business.  We are also experts in offering the trending DeFi exchange clone scripts which give massive success in your business are listed below

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