LocalCryptos Clone Script – An ideal way to Build your own p2p Crypto Exchange Platform


For the past couple of years, the peer-to-peer crypto exchange concept has been booming around the world due to its security and wide range of people’s interest in it. In general, p2p crypto exchanges allow the user to buy/sell a variety of crypto assets privately and safely with the help of the powerful escrow system. Even though there are many types of cryptocurrency exchanges, p2p ads-based exchanges attracted both traders and startups with their notable beneficial factors. Speaking of which, p2p ads-based cryptocurrency exchange is becoming the popular revenue-generating business model right now. As a startup/entrepreneur creating a superfine escrow-powered crypto exchange with an ads-based trading option will make you rich in the crypto ecosystem.

Starting a crypto exchange business similar to any of the existing reputed ads-based exchanges will be the ideal solution for becoming a successful entrepreneur in the crypto marketplace. Currently, we can see plenty of peer-to-peer exchanges out there. But among them, LocalCryptos is one of the finest crypto exchanges which provides top-class ads-based trading service for global crypto traders. 

The development method you choose is the most important step to consider for creating a p2p crypto exchange like LocalCryptos. You can build your p2p crypto exchange like LocalCryptos either from scratch or by using a LocalCryptos clone script. Among these two ways, going with the premium LocalCryptos clone software is the best way to initiate a p2p crypto exchange business at a low cost.

As a startup, if you aren’t aware of the clone script and its features, then Check out our blog to gain clarity on whether using clone scripts is legal

What is LocalCryptos Clone Script? 

LocalCryptos clone script is a pre-coded cryptocurrency exchange software and it is a replica of the LocalCryptos platform. The software holds all the important trading functions and plug-ins similar to LocalCryptos. By using this clone script, you can build your p2p crypto exchange platform like LocalCryptos instantly in a cost-effective way. It comes with advanced escrow security that enables your users to transfer crypto assets safely and securely. Like LocalCryptos, this clone script/software also supports major cryptocurrencies for trading such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash. Customization costs involved for development, and time are the significant advantage of using the modernistic LocalCryptos clone software.

Coinsclone provides the advanced and bug-free LocalCryptos clone script which helps you to kickstart a flourishing p2p crypto exchange business similar to LocalCryptos. Our latest LocalCryptos clone software is completely developed, designed, multi-tested, verified, and ready for deployment. You need to just buy, and customize them as per your business needs, and the LocalCryptos clone exchange will be deployed on the server with the assistance of the best-ever team. Our p2p exchange clone script is highly responsive, secure, fast, and bug-free. As a result, your users can get a top-notch trading experience in your LocalCryptos clone exchange.

Why should you build a P2P exchange like LocalCryptos?

LocalCryptos was a fast-growing and well-known p2p ads-based crypto trading platform where users can buy/sell virtual digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum by posting advertisements. This exchange was launched in 2017 and has built a very strong community with a high trading volume. Initially, this exchange is named as LocalEthereum which is operated only on Ethereum and later they are named as LocalCryptos with multiple developments in attributes.

LocalCryptos offers their ads-based trading service in over 130 countries and users can buy/sell cryptos with 40+ payment methods. The transactions and payments are done with the help of escrow security. The escrow-powered crypto exchanges like LocalCryptos have great prominence in the crypto sector. Besides, this platform generates huge profits per month. The popularity and revenue generated here attracted many budding crypto startups/entrepreneurs to develop a p2p ads-based crypto exchange similar to LocalCryptos.

LocalCryptos Clone Script

How Does the LocalCryptos Clone Script Work? 

The ultra-modern clone script that we offer at Coinsclone works the same as the existing LocalCryptos platform. Our escrow-powered p2p exchange clone script looks and works 100% similar to the LocalCryptos. Our script has an in-built non-custodial wallet that lets your users have full control over the funds. This special feature in the clone script will help you to attract global crypto users with ease. For your clear understanding, let us see the complete working process of our LocalCryptos clone software.

  1. Primarily, your user needs to register the account by using their Gmail id for creating a trading account which will not take more than 30 seconds.
  2. A verification link or code will be directly sent to the user’s registered Gmail id in an instant of time. By clicking the verification link, your user can freely sign in to the account.
  3. Once the user logs in to your LocalCryptos clone platform, a secured escrow wallet will be created for the users.
  4. After signing in, the user needs to provide other necessary details. Such as mobile numbers and government-issued documents(Driving license or passport).
  5. Once the KYC verification is done, the user can begin to trade crypto coins on your site.
  6. Both the buyer and seller can browse the matching order to perform the p2p trading in your LocalCryptos clone exchange. Your users can easily post or create advertisements as per their wish to facilitate trading. For posting an ad, you can collect a certain amount of fees.
  7. The number of potential buyers/sellers of the particular crypto(for example – Bitcoin or Ethereum) will be listed with the payment options.
  8. Once the seller accepts the buyer’s deal, they are allowed to chat & trade the specific cryptocurrency. The crypto will be locked in the escrow wallet.
  9. The buyer needs to send the funds(fiat currency) to the seller through the mentioned payment option in the ad.
  10. Once the seller receives the payment, then he/she has to click the ‘I have received the payment’ and the crypto is released directly from escrow to the buyer’s crypto wallet.
  11. As the owner of the exchange, you will receive a minimum of a 1% commission fee for a successful crypto transaction. Therefore, it is a huge revenue source for running a profitable p2p ads-based crypto exchange similar to LocalCryptos.

This is how our customizable LocalCryptos clone script works in the real world. Now, let us see…

Outstanding Features of our LocalCryptos Clone Script 

The trading features that you enable always play an important role in your cryptocurrency exchange business. Apart from this, it will determine the success of your idea and exchange in the crypto ecosystem. Therefore, add the latest features that enhance your user count and reliability of your LocalCryptos clone exchange. Here we list some of the cutting-edge features that you can get from our premium LocalCryptos clone script/software.

  1. Buy/sell ads posting
  2. Escrow wallet
  3. Advanced proximity match
  4. Multiple payment acceptance
  5. Fiat wallet support
  6. Dispute resolution
  7. Private chat
  8. Real-time trade statistics
  9. KYC management
  10. Commission history and settings
  11. P2p trading engine
  12. Multiple language support
  13. SMS integration
  14. Announcement system

Security Features of LocalCryptos Clone Script

Security is our priority and we integrate the advanced security modules in our clone script to avoid anonymous attacks and other fraudulent activities. Here we list exclusive security features that you need to enable in the LocalCryptos clone script.

  1. Two-factor authentication
  2. Escrow protection
  3. Anti-distributed Denial of Service
  4. Jail login guard
  5. SSL integration
  6. End-to-end encrypted transactions.
  7. HTTPS authentication
  8. Browser detection security
  9. Server-Side Forgery Protection
  10. CSRF protection
  11. Data encryption

You get all these excellent security modules in the bug-free LocalCryptos clone software.

LocalCryptos Clone Script

Why Choose Coinsclone for LocalCryptos Clone Script?

Coinsclone is a top-class P2P Crypto Exchange Development Company in the crypto industry. We are one of the early birds in the crypto space, so we have rock-solid experience in developing all types of crypto exchanges with the latest trading features and military-grade security modules. We at Coinsclone offer you an ultra-modern LocalCryptos clone script that helps you to build your p2p crypto exchange like LocalCryptos within a few days. We have a handful of professional blockchain developers and skilled designers to craft a user-friendly & error-free LocalCryptos clone software.

If you are planning to build your p2p crypto exchange like LocalCryptos at a competitive price, then picking up a cryptocurrency exchange development company like Coinsclone will be the ultimate solution for your exchange business.

Talk to our experts and book a free demo of our LocalCryptos clone script now! 

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