Cost To Develop Crypto Payment Gateway – A Complete Illustration

Cost to Develop Crypto Payment Gateway

Do you have any idea about the cost to develop a crypto payment gateway? You may have little knowledge, but having a deep understanding before building a crypto payment gateway is essential. As a startup, estimating the cost at the initial stage would be useful and helpful for collecting funds. If you want to clarify all your queries regarding the cost to develop a crypto payment gateway, you have landed at the right place.

What is the Cost to Develop a Crypto Payment Gateway?

The average cost to develop crypto payment gateway ranges from $10,000 to $20,000, though this can vary based on the specific features and functionalities desired. You can either choose scratch or White-label crypto payment gateway solution. When you tend to develop from scratch, every process of the creation will be from the beginning. You are the one to integrate your ideas for your business. This can be beneficial, but it takes quite too long to launch your crypto project. In addition to these, your crypto payment gateway project would be expensive and go ahead of your budget. 

To an average, the cost to develop from scratch would range from $25,000 to $1,00,000. For this method, you need a skilled set of developer team to guide you. Hence, it is better to go with the second method of White label Crypto payment gateway. White-label is nothing but the pre-fabricated or fully-developed software of an existing popular crypto payment gateway that can be deployed instantly. 

A pool of experts and developers would be ready with this software so that you can customize it accordingly and launch it. If you need any additional features and security protocols, you can also integrate them. The average cost for a white-label crypto payment gateway platform would range up to $10,000. For additional features, it may cost $3000 to $5000. 

Building Method Cost Range
From Scratch $25,000 – $100,000
White-Label Solution Up to $10,000 (base cost)
Additional features: $3,000 – $5,000

Yet, some of the factors that impact the total cost estimation for building a crypto payment gateway. Before delving into factors affecting the cost to develop crypto payment gateway, first, be clear about…

Crypto Payment Gateway – An Quick Overview

A Crypto Payment Gateway is a platform where cryptocurrency transactions are executed between a merchant and a user securely. Presently, famous companies like Gucci, Starbucks, etc are accepting cryptocurrencies as payment all over the world. Even though cryptocurrencies are considered a profitable investment, people are afraid to invest in cryptocurrencies as they are only in the form of digital assets. There comes the role of the crypto payment gateway.

Crypto payment gateways are created with a blockchain network where the transaction details are immutable and transparent. Through this Crypto Payment gateway, the cryptocurrencies can be transacted in a fast and secure way.

In simple terms, the crypto payment gateway acts like GooglePay and Stripe which is used for transacting fiat currencies. For secure transactions, the demand for a potential crypto payment gateway has increased among crypto users. Many newbie startups took this golden opportunity and created a top-notch crypto payment gateway. Yet, they are afraid of the cost estimation. Let’s have a look at….

Factors Influence the Cost of Developing a Crypto Payment Gateway Platform

Complexity of Features

The important factor that will influence the cost would be the integration of complex features in the Payment gateway. As much as you offer unique features, you will stand out from other crypto payment gateways. When the features get complicated, the developers and experts are hired more in number to integrate them. Hence, this is the important factor that influences the cost to develop a crypto payment gateway platform. 

The common features include an attractive dashboard, deposit/withdrawal history, transaction history, cryptocurrency balance, account settings, and security protocols. Other than these, you can also integrate high KYC security features, referrals, coupons, and enhanced biometric features for your users. Based on these features, the cost can vary. 

Choice of Development Company 

Numerous companies are there to initiate crypto payment gateway creation. But, only a few provide you with the ideal services with proper guidance. Based on the company’s developers and experts, the cost to develop a crypto payment gateway platform can vary. As much as the developer team size is bigger, the cost will increase. 

Technology Stack 

The important factor that plays a crucial role in the development process is the technology stack. The technology stack includes the choice of the blockchain network, UI/UX design, advanced technological tools, payment gateway application, back-end, front-end features, API integrations, etc. 

For these, premium tools are used to offer you hassle-free Crypto payment gateway creation. You can either provide your gateway platform as an app, website, or desktop app. If you want to offer an attractive user dashboard, various tools are used for that. This plays a major role in the cost to develop crypto payment gateway platform. 


Even though you are ready with your Crypto Payment gateway, it is crucial to run a test before launching in the market. This helps you rectify any technical errors or bugs in the platform. Testing and debugging are the final stages, so be careful about the process. 

These are some of the important factors that influence the cost of developing a Cryptocurrency payment gateway platform. Creating a crypto payment gateway would be a worthy business idea if you consider these factors.

Still, are you in the confusion of choosing the development method? Leave your worries. We have provided the benefits of obtaining white-label software. This will give you a clear idea of the white-label.

Let’s have a glance at….

Benefits of Choosing White-Label Crypto Payment Gateway Software

As an enthusiastic startup, you may be in a dilemma in choosing a White-label crypto payment gateway. That’s not a big deal. By analyzing the business perks, you may have a clear idea.

Time & Energy Efficient – The first thing to focus on for launching a crypto project is time management. As the White-label software is completely developed, you can just test and deploy it. Are you eager to know the deployment time? Within 7 to 15 days, you can launch them instantly. This will also save you energy.

Wide range of Revenue Streams – The crypto payment gateway will be a worthy business idea as this offers you various earning streams. You can make money from charging fees for every transaction and fixed charges for specific cryptocurrencies. With a minimal investment, you can reap huge profits.

Can be customized – Even though the white-label software is completely developed, it can also be customized as per your business needs. You can integrate any of the needed features, functionalities, and security factors.

Essential Need Leads to Global Outreach – As a crypto payment gateway is an essential need for secure crypto transactions, the market won’t fade. While the need and demand are constant, people would search for an ideal crypto payment gateway. Hence, through this, you can obtain global investors for your business.

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These are the business advantages of acquiring a white-label crypto payment gateway software. We people at Coinsclone offer you the best white-label solution for your crypto business. But, here you may ask us….

Why is Coinsclone Unique?

Our developer team at Coinsclone have delivered almost 90+ crypto projects to our client satisfaction. This is a live proof of our expertise and experience in the crypto field. Our premium White-label Crypto payment gateway comes with high-end security features, functionalities, an attractive dashboard and a technology stack. In addition to these, you can also optimize the white-label software as per your business choice. 

Compared with other companies, Coinsclone has been a well-established and leading crypto Payment Gateway development company for the past 6 years. So, without any oscillation, choose our expert team for launching your payment gateway. Apart from these, we are also offering crypto token creation services, crypto exchange and NFT development services. Even after the completion of the crypto project, our expert team provides you with the required assistance and support. Then, why wait? Call our team and grab a live demo!!

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