Changelly clone script to Start your own crypto exchange

Changelly Clone Script updated

In the volatile digital era, crypto exchange development has become an effective business idea to reap huge profits. Among various business models, Changelly is one of the best exchange models. Changelly clone script is the smart solution for commencing the crypto exchange similar to Changelly. The Changelly clone script is an easy-to-go solution if you want to build your crypto exchange with enriched features and security protocols. 

With this clone script, you can launch your exchange platform instantly then for sure Changelly clone script would be the perfect option. Many may already be aware of this clone script but some may not. If you are unaware of this Changelly clone script and need to know everything about it, then you have landed in the right place.

This article covers all you need to know about the Changelly clone script with its features, benefits, workflow, and more. Before getting to know about this software, let us first see..

What is Changelly Clone Script ?

Changelly clone script is a pre-fabricated and bug-free software that replicates the features, architecture, and functionalities of the Changelly exchange. This clone script will let you start your crypto exchange platform that looks 100% similar to Changelly within a week or 2. Additionally, this clone script comes with lots of customizable options so you can optimize the exchange platform right from the theme of the exchange to back-end core functionality. That’s why the Changelly clone script is deemed a modern solution to start your own crypto exchange business. It is not only a modern solution but also an instant solution.

You can acquire the premium white-label Changelly clone script from the top-notch script provider – Coinsclone. We Coinsclone – a reputed crypto exchange clone script provider offers you the first-class Changelly clone script with progressive features at a moderate cost. Our bug-free Changelly clone software is entirely designed by experts, developed, multi-tested by quality analysts, and ready for deployment. The script we offer will be 100% error-free, protected by advanced security protocols, highly responsive, and supports all the popular crypto assets.

Why should you start an exchange platform like Changelly?

Changelly is a well-established and one of the leading crypto trading platforms in the global crypto marketplace. It was first founded by Konstantin Gladych in 2013 and its headquarters was located in Prague, Czech Republic. This platform comes under the user-to-admin crypto exchange type aka OTC trading. Changelly allows crypto enthusiasts to buy and sell more than 130+ crypto assets and they officially started to allow crypto trades in 2015.

Changelly has more than 2 million active monthly desktop users and 500k active mobile users. This is due to its instant buy/sell trading functionality & attractive user-friendly interface. Here users can exchange any virtual crypto asset quickly and securely in a hassle-free manner. Besides, Changelly accepts 50+ fiat currencies including USD and EUR. This platform earned the best name with its instant crypto transactions as it has high liquidity.

In this platform, users can use their credit/debit cards to buy crypto assets directly without any risk. Therefore, users can also make payments with ease. Trading fees in Changelly are low which attracted many traders to use this platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Considering all these facts, starting an exchange like Changelly is a smart option to begin your business journey.

Changelly Clone Script

Now let us dive into…

Workflow of Changelly Clone Script

Our feature-packed Changelly clone script works the same as the existing exchange platform – Changelly. As we already said, Changelly is the user to admin type exchange. So it operates similarly to that type. For your understanding, here is the exact working process of the Changelly clone software.

  1. First, the user has to create the account by using the Gmail id. Then, the account activation link will be sent to the user’s registered mail.
  2. The user needs to click on that link and enter the captcha for completing the registration process.
  3. After the registration process, the user is free to sign in to the account.
  4. The user needs to provide all the necessary details and a few government-authorized documents like driving licenses, passports, etc for KYC verification.
  5. After approval from your end, the user will have access to trade all cryptocurrencies which are available in the exchange.
  6. If the user wants to trade any crypto, then he/she has to deposit a specific amount of fiat currencies in the account. Besides, they also need to link their bank account or credit/debit card. This will help the users to buy cryptos directly from the admin or sell directly to the admin easily based on market trends.
  7. Your users choose any trading pair for trading. Also, your users can choose any fiat currencies and trade accordingly in crypto coins.
  8. Once the trade is completed, the cryptos will be instantly transferred to the user’s crypto wallet.

For every crypto transaction, as the admin of the exchange, you can collect a certain percentage of money as a commission fee which is a significant revenue stream to generate massive profits quickly. This is how the best Changelly clone software works in real time.

Read our blog to understand the legal considerations of clone script usage

Pros of using our Changelly Clone Software

  1. As you know, it is ready-to-launch software so you can start your crypto exchange like Changelly within a few days.
  2. It is cost-effective so you can save your hard-earned money.
  3. This clone script comes with an advanced admin console with commission settings. So, you can set a trading fee structure as per your wish and generate a high ROI in a short period.
  4. It is immensely scalable.
  5. You can optimize the exchange in a hassle-free way. This means that you can personalize the theme, visuals, trading attributes, plug-ins, and other add-on modules as per your business necessity.
  6. You can start your crypto exchange website and a crypto trading app instantly by using the premium Changelly clone script.
  7. The script we offer supports all the major cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Cardano, Solona, Dogecoin, bitcoin cash, and more.
  8. You can quickly enter the crypto market and enhance your brand visibility with ease.
  9. Comes with pre-loaded technical features and holds all the high-end security mechanisms to boost the crypto trading experience.
  10. There is no need for a separate technical team as the entire customer and technical support is provided by the script provider.

You can yield all these above-listed perks by getting a premium Changelly clone script from the Coinsclone.

Changelly Clone Script

Elite Features of our Changelly Clone Script

The trading features you enable in the script will determine the success of your exchange project. This is because features play a significant role when it comes to the cryptocurrency exchange business. Here we list some of the exclusive features that you get in our Changelly clone script.

  1. Instantly buy and sell
  2. Easily send and receive
  3. Intuitive user interface
  4. Use panel
  5. Powerful admin panel
  6. Crypto wallet integration
  7. Crypto staking
  8. Convert crypto instantly
  9. KYC/AML solution
  10. Multiple payment modes
  11. Admin profit management
  12. Device management
  13. Support system
  14. Content management system
  15. IP restriction
  16. Referral system

Apart from these trading features, we also give top priority to security modules. As we know cyberattacks and malware activities are increasing day by day so focusing on the implementation of cutting-edge security systems is more important right now. Here is the list of security features that we use in our Changelly clone script to safeguard the platform from cyberbullying and other security threats.

  1. HTTP authentication
  2. Two-factor authentication
  3. Private key cryptography
  4. SSL encryption
  5. Anti-phishing software
  6. Lock registry
  7. SQL injection prevention
  8. Anti-DDOS security
  9. Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection
  10. Server-Site Request Forgery(SSRF) protection

These trading features and security mechanisms are in-built into the Changelly clone script. You can also enable additional features as per your business concepts if you need them.

Why Choose Coinsclone to Start your own Crypto Exchange?

Coinsclone is a trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange script provider in the blockchain industry. Being an early bird in the crypto space, we are masters in offering all sorts of crypto exchange clone scripts, NFT marketplace clone scripts, and DeFi exchange clone scripts with first-class outcomes. Coinsclone offers the ultra-modern Changelly clone script with all the required technical features to operate a crypto exchange successfully in the long run. We have a team of trained and well-experienced cryptocurrency exchange developers for crafting the crypto exchange as per the clientele’s needs. Our skilled developers are specialized in developing all types of exchanges as per the market standard with the latest technologies.

If you are an entrepreneur and planning to start your own crypto exchange at a moderate cost, then selecting Coinsclone will be the finest solution for your business.

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