How to develop a white label digital asset exchange Software?

Digital Asset Exchange Software

The world has trillions of assets for digitization. Digitization of assets and securities is the technological innovation happened in recent years. Every trader is looking for a platform where they could make instant transactions. So, designing an exchange which could handle millions of transactions per second, is the ultimate goal of enterprises.  

Apart from these, people are basically hooked up with a dozen of digital sources in their hands! Some companies go a step ahead and trade these sources with cryptocurrencies!

How come this possible?

Yes, one such exchange which makes this idea feasible is the white label digital asset exchange! Wondering what it will be? Go ahead!

What is a white label digital asset exchange?

White Label digital asset exchange platform is an end-to-end solution which enables crypto startups to launch their own digital asset exchange or support an existing brokerage business. 

The total market of digital assets is being valued to be $187 billion with a daily volume of $10 billion per day.  

Digital Asset Exchange is the platform by which digital assets are being traded using crypto and fiat currencies. There is a great demand to buy, sell and trade digitized assets such as bitcoins. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency has experienced a recent price surge in the last month. So, it is worth to go with digital asset exchange platform for your business.

The success of the DAX Exchange lies in three main features

  • Provides the trader with a stable, high-performance and intuitive platform which meets the needs of the investors.
  • Acquires and retaining the customers and maximizes their use of the platform.
  • Cut downs technology and operational costs.

How does a White Label digital asset exchange work?

The technology behind this exchange is undoubtedly the Blockchain. Blockchain, the most powerful tool secures the data, entities, and helps to make instant transactions.

For instance, Consider you are a company having a digital asset in the form of a digital document. You can initiate your business by trading them with various cryptocurrencies! The Blockchain mechanism behind makes this exchange feasible.

The main objective of the Blockchain Technology is the Decentralization approach. With Decentralization, the user will have complete control of his/her transactions. This means that there will be no third-party in the middle!

Transactions which are happening on DAX exchange are being performed as peer-to-peer transactions. Trading at decentralized exchanges can preserve the ownership of tokens. Added, one can have control of private keys. So, trading on a Decentralized Digital Asset Exchange Software will bring in secure transactions.

How to develop a White Label digital asset exchange?

Getting into the main scenario, to launch an exchange, you should remember a couple of things:

  • Rendering a secure and scalable technology.
  • Rendering customer support.

Make sure you do both of these!

So, now have decided to launch the exchange.

Decide whether

  • you are going to build your own platform or
  • partner with a solution provider to provide digital asset exchange platform.

If you are going to build your own White Label Crypto Exchange Platform, you should have in-depth knowledge of the domain. However, the downside is, it may take additional time and high upfront cost. While building the exchange platform, make sure you integrate with third-party API’s, wallet providers, banks, etc.

On the flip side, if you have chosen a solution provider to create a DAX exchange you can provide your suggestions on bringing in a fantastic UI.  The initial cost and maintenance charges will be low and time will also be reduced. Ensure your digital asset exchange development company comes up with a platform which:

  • Provides flexibility
  • UI Customization
  • Back-end architecture, etc.

Starting up

Either you or your solution partner will be responsible for designing, building, testing, maintaining the complete exchange platform. So make sure your exchange architecture should:

  • Allow investors to interact with the marketplace.
  • Connect your exchange with order flows from other venues.
  • Securely manage the inflows and outflows of orders and assets.

The major two categories in development are:

  • Front-End
  • Back-End

When it comes to front-end, a simple yet attractive user interface is important. Back-End remains to be the complex part of the exchange. It should have components which include:

  • Trade Engine.
  • Asset Management.
  • Risk Management.
  • Integrations.

Ensure your exchange solution is being designed to follow future and current regulations. Once you verify all the above-stated checklist, you can get ready to launch your dax exchange.

What are the benefits of digital asset exchange platform?

As we all know, there are huge benefits associated with Digital Asset Exchange:

High-End Security

A digital asset exchange software supports security protocols and safeguards customer data.

Supports Multicurrency

You are not just restricted trading with limited cryptocurrencies. By using the best digital asset exchange, you are free to trade multiple currencies.

Intuitive UI/UX

A user-friendly interface which could handle multiple transactions is all needed. Moreover, this platform provides real-time trading and you would probably love them.


Risk Management is the potential advantage of any software. The digital asset exchange software checks for the errors if any. It supports two-factor authentication, know your customers to manage the risks.

Enhanced Liquidity

The Cryptocurrency Exchange Software provides liquidity for digital assets. This could lower the costs of trading and provide less volatility.

How Coinsclone can provide you with the best digital asset exchange?

We at Coinsclone, have rendered exchange platforms that remain fully-featured and scalable. Our desired expertise have made all our business solutions versatile. Our White Label digital asset exchange provides you with unlimited trade assets. This includes both fiat currencies and digital assets. Our adequate trading volume will attract new clients globally to get started with the exchange platform.

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