White Label App Development Utility in the Crypto Space

White Label App Development

The evolution of phones is a fascinating subject in the human chapter. It started with telephones and landlines, then came cordless phones, car phones, satellite phones, mobile phones, and finally, we have smartphones. Smartphones have changed everything. Smartphones have become a one-in-all device, for entertainment, sport, games, banking, and crypto, all at our fingertips, all the time. And this is more than just a utility; it has become an art form.

With an ever growing demand for mobile apps, white label app development looks; more and more appealing. 

What is a White label App Development?

White label products or services are unbranded products sold by retailers to start-ups and large institutions. These products are often blank with a rudimentary visual format and ready to be rebranded. Organizations buy these products, so they can brand them with their logo and design and retrofit them as their unique product.

Recently, there has been a surging demand for white label app development services. Why? The answer is simple; there is an overwhelming demand for new apps from our youth. And white label app development is the easiest way to build new apps.

What are the Benefits of White label App Development?

Benefits of White label App Development

White label app development is inherently a better option for businesses for several reasons. Let me list out a few points to illustrate the big picture.

  • Low Investment
  • Customization
  • Easier Marketing
  • Upgrade & Maintenance
  • Brand Image
  • Robust Software

Low Investment 

Building an app or a browser extension is not an easy task. It takes time. Any firm needs a group of programmers, designers, UI developers, and subject-matter experts to develop an app. It can easily take six months, which includes salaries and other bills. That’s around $100K spent on app development. On the other hand, a white label product will only cost a buyer, on average just one-tenth of the development cost, that’s around $10K. 

Comparatively speaking, spending ten grand on a white label app is a much better option than spending one hundred thousand dollars and six months building a brand-new one.


White label products often go hand in hand with customization. The software or app is a finished product but left blank that it needs a bit of UI design and perhaps a template. Companies that purchase the app can use UI designers to rebrand it themselves or have the software providers rebrand it before purchase. 

Either way, customization in an app is a helpful feature in the long run, especially for modifications over the years. 

Easier Marketing 

All marketing campaigns has a press release, an announcement on social media, and a flexible launch date. However, this is usually around when the app is almost complete. When it comes to white label apps, the product is almost instantly ready, companies do not have to wait, and they do not have to suffer adjusting to bugs. And this automatically makes for a better marketing schedule. 

First impressions tend to last; if a marketing campaign cannot deliver on time, new companies lose face in the market and among new users. Using a white label app will help build credibility. A white label app has many such marketing benefits. 

Upgrade & Maintenance 

For developers, this feature is such a boon. As white label products; are designed for customization, maintenance and upgrades are not a nightmare. Developers would not need to shut down the site for hours to patch a bug or release a newer version. Both front-end designers and back-end developers have less stress when running a test. Not to mention, it costs less time and money for each upgrade and maintenance run. And this is a unique but favorable side-effect for white label products.

Brand Image

The brand image is often an overlooked side of things in the developmental phase. When developing a platform, a brand image depends on resources and deadlines. And both are easier to maintain with white label app development. As the products are low maintenance and modifiable, deadlines are easier to keep. And as it needs fewer resources as well, which is a good thing for any company in the long run. 

Marketing trust to a user base is an art form. It takes constant work, but more than that, the company needs to deliver perfect results every time. And this is a manageable feat with white label apps.

Robust Software 

White label apps are developed for flexibility and performance. They might have common scalability and integration problems, but they are built to withstand massive user traffic and perform under stress. Robust software has some benefits. In terms of security, they are effective against DDoS attacks and are key encrypted for the buyer’s use. 

Where are White label Apps used?

These days white label software and apps are used in every field, from medicine to the fast food industry, supply chains to crypto, and from banking to Fintech; these products are widespread. 

Where are Whitelabel Apps used

We will look at a few examples of industries that extensively use white label products.

  • Supply Chain
  • Fintech
  • Cryptocurrency

Supply chains are mighty important for our modern world. With companies like Amazon and eBay now having a monopoly on the market, supply chains are imperative. And this is where white label apps will help users and businesses connect with the market.

Fintech is a quickly growing field among consumers. Stock market apps, digital wallets, and banking apps are all widely adopted and in demand. A white label app is perfect to step into such a lucrative market.

Crypto trading apps are a no-brainer. They are widespread in the market, and tons of new ones are popping up. Like Fintech, Crypto is a flourishing sector, and users are adopting it. So among these, the crypto industry is the best option that you can choose for white label app development.

White label App Development in Crypto Industry

In the crypto field, many subsectors are popular. And white label apps are used in every single one of them. Let us review them for a better idea. 

White label App Development in Crypto Industry

  • Crypto Exchange App
  • NFT Marketplace App
  •  Crypto Payment Gateway App
  • Crypto Wallet App

Entrepreneurs interested in starting a crypto business can use these ready-made software solutions and apps to kickstart a thriving business. 

White Label Crypto Exchange App 

A crypto trading app is the most used means for crypto utility in the market today. And there is an overwhelming demand for cryptocurrency trading apps among crypto users. A white label crypto trading app is just the thing for ambitious business minds to get started. Apps of popular exchanges like Binance and Coinbase are easy to replicate with a white label solution.

White Label NFT Marketplace App 

NFT is a revolutionary milestone in the crypto space, and the NFT marketplace is the perfect avenue for new entrepreneurs with a goal. NFT marketplace apps come under the category of Dapps. And white label app development for NFT-based Dapps is the hot new thing.

White Label Crypto Payment Gateway App 

Crypto payment gateways are direct portals where users can buy crypto with fiat via various payment options. White label app development for crypto payment gateways allows companies to develop mobile-friendly platforms like Bitpay or Coinpayments.

White Label Crypto Wallet App 

Digital wallets are an extension of the crypto space, born out of necessity to fulfill its utility. Crypto wallet apps are in the hands of all crypto users to store, stake, and trade crypto. These are one of the most used crypto apps in the space. And white label app development is easily the best way to start a crypto wallet business, like Trust Wallet, Gemini, or Coinbase wallet. 

As you can see, there are many use cases for white label mobile app development, but we have yet to see where to acquire them.

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