10 Best Secured Crypto payment gateways in 2022 that you should know!

Top 10 Crypto Payment gatway

If you are searching to know about the top crypto payment gateways in 2022. Then it is the right place to find it out. In this digital era, there are lots of cutting-edge technologies out there. Many people depend on advanced technologies only because it provides regular updates. It makes things simple and easy, even complicated things right?. In that manner, digital finance and cryptocurrencies have resolved many issues when we face during financial transactions.

While talking about cryptocurrencies, the first invented crypto is bitcoin. This crypto has made a terrific boom in the marketplace. After the huge success of bitcoin, many altcoins are launched in the crypto market. So many people started to use cryptocurrencies. You can buy and sell bitcoins and other altcoins through crypto trading platforms.

Normally, in a crypto trading platform, you need to deposit the fiat and trade cryptocurrencies. Here you can deposit the amount either through debit/credit card or any other online payment transactions. What if the payment gateway is crypto-enabled? It is amazing, right?.

In this blog, let us discuss what is a crypto payment gateway. Also, the top 10 crypto payment gateways in 2022.

What is a Crypto payment gateway? 

Crypto payment gateways work the same as the normal payment gateways. Such as skrill, PayPal, and much more. It is the payment network that permits easy and secure transactions of cryptocurrencies. Not only makes easier transactions but also accelerates the speed of crypto transactions. Crypto payment gateways support all virtual cryptocurrencies. Such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, ripple, bitcoin cash, EOS, and other cryptos.

Crypto payment gateways allow immediate transaction of bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies. It is integrated with other special software tools and it takes the full process of crypto coins transactions into the wallet of users in the crypto exchange. It is mostly used in crypto trading platforms and crypto trading mobile applications.

As we can see the increased usage of cryptocurrencies in all parts of the world. This insisted many companies accept digital currencies as their payments. So many startups started to adapt crypto payment gateway development for their business. Also, using blockchain in crypto payment gateway development means a lot for many businesses. Because It brings more trust and efficiency among various networks. I hope you have some ideas about crypto payment gateways. Now, let us see the best 10 crypto payment gateways in 2022.

List of 10 best crypto payment gateways in 2022


Coin payment is one of the top crypto payment gateways in the market. This payment gateway is mostly for merchants. It allows users to pay in a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Such as bitcoin, ripple, litecoin, and more. The merchants who are using gateway are charged 0.50% as a transaction fee for commercial purposes. Also, integrating API’s will get charged from the payments.

coin payment(Image source: CoinPayments)

The merchants who are using CoinPayments need to get their API by registering on the website. Then they need to integrate the API with their website. So it provides a convenient way to accept crypto payments through Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It contains a multi-crypto wallet that safely stores all your cryptocurrencies. Also, accepts more than 450 virtual cryptocurrencies. It helps you to convert from one currency to another. For example, from Bitcoin to Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash. But it ends with the Coin tax with conversion partner fees.

An exciting feature of CoinPayments is the airdrop of its own CPS crypto coin. It allows all users to benefit by having a 50% discount on some parameters. Such as hosting fees, transaction fees, and rebates on online withdrawal fees. This payment gateway has its mobile version of the application for both android and IOS. so it helps the users to accept payments easily from anywhere at any time. Also, it helps to convert them automatically into their desired currency by reducing the time and fees for money transfer. If you want to develop a crypto payment gateway like CoinPayments. Then choosing the best crypto payment gateway service provider in the market will be the best option.

  • Allows to accept 1200+ cryptocurrencies for 0.5%
  • Airdrops of new crypto coins and tokens
  • Supports GAP600 to perform instant crypto payments
  • Provides plugins for all the popular web carts
  • Auto coin conversion
  • Multi coin wallet


Coingate is a user-friendly mobile application to monitor cryptocurrency payments from their mobile. It supports more than 40+ virtual cryptocurrencies. Such as bitcoin, bitcoin cash, dash, ripple, ethereum, and more. The transaction of BTC to USD and EUROS will be in a quick manner. Not only BTC but also accepts the payment in altcoins. Also, you can convert into bitcoin.

coin gate(image source: CoinGate)

CoinGate payment gateway provides many solutions for various business requirements. Such as plugins for E-commerce, payment clicks for different platforms like Android, IOS, and web. Coingate helps merchants, startups, and others to deal with crypto payments and other transactions. But this crypto payment gateway charges 1% transaction fees. But you need to note one thing that the transaction will be processed for more than one hour.

  • Shape swift integration that supports various cryptocurrencies
  • Plugins for E-commerce platforms
  • Multi-user facility
  • Real-time integration with e-commerce
  • POS applications for multiple platforms like Android, IOS, and windows.


Bitbay was a US-based crypto payment processor and it was in existence since 2011. Bitpay is also considered as one of the best and simple payment gateway processors in the market. It is also an open-source crypto wallet that allows you to do crypto transactions globally with high-end security. Bitpay is an effective crypto payment gateway that accepts multiple crypto coins. Also, provides you to convert your BTC into USD by allowing immediate withdrawals. It is one of the fast and flexible crypto payment gateways for both the mobile and the web.


(Image source: bitpay)

This crypto payment gateway will be useful for many businesses. Such as retail shops, restaurants, for billing, and accepting donations from different parties using crypto. This payment gateway runs on blockchain technology. So it does not require any personal details. Such as debit/credit card details for transactions. It features two-factor authentication for a secure transaction. Hence the dealings and transactions are done securely. It provides a faster withdrawal within the desired time that we are comfortable with. This payment gateway charges 1% of transaction fees.

  • Open-source plugins for e-commerce platforms
  • Permits bank deposits across 38 countries
  • Multi-lingual
  • Multilingual and Supports more than 40+ languages 
  • Compatible with all cryptocurrency wallets
  • Multi-user facility
  • Two-factor authentication for protecting user’s funds.
  • Transaction notification through both the email and messages
  • Simple and user-friendly interface

Shopify Gateway 

Shopify is one of the trusted payment gateway used for the transaction of cryptocurrencies. It is a highly reliable payment gateway that we have in the crypto market today. They have a marvelous customer support team and it is very easy to set up. It allows the integration with the coinbase and other payment gateways that make the transaction process easy and transparent.

shopify(Image source: Shopify Gateway)

The users should register in Shopify to start an account and then only they can access the payment gateway. It has a user-friendly interface so that it can grab more customers worldwide. This crypto payment gateway provides a secure transaction. Also, accepts crypto payment from anywhere at any time.

  • Low transaction fees
  • Fast and hassle-free transfer of payments
  • No PCI compliance is required
  • You can use Shopify gateway in tabs, Pc’s, and mobiles


GoUrl.io is a great option if your business does not have any bank account. GoUrl.io refers to global coin payments. This payment gateway supports all the crypto wallets and bitcoin debit cards that are offered by the bitpay. It also provides a high level of anonymity which is mostly required by crypto users.

GoUrl.io           (Image source: GoUrl.io)

GoUrl.io includes a WordPress plugin and that is the first-class plugin we use today. So it attracts many users for this payment gateway processor. The payment transactions will be completed within 30 seconds. But they do not support direct bank transfers. Also, their transaction fees are higher compared to other crypto payment gateways.

  • A crypto wallet is 100% free
  • Earn through site registration
  • You can earn through the participation of affiliated programs
  • No need of linking id or bank account 

Coinbase Commerce 

As we know Coinbase is one of the popular crypto trading platforms for trading cryptocurrencies. This exchange has a vast number of active crypto users. They have all the high-end security systems. So it will be a secured platform for cryptocurrency payments.

coinbase commerce(Image source: coinbase commerce)

Coinbase acts as both the crypto exchange and a crypto payment gateway. Coinbase has a merchant application to accept bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment. So that you can convert into your traditional fiat currencies within a minute. Coinbase payment gateway is available only in some countries. So you need to analyze before choosing the coinbase as your crypto payment gateway.

  • No transaction fees 
  • Integrated with API.
  • Email invoice to request payments
  • Instant trading and crypto payments

ALFA coins 

Alfa coin is one of the trusted payment processors for the cryptocurrency. This payment processor supports popular cryptocurrencies. Such as ethereum, litecoin, ripple, and more. This crypto payment gateway processor can be mostly used in all countries except Iran and North Korea. The transaction fee is about 0.99%. ALFA coins don’t charge extra fees for installing a cryptocurrency payment processor. Also, the subscription is completely free. Here you can withdraw in USD or EUR.

Alfhacoins(Image source: Alfa coins)

  • Supports multiple cryptocurrencies. Such as bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ripple, and more.
  • Easy payments and transfer of funds
  • Earn money through their additional service
  • You can exchange crypto into USD and EUR


Coinsbank is a user-friendly cryptocurrency payment gateway with a great reputation in the crypto industry. It supports major fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, and GBP. This payment gateway will synchronize with your debit/credit cards. so that you can make crypto payments within a minute. It supports both the android and IOS platforms.

coinsbank(Image source: coinsbank)

  • Supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Quick deposit and withdraw options
  • Two-factor authentication system to secure your wallet
  • Easy trade of funds as per the market price


TripleA crypto payment gateway provides a quick setup. It is also a kind of user-friendly payment gateway. Here you can choose to use their WooCommerce plugin for your WordPress website. Else, you can use their open-source API for custom integration. Crypto payments go directly from the user’s wallet to the merchant’s wallet. TripleA also permits fiat currency withdrawals with only a 0.8% transaction fee.

tripleA(Image source: tripleA)

  • The fiat transaction fee is only 0.8%
  • Easy setup
  • Email notification for each transaction
  • Woocommerce plugin for custom integration


Spicepay is one of the ideal crypto payment gateways that allow you to accept and trade cryptos. Also, it helps you to store cryptocurrencies securely in your wallet. Here you can exchange your cryptocurrencies to USD, EUR, or GAD. You can integrate this crypto payment gateway to your website. In this payment gateway processor, there will be no fraudulent activities or chargebacks.

spicepay(Image source: SpicePay)

  • Secure and instant crypto payment
  • Withdraw funds through wire transfer. Such as PayPal or SEPA 
  • You can save up to 2% on every transaction

Final words 

These are the best crypto payment gateways in 2022. Here I just mentioned a few cryptocurrency payment gateways. But there are many crypto payment processors outside. I hope this blog will help you to choose the best payment gateways for the instant cryptocurrency transaction. If you want to develop a unique crypto payment gateway for your business. Then you need to choose the top-notch crypto payment gateway solution provider in the market. Because by choosing such a provider will help you to get the best crypto payment gateway development for your business.