SafeMoon Clone Script: Building Your Path to DeFi Innovation

safemoon clone script

Over the past years, cryptocurrency and crypto-based platform development have been booming again as the crypto market is booming. Among the popular crypto-business ideas, most startups are choosing Decentralized exchanges like Safemoon as they can generate enormous revenue and involve various advantages. You can execute speedy and anonymous transactions in DeFi exchanges.

Numerous decentralized exchanges are prevailing in the crypto market. Out of that, which is the best will be a question in your mind. There comes the ideal solution, the Safemoon DEX platform. You can create a DeFi exchange same as Safemoon to reap more profits. It also helps the investors with the swapping and bridging of tokens. Thus, to help startups with easy development, we offer a top-notch Safemoon clone script. 

In this blog, we will cover everything about the Safemoon clone script, its benefits, features, cost, etc. First, we shall initiate this blog with…

What is Safemoon Clone Script?

Safemoon Clone Script is a pre-made and multi-tested DeFi Token that holds all the features, plugins, and functionalities of the Safemoon platform. In other words, it is a replica of the Safemoon exchange that helps launch your Decentralized exchange in a hassle-free way. The Safemoon exchange platform was created on the BNB chain so it includes various security protocols.

It allows users to swap BEP20 tokens of the BNB chain and exchange pairs with the negation of an order book. Safemoon platform stands out from all the DEX platforms in the crypto market because of its exemplary features and trustworthiness among crypto enthusiasts. Besides, the BNB chain-based platform allows users to complete transactions in a few seconds at a low transactional fee. The swap and bridge functionalities of Safemoon are the most inspiring features that attract many users to the platform. Considering the mass user base, startups kick off with developing a DEX like Safemoon.

If you are also one among them, then don’t think of the second choice, pick the Safemoon Clone software for sure. You can make any customizations in our Safemoon clone software that suits your business requirements. Before developing an exchange like Safemoon, you should prepare with the pre-requirements like design, blockchain, technology, etc. It helps you make customization in the Safemoon clone software with ease. By this time, many startups are confused, “Why should they choose a clone script rather than developing from the start?” The reasons are as below.

safemoon clone script

What are the Benefits of Using Safemoon Clone Script?

You can harvest numerous benefits by adopting our Safemoon clone software. Those are as follows.

Faster Deployment

When you use a clone script, you can start a Decentralized exchange platform instantly. As you already have ready-to-launch software, creating your exchange will take no time. As a startup, this Safemoon clone script will be helpful for the quick launch of your crypto exchange business.


Decentralized exchange development cost is the core factor that most startups fear. The exchange creation cost will be higher if it is developed from scratch. Thankfully, our clone script is an affordable tool and saves more money. Thus, it is very helpful for budding entrepreneurs for quick business initiation. 


You will get your Safemoon clone software only from a top clone script provider like Coinsclone. Hence, you do not have to worry about the reliability. Our seasoned developers have created the clone script only after keenly analyzing and knowing the features of the actual Safemoon exchange platform.

No Need for Technical Expertise

Before diving into any process, you should at least have an idea of it. This is not the case when you deal with Coinsclone. Our developers will gather your requirements and keep updating you with every process they proceed. You need not possess any technical idea regarding decentralized exchange development like Safemoon.

Creates a Brand

If you create a Decentralized exchange like Safemoon with your new innovative and unique features, it will stand beyond the other decentralized exchanges. Additionally, if you develop your DeFi exchange with our Safemoon clone script, it will be more beneficial. Rather, various benefits come with adopting our clone script. Those are as follows.

Exclusive Features You Get with Our Safemoon Clone Script

Features play a major role in attracting users to a platform. Here are the outstanding features of our Safemoon clone script.

Decentralized Architecture

Like the Safemoon DEX, a Safemoon DEX clone relies on the BNB chain, and its decentralized working mechanism ensures it offers complete control for the users over their funds and the transactions executed on the blockchain.


An Automated Market Maker (AMM) is a decentralized finance protocol that executes a mathematical algorithm for trading cryptos. Instead of following the traditional order book mechanism and central limit orders for trading, AMMs rely on liquidity pools to fix the price. 

Crypto Liquidity Pools

Crypto liquidity pools are a unique function of DeFi exchanges that allows users to pool their cryptos parallelly increasing the token’s liquidity. With this feature, the AMM will decide the price of the tokens based on their volatility and liquidity.

User-Friendly Interface

A Safemoon DEX clone tends to be user-friendly, with a rich and simple UI/UX intuitive interface that attracts the users for your exchange more than the other DeFi exchanges.

Token Swapping

The token swap is a special feature of the Safemoon exchange. It is the process of interchanging one crypto token with another easily. Price of the exchanging tokens will be automatically converted thus it offers a user-friendly experience.

Token Bridging

This feature is an exemplary feature of Safemoon. Here, the tokens from one blockchain will be compatible with other blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, etc.

Multiple Crypto support 

A Safemoon clone software supports the most popular crypto tokens that help users with easy trading in one spot. Also, our script supports all worldwide languages by omitting language barriers.

Instant Crypto Transactions

There are no intermediaries or third men while you are executing transactions. Hence, an instant transaction can be made in the decentralized exchange without hassles.

These are the core features of the Safemoon clone software. Apart from these, here are the additional features you can get by leveraging our clone script.

  • Connect wallet 
  • Multi-lingual assistance 
  • Syrup pools 
  • Multi-chain support 
  • Effective admin panel 
  • Advanced user dashboard 
  • Rebalancing of pool ratios 
  • Community revenue sharing 
  • API Documentation 
  • Crypto staking and more

All these outstanding features will come along with our Safemoon clone script. Although the benefits and features of the clone script are known, entrepreneurs are curious to know its cost. No worries! Here are the following.

What is the Cost of Safemoon Clone Script?

The average cost to buy a premium Safemoon clone software will range from $10,000 to $20,000. It is not the exact cost as it might differ depending upon various factors like the project’s complexity, features, customization, U1/UX design, add-on modules, tech stack chosen, etc. With lower investment, you can reap immense profits from various revenue-generating streams using our Safemoon clone software. You can yield revenue through swap fees, token listing fees, bridging fees, etc.

How do you get started with Safemoon Clone Script?

Lots of decentralized exchange script providers are prevailing in the crypto market. However, not all of them are experts. There might be some amateurs among them. Decide wisely when you’re choosing the Safemoon clone software provider. To avoid those hassles, you can get the clone software from a renowned Safemoon clone script provider- Coinsclone. Now, a question might arise in your mind: What makes Coinsclone outstanding? The answer is the following.

Why Choose Coinsclone for Building a DEX Future with Our Safemoon Clone Script?

Coinsclone is an outstanding Decentralized exchange development company that offers Safemoon clone scripts with all the premium features necessary for launching a decentralized exchange like Safemoon. We have six-plus years of experience in providing clone scripts of all popular crypto exchanges. As a startup, you can customize any desired features and functionalities in your DEX development. The exemplary feature of our clone script is cost-effectiveness. However, a budding entrepreneur can launch their DeFi exchange with our clone script.

Not only with crypto exchange development, we also offer clone scripts of popular NFT marketplaces. We also excel in crypto payment gateway development, crypto crowdfunding platform development like ICO, STO, etc., crypto token development, and all other crypto-related services. A startup can generate enormous profits by developing the DeFi exchange with our Safemoon clone script. Thus, initiate your exchange development like Safemoon with Coinsclone and catch your business dream soon!