How to create a Security Token Exchange?

Security Token Exchange

Nowadays raising funds for the projects and ideas have been a crucial task. This takes an additional value when it comes to Blockchain projects. Being an investor, you would have heard of Initial Coin Offerings. This was the most popular fundraising strategy which raised a good amount of profits. Since there were scams in the ICOs, investors were moving towards Security Tokens for their business. 

What is a Security Token Exchange?

Unlike ICO Tokens, a Security Token is a one in which an investor is issued with a crypto coin or token which represents investment assets such as stocks, bonds, funds, real-estates, etc. A Security Token should primarily satisfy the respective security laws to get regulated. Once they are qualified, Security Tokens can be initiated for a token sale.

You would have probably known about Cryptocurrency Exchanges where the investor can buy or sell the cryptocurrencies. Similar to them, a Security Token Exchange is a trading platform where users can trade Security Tokens. They provide a higher amount of access to tokens and liquidity.

Nowadays, more and more Security Token exchanges have come into existence. Some of the Blockchain Exchange for Security Token has started its operation while some are in nascent stages, to begin with.

List of  Security Token Exchange to watch out in 2023

For now, here is the list of Tokenized Securities Exchange which has foot printed into the cryptocurrency industry:

  • Coinbase Security Token Exchange

This is one of the popular Cryptocurrency Exchange which has around 13,300,000  according to November 2017 statistics. For now, Coinbase enables users to trade the security token. This Coinbase Security Token Exchange helps the startups to list your Security Tokens.

  • tZERO Security Token Exchange

tZERO is yet another Security Token Platform in the crypto industry. This Security Token Exchange platform is owned by the same Overstock team. But for now, this Cryptocurrency Exchange only supports tZERO tokens for trading. It has managed to raise around 300 million for their STO. 

  •  Open Finance Security Token Exchange

Open Finance is the US Based decentralized Security Token trading platform.  They have partnered with the largest token issuers, who wish to trade security tokens. This Security Token Exchange is where the tokens are automatically pre-qualified to be listed on the exchange.

Building your own Security Token Exchange

Similar to these popular STO Exchanges, you can also get started with Security Token Exchange Development. You can also be profited as a Trading platform owner by creating a Security Token Exchange with License. 

We at Coinsclone, deliver Security Trading Platform as per client’s customized requirements. Here is the list of features we deliver in the Security Token Exchange:

  • Extremely Secure

We priority Security factor by integrating advanced features like Fingerprint, Face Recognition, etc.

  • Intuitive & User-friendly interface

Our responsive and splendid user interface would invite an ample amount of traders to trade on your platform. This in case promises high liquidity in the Security Token Exchange Platform.

  • Customizable

Our Admin Panel, allows you to customize everything as you wish. Coinsclone’s Security Token Exchange Script assists you with this.

  • Multi-Lingual

Our Security Token Exchange Software supports all popular languages such as Chinese, German, French, etc to deliver high-end and friendly trading for your customer base.

  • Multi-Currency Support

In addition to fiat currencies like Euro, Dollars, our Security Trading platform also supports multiple cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

If you need one such Security Token Exchange developed or have queries on the same, you can contact us right away!

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