How our Centralized Bitcoin Exchange Script Software can invoke laurels to your business?

Centralized Bitcoin Exchange Script

The world is marching towards Cryptocurrency and Bitcoins. Crypto Traders usually give importance to security as a preference. For most of the digital investors, Centralized Exchange Script is one of the vital element for transacting. Centralized cryptocurrency platforms are online platforms used to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

On the flip side, decentralized exchanges are also paving the way for the investors to reap the profits! Though some crypto experts argue Centralized Exchange as a misleading factor, the truth is CCE has a high trading volume which should also be taken into account!

What is the Centralized Exchange Script?

A centralized cryptocurrency exchange is trading platforms which function like traditional brokerage or stock markets. A Centralized Crypto Exchange owned and operated by the company that maintains total control over all transactions. Users of Centralized Exchange do not have access to private keys of their exchange wallet accounts.

This is how CCE has gained trust in the hands of operators, as transactions can be made after the approval of central authority! Most of them interested to start a crypto exchange have opted Centralized Crypto Exchanges. 

The popular Centralized Exchanges are:

  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • LocalBitcoins
  • Bittrex
  • Kraken

Centralized vs Decentralized exchange:

In simple words, a Decentralized Exchange cuts out the middleman which creates a trusted environment. In DEX deals are generally made through smart contracts and atomic swaps since the currency never pass through Escrow service. It remains to be peer to peer service.

The primary difference between them is:

Parameters Centralized Exchange Decentralized Exchange
Trade Volume High Trade Volume. Some Experts argue 99% of trade happens with Centralized Crypto Exchange. Low Trade Volume. This is due to a couple of factors: Tedious to use and limited functionality.
Liquidity High Liquidity. Does not have enough Liquidity.
Popularity Exchange signups and usage are rapidly happening with its user-friendliness. At the moment, Decentralized Exchanges are less popular as they typically lack user interfaces.
Insurance of the accounts User accounts of many Centralized Exchange (CEX) are actually insured. This actually means that you will get back your money if something gets wrong! Decentralized Exchange Software is uninsured.
Direct Fiat currency payments Most of the Exchange Software accept direct bank wire transfers, credits, and debit for fiat currency payments. DCE accepts only cryptocurrencies.

Key Elements of Centralized cryptocurrency exchange script

There are new centralized crypto exchanges which are already available in the market. The key component of success lies in trading volume for any type of exchange.

Generally speaking, the higher is the levels of trading volume the lower will be the volatility and market manipulation! Since the time taken for the transaction to be completed, the price of the token is changed over time to time! The higher the trade volume and faster the transaction can be processed, the less is the fluctuation problem.

Yet another successful cryptocurrency exchange script is the security. While no exchange is completely prone to malicious attacks or hacks some are safer than others.

The way the exchange reacts to this is something such as refunding customer losses, etc.

For investors looking for a Cryptocurrency Exchange Software in the crypto space, with specific to any exchange platform such as Crypto Exchange Binance, the centralized platform can be your prior choice!

When selecting the exchange, it is vital to take a few factors such as user experience, including which pairs are traded, how high trading volume, and security exchange measures adopted to protect their customers.

The major benefits of Centralized Exchanges

There are a plethora of people looking for Binance Exchange, with its packed advantages already. To make it clear, here are a few benefits:

  • Liquidity

The primary advantage of Centralized Exchange is Liquidity. Liquidity is more important for many reasons, one for which it is less susceptible to market manipulation.

  • Fiat to Crypto

Yet another benefit is Centralized exchanges offer deposits of fiat currency. When it comes to Decentralized Exchange, it is not possible. This is an Exchange where you can start your cryptocurrency trading career regardless of exchange platform Binance Exchange Website, etc.

  • Recovery possible

With the centralized exchange, one can recover funds from the exchange if you lose your password. They have enough security procedures that make it possible to recover your account!

  • Storage

Some of the exchange platforms such as bitcoin exchange script are readily available which stores your assets for you. This is basically the important difference between both the exchanges!

Planning to launch Centralized Bitcoin Exchange Script Software?

If your mind is filled with launching the centralized script, you can leverage Coinsclone right away!!

We have delivered pristine solutions to the clients across the globe. Customization is done on the basis of client’s expectations!!

Our high-end features comprise:
  • Admin Panel
  • Know Your Customer System
  • Trade Engine
  • User Wallet
  • Liquidity
  • Escrow System
Add-on Features of our White label Crypto Exchange Software:

Here are the features we integrate into our White label crypto exchange software:

  • Mobile Trading App for Android, iOS
  • Integrated IEO Module
  • Margin Trading
  • Multi-currency pairing
  • Multi-Sig Wallet Integration
  • Liquidity API
  • Atomic Swaps
  • Order Matching Engine
  • Escrow Solutions
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Referral Program
  • Market Orders
  • Trading Bot
  • Admin Console
  • Issuer Console
  • Cryptocurrency Ticker API
  • Rest API
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Advanced CMS
  • Leverage Trading

And much more!

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