Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development – Startup Guide

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

Crypto exchange app development has now become a potential way for many newbie startups and entrepreneurs to generate vast profits. But, the thing is many don’t know about the exact development process of crypto exchange apps. It may be because of a lack of current market trends and clarity. 

Before that, know about what is a cryptocurrency exchange app development. It is nothing but the creation of a trading platform that will be compatible to use in mobile phones. By keeping the user’s convenience, easy accessibility, and other factors many choose to create mobile apps. If you are also thinking in that sense, you are in the right place.  

We are here with this blog to explain the development process with 5 easy steps. Read till the end to get a detailed view of crypto exchange app development. 

Types of Crypto Exchange App Development 

In the wide arena of different types of cryptocurrency exchanges, choose the best for your business. Here we have listed the ideal cryptocurrency exchange software services, 

Centralized Crypto Exchange App Development

Develop an ultra-fast centralized crypto trading platform with a user-friendly interface and eye-opening functionalities. Being an owner of the exchange platform, you can act as an intermediate for every crypto transaction on the trading platform. There are various types of centralized cryptocurrency exchange apps can be developed. Some are, 

Order Book Exchange App Development – The orders book exchange app platform helps your user place the buy and sell order as per the market price. Hence, this platform comes with a live order book system.

Crypto Derivatives Exchange App Development – The crypto derivatives trading platform comes with futures trading, perpetual trading, and options trading. This helps advanced-level users to trade underlying assets. 

Margin Trading Exchange App Development – Users of this platform can trade digital assets with borrowed funds. You can launch a full-fledged margin trading platform that will impress a pool of crypto investors. 

Over-the-counter Trading App Development – Enabling the OTC desk functionality will allow your users to perform bulk trades instantly. So you can attract many big shots, whales, and pro-traders. 

P2P Exchange App Development – Starting a P2P cryptocurrency exchange app enables users to buy and sell cryptos directly without the involvement of any third parties. It comes with an escrow function, which enhances the security & privacy level. 

Decentralized Crypto Exchange App Development

Decentralized exchange known as DEX eliminates the risk of centralization. In addition, it enables your users to trade securely and confidently by connecting the wallet. Third-party interface is completely eradicated for crypto transactions. 

Hybrid Crypto Exchange App Development

Hybrid cryptocurrency exchange app development is an approach to creating a platform that works as a centralized and decentralized exchange.  You can develop a fine-quality hybrid exchange platform with splendid trading functionalities. 

These are the exclusive cryptocurrency exchange development services we offer for all startups and enterprises who wish to enter the competitive crypto business world. Now, let us see the development methods that you can use to start a cryptocurrency exchange business. 

How to Develop A Crypto Exchange App?

We have here explained the crypto exchange app development within 5 effective steps. 

Step 1: Pre-planning 

It is essential to approach the developer team and gather information regarding cryptocurrency exchange app development. They will help you to analyze current market trends, insights, and business use cases for smart contract development. 

Step 2: Designing Phase 

After pre-planning the resources, features, and functionalities, you can then be involved in the designing process. Make sure to implement essential features for the admin and user dashboard. And also design a catchy panel that attracts the attention of crypto users. 

Step 3: Development Process 

You can then work on the back-end, front-end, and technical side of the trading platform creation. You can collaborate with the technicians, developers, and designers to integrate the plugins for the trading platform. 

Step 4: Testing & Launching 

It is essential to conduct multi-tier testing before launching the crypto exchange app into the market.  This helps to rectify the technical bugs at the initial stage. After all these procedures you can launch the crypto exchange app for investor usage. 

Step 5: Upgradation 

We offer pro-longed support and maintenance for your smart contracts. Our developer team helps you to upgrade the smart contract with advanced-level technology. We conduct smart contract audits occasionally. 

These are the important and basic steps to be followed in cryptocurrency exchange app development. Yet, there are various methodologies to develop a crypto exchange app. Let’s see them in detail. 

Crypto Exchange App Development Methods

Know the popular development ways to create a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development From Scratch

Building a secure crypto trading platform from the ground level will help you to implement your unique idea and concept. In this, you can enable each attribute as per your desire. Also, you can design the cryptocurrency exchange architecture with an advanced framework. Therefore, you can deploy a feature-packed crypto trading platform in a way exactly what you imagine in your mind. The app development cost and time duration involved in this method will be high. However, you can get an impeccable product outcome that would make your exchange exceptional in the crypto space.

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White-label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

White-label cryptocurrency exchange software is a pre-fabricated exchange software that holds all the fundamental trading attributes that an exchange needs. By utilizing this ready-to-use software, you can create a highly responsive cryptocurrency exchange app within 7 to 10 days at a moderate cost.  You can also customize the features, displays, and themes for your trading platform. So by acquiring this software, you can alter the look of the exchange, trading features, UI/UX, cryptocurrency exchange app architecture, and more. 

However, among these ways, We suggest using premium white-label cryptocurrency exchange software for trading exchange app development. As per your business plans and needs, you can decide & choose the development method. 

You might be asking us whether crypto exchange app development will be worth the investment. 

Of Course, a Big YES. 

Developing a crypto exchange app in the dynamic crypto market would help you achieve various business perks. Without wasting time, we can delve into the topic on…

Benefits of Crypto Exchange App Development

Some of the business perks of developing a cryptocurrency exchange app for newbie startups and entrepreneurs have been listed below, 

Revenue Generation 

As a newbie startup in the crypto market, you can earn an enormous amount from various streams. Trading fees, staking fees, subscription fees, and others help tremendously in generating enough ROI. 

Global Outreach for Startups

Crypto exchange app development is a gateway and access for newbie startups to gain fame and popularity. Users from anywhere can trade cryptocurrencies on your platform which increases the liquidity and user count. 

Brand Recognition 

Crypto exchange app development helps startups to increase the level of their identity in the crypto market. Providing convenient features, a user-friendly interface, and easy navigation will allow users to prefer mobile apps for trading cryptocurrencies. 

Core Features Of Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development

As mentioned in the step section, you have to choose the best-level features to integrate into the crypto exchange app. Enabling industry-leading trading features in your cryptocurrency exchange will help your trading platform stand out from the crowd. 

Admin Dashboard Features 

  • Transaction Details
  • Transaction History
  • Details of users
  • Admin Console 
  • Advanced chart tools
  • Admin profit management 
  • API Documentation 
  • User authentication and authorization
  • In-Built admin wallet
  • Real-Time View of Trades and user wallet
  • Order history
  • Pending Transactions (Waiting for Authorization)

User Dashboard Features 

  • Multi-lingual 
  • Referral system 
  • IEO launchpad
  • Advanced trading engine
  • Multi-cryptocurrency wallet integration 
  • Liquidity API
  • KYC/AML 
  • Support system 
  • Payment Order Dashboard

You can integrate these essential features for your crypto users to enhance the quality of your trading platform. As every nook and corner of the crypto market is digitalized, you can implement additional security features. Some of the security features are, 

  • Data encryption 
  • Jail login 
  • HTTPs authentication 
  • Two-factor authentication  
  • Anti-Denial of Service (Dos)
  • Anti-Distributed Denial of Service (Dos)
  • Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) Protection
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection 
  • SQL injection prevention 

You can also personalize these security mechanisms based on your needs and business plan. 

Cost for Crypto Exchange App Development 

The exact cost for cryptocurrency exchange app development ranges from $25,000 to $35,0000. Like feature integration, the complexity of the project, developer team, and scalability are determining factors of cost. 

Your only responsibility is to find the best development company to help you with the creation of a crypto exchange app. Analyze their expertise, years of experience, and their technical team before getting committed to them. 

One such world-class cryptocurrency exchange app development company is none other than Coinsclone. We comprise a potential set of developers, and technicians to develop a full-fledged crypto exchange app. 

Build A Crypto Exchange App with Coinsclone

Coinsclone is an award-winning crypto exchange app development company in the blockchain space. We have rock-solid experience in creating highly compatible cryptocurrency exchange software with market-innovative trading features at a competitive price. 

The robust security features we enable in the software ensure that the exchange will protect against all threats and vulnerabilities. Developing a cryptocurrency exchange app with a professional touch will make your exchange platform stand unique in the crowd and one step ahead of the curve. 

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