Create TRC10 Token – Everything you need to Know

TRC10 Token Development

What is TRC-10?

Tron is a reasonably famous but still nascent blockchain. It’s perfect for developers, crypto projects, and emerging businesses. TRC10 is a technical standard used by the TRON chain for executing tokens. 

TRC10 tokens function similarly to ERC20; they allow users to create and issue their fungible digital assets on the TRON network. TRC10 tokens do not require TRON’s native cryptocurrency, TRX, for their creation or operation. And TRC10 tokens can be used for many purposes, which include representing assets such as digital currencies or in-game items.

TRC-10 token development is a business tool if you’re on a strict budget. You can get your crypto project up and running on the Tron chain with little to no cost. That is what makes TRC-10 token development a necessity.

Benefits of TRC10 Standard 

Of course, there are many benefits to using the TRC10 token standard. But why prefer it over TRC20, ERC20, or BEP20 tokens? Isn’t that the question? No matter how widely these aforementioned token standards are, they are not infallible.

  • Ease of Use: TRC-10 tokens can be created and managed using simple, user-friendly tools, making them accessible to users without prior knowledge of blockchain technology.
  • Compatibility: TRC-10 tokens are compatible with TRON’s existing infrastructure, including its decentralized exchanges (DEXs), wallets, and other tools.
  • Flexibility: TRC-10 tokens can be customized to suit any use case and application, including representing digital currencies, in-game items, or other assets.
  • Security: The TRON chain uses advanced cryptography and consensus mechanism and offers the best security. Also, it is cheaper to operate on Tron than on Ethereum or Binance.
  • Scalability: TRON’s high-performance blockchain can handle thousands of transactions per second, making it well-suited to applications that require fast and efficient transaction processing.

In the future of business, cryptocurrencies will become a staple payment avenue. And it is only wise to choose a network that helps you reap the most benefits. And TRC-10 token development makes us relevant again.

Contents of TRC10 in Token Development 

Before we invest in anything, it is only wise to study it. And in this case, knowing the contents of a token standard would go a long way. After all, this standard is for those who are not technically savvy. TRC10 tokens have several built-in functions that allow virtually anyone to create, manage, and interact with them. 

Here’s a list of some core functions of the TRC10 tokens.

  • Creating Tokens: Users can create their TRC-10 tokens using a simple interface, specifying the name, symbol, and total supply of the crypto token.
  • Issuing Tokens: Once a TRC-10 token is created, users can issue or distribute those tokens to other users on the TRON network.
  • Sending Tokens: Users can send TRC-10 tokens to other users on the TRON network directly or through a decentralized exchange (DEX).
  • Receiving Tokens: Users can receive TRC-10 tokens from other users on the TRON network directly or through a DEX.
  • Transferring Tokens: Users can transfer ownership of TRC-10 tokens from one user to another, either directly or through a DEX.
  • Checking Balances: Users can check their or other users’ balances of TRC-10 tokens using a TRON wallet or other tool.
  • Approving Transfers: In some cases, TRC-10 tokens may require the approval of the token issuer before they can be transferred. And this function allows users to grant or revoke permission the transfer their crypto tokens. 

TRC10 is the ideal token standard for retailers. You do not need many resources or support for TRC10 token development. And yet it does not compromise on security or much of anything that the other standard capitalizes.

List of TRC10 Tokens 

Yes, many TRC10 tokens exist on the TRON network. Some examples of the TRC-10 token standard include BitTorrent (BTT), WINk (WIN), Diamond (LOVE), and TRONbet (TBE). And these tokens are used for several purposes, such as representing digital currencies, in-game items, or other assets. 

  • GMC
  • LOVE
  • PEER

You can find a list of tokens minted via the TRC10 token standard on TRON’s official website or by searching for them on a TRON blockchain explorer. TRON token tracker is part of the Tron explorer that records all the on-chain data. And as of writing this, more than 3000 TRC-10 tokens are in existence.

Why choose us for TRC10 Token Development?

On-ramping or off-ramping crypto into businesses is a valid business strategy before Web3 takes root. And for that, migrating any business onto a blockchain network is necessary. And tokenizing your products and assets in this crypto economy is wise. For all this, you need a blockchain network like Tron and a user-friendly token standard like TRC10.

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