How Much Does It Cost To Design & Develop Cryptocurrency Exchange Website?

cost to develop cryptocurency exchange website

Searching for the ideal price for developing Cryptocurrency Exchange Software? We have an answer for you!

Some of the entrepreneurs, startups have an idea to start your own crypto exchange business. Though they can’t implement it since they consider the cost is too high while to start trading bitcoin.

I’m going to reveal the stuff on how to build cryptocurrency exchange, how prolonged will it take and how much it would cost.

How to start your own cryptocurrency exchange website? What is the cost to build a Bitcoin trading website?

Cryptocurrency exchange website development from scratch can be a dare and hard task which wants to be satisfied with the audience to gain the top result.

In the case, you can get cryptocurrency exchange software. You just need to install this script on your web server, execute it and launch the crypto exchange business instantly. 

But software should be stable & flexible with below add-ons :

  • Margin Trading: 

Your users can now trade the digital assets at some time interval to reap a good amount of time with our Bitcoin Exchange software.

  • Atomic Swaps:

It allows the customers of the marketplace to exchange directly with each person without having an intermediate party to process all the transactions in the cryptocurrency exchanges. 

  • IEO Integrated Module:

Initial Exchange Offering is the latest trend in the Bitcoin Trading Platform. As an exchange owner, you can select the IEO projects to be listed on your platform. 

  • Security Token Exchange:

You can now make your own Security Token Exchange. With this, one can now list security tokens as well. 

  • Mobile Application for iOS, Android:

We develop Bitcoin exchange software which supports mobile application. Therefore, your traders can now trade instantly with Android, iOS devices. 

  • Liquidity API:

Liquidity is the crucial factor to consider while opening a Bitcoin Exchange. Your trading platform is enhanced with our Liquidity API by dragging external providers.

  • Order Book System:  

Supports the customers to easily track, and check all open orders, transactions, and history, etc in a hassle-free way. All the buy and sell orders are recorded in the Bitcoin trading platform.

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  • Market Making:

If in case there is no liquidity on the market, our Market Matching feature will serve as a counterparty to place an order between the buyer and seller. Hence, your users will experience a seamless trading experience.

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet development & integration:

We implement & make sure best-in-class security practices and build crypto wallets. Regardless of hot and cold storage wallet for both type of users. 

  • AML (Anti Money Laundering) integration:  

It assists you to stay away from money laundering and to prevent the flow of illegal money into your website. It is a worry-free way to refrain illegal actions in the cryptocurrency exchange platform.

  • KYC (Know Your Customer) integration: 

Validate the originality of the user done their government ID cards. This feature is integrated with the crypto trading platform to enhance the originality. 

  • Customized admin panel integration:

This panel assists you to control the cryptocurrency exchange from end to end. As a crypto exchange owner, you can customize all the features from your end. 

  • Unlimited currency exchange pair:

Permits transferring the cryptocurrencies with fiat currency / local currency or any other digital asset currency. 

  • Third-Party API integration:  

It allows you to

  1. Handle Multi-sig Wallet
  2. Facilitate Cryptocurrency Transaction
  3. Restoring the Market Data
  4. Escrow Application  
  5. Admin manages to record the amount of the traders. It gives a safe and secure transaction for the exchange business.
  • White Labeling Services:  

White label crypto exchange solution is the complete business package which you can provide another name for the actual industry product name i.e(REBRAND). Create your own logo, own language, own currency and own style for your exchange website to launch the sale quickly.

Cost To Start a Cryptocurrency Exchange Website: 

Team Needed for the Cryptocurrency Exchange Development.


Number of Developers

Months of Engagement

INR Hourly Rate

US Hourly Rate

Front-End Developer14Rs 45k/hour$70/hour
Back-End Developer14Rs 55k/hour$85/hour
Graphic Designer22Rs 40k/hour$61/hour
Tester24Rs 40k/hour$61/hour
Project Manager14Rs 45k/hour $70/hour

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