Cost Estimation to Launch DEX like Pancakeswap

cost to build a dex like pancakeswap

Have you ever admired how people have turned their heads toward crypto investing?

As the old traditional bank system was tiring and involved various lengthy processes for transactions, cryptocurrencies became an ideal investment idea. In that regard, more cryptopreneurs started to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in the exchange marketplace. 

To make reliable, seamless, and secure crypto transactions, users highly prefer decentralized exchange platforms compared to centralized exchanges. The crypto transactions can be done in a peer-to-peer manner and no KYC is required for decentralized exchanges. Due to these, many DEX marketplaces have adopted the crypto market. Among them, Pancakeswap is considered to be the most popular and trustworthy DEX platform. 

So, many budding startups and entrepreneurs are replicating the same features and functionalities of Pancakeswap in the creation of the DEX platform. But the unknown part is, that many are confused and not aware of the development cost of creating a DEX like Pancakeswap. Here is the comprehensive blog that clarifies all the doubts and confusion regarding the development cost. 

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Cost to Build a DEX like Pancakeswap

The average cost to build a DEX like Pancakeswap will be around $10,000. But, wait, this is not the exact cost, because various factors are there that influence the cost. Also, based on your choice of features, functionalities, and plugins in the DEX marketplace, the cost can differ. Let’s see the reasons that influence the cost.

Factors Influence the Cost of Building a DEX like Pancakeswap

1. Project Complexity 

Even though you want to build a DEX like Pancaksewap, as per your business and marketing needs, you tend to add additional features and plugins. As much as more features are included, the cost can differ simultaneously. The DEX platform Pancakeswap already has various features like staking, swapping, and yield farming for ROI generation. But you can also add other features as per your business specifications. 

Other than these, wallet integration, smart contract development, solidity language, blockchain to be selected and new native tokens also influence the cost. 

2. Security Features 

Security features for the DEX platform must be provided properly to avoid any scams and hacks. To protect the respective platform from fraudulent activities strong security features like SSL protection, immutable smart contract, advanced Decryption, server-side entry forgery features, and in-built SSL encryption are implemented. The cost can be varied based on integrating these high-end security features.

3. Technology Stack 

The primary need to develop a DEX project is the Technology stack. It comprises platform compatibility, U1/UX design, API Integration, and Tools. 

  • Platform compatibility – It is nothing but in which forms you are going to provide your marketplace. You can create your DEX platform that is compatible with Linux, iOS, and Android versions. 
  • API integration – This is responsible for the seamless execution of your DEX. API integration is an essential need to launch your DEX platform without any hassles. 
  • Store-front Tools – Various front-end and back-end tools are used to build a DEX like Pancakeswap. 
  • UI/UX Design – The user-friendly dashboard is an important factor that grabs the attention of users. Hence, you must give enough importance to the development of an attractive and enriched user dashboard. 

4. Development Company

When you tend to develop your DEX like Pancakeswap, you need to approach a Decentralized Exchange Development Company that has an intelligent set of developers with experience. Based on the number of experts, crypto developers, and business analysts, the cost will be determined. The size of the developer team also plays a crucial role in cost estimation. 

5. Testing and Ongoing Maintenance 

Once the pre-development process is over, you must go with the testing process. The DEX marketplace undergoes a testing and debugging process to rectify and solve errors and bugs. This helps in the execution of the platform without any hassles. After the successful launch of the DEX platform, the development company provides you with ongoing support and maintenance. 

Ongoing Support includes bug fixing, adding the latest version of the OS, upgrading third-party services, and code optimization. These services include additional costs. 

6. Development Method 

The primary cost-deciding factor is the development method. Here, two different methods are employed to launch a DEX platform.

1. Creating from Scratch

When you decide to launch your DEX from scratch method, you have to develop your DEX from the beginning. That means you are the one to decide the UI/UX design, technology stack, and others. This is a tiring method where it takes around 10 to 12 months for the completion of your project. And also, it nearly costs around $1,00,000 which is expensive.

2. Adopting a Pancakeswap Clone 

Due to these reasons, it is better to adopt the White-label software of the Pancakeswap DEX platform. The white-label software is a pre-designed and multi-tested solution replicating the features, functionalities, and plugins of the Pancakeswap DEX platform. By adopting the Pancakeswap clone app, you can launch your DEX which will be similar to Pancakeswap. Even with exponential features and plugins, the approximate cost will be up to $25,000 and does not go beyond that.  

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Why White-label Software to Build a DEX like Pancakeswap is Best for Startups?

Behind choosing a White-label software, there are various reasons that benefit you and your crypto business. At the end of this context, you will surely realize the beneficiary streams of white-label software. 

  • Lesser Investment, Higher Returns – While compared to development from scratch, adopting a clone app is a cost-effective solution. The white-label software with the features of Pancakeswap will cost around $8,000 to $18,000. By investing less, you can reap higher profits from various revenue-generating streams. 
  • Instantaneous solution – As the white-label solution has already been developed by experts, you are not expected to waste your precious time. Within 2 to 3 weeks, you can deploy your DEX platform similar to PancakeSwap in the crypto world. This helps you to concentrate on deployment and marketing-related work. 
  • Zero chance of Failure – The white-label clone app has already been designed by a pool of experienced developers and they are tested multiple times. Therefore, the chances of risk in launching a DEX like PancakeSwap are zero. Without any doubts or hesitations, you can deploy your DEX marketplace. 
  • Optimizable – The primary benefit that is acquired by the clone software is, it can be customized as per our needs. You can optimize the logo, design, and admin/user dashboard. Here you can ask, Am I able to add any features other than Pancakeswap’s features? Of course, your clone software will have the default features of Pancakeswap, no doubt. Additionally, you can also add your own features, and security features as per your business specifications. 
  • Global Reach – By adopting a clone software of the existing DEX, users are more familiar with the UI and UX design. This boosts more users to trust your DEX and paves the way for huge revenue generation. 

These are the reasons that prove White-label software is the ideal and cost-effective solution for startups launching a DEX platform. Due to these, budding startups and entrepreneurs prefer to choose a Pancakeswap clone app to launch a DEX like Pancakeswap. 

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