White label Crypto Exchange Cost in 2023!

Estimated white label cost

The crypto exchange business never lets you down, until the hype and the fear of future economics are viral topics. So you can initiate your business without panic since it is an assurance profit-making business. And also it is a peak period for you to start a cryptocurrency exchange business as it would turn you into a millionaire in a short span.

As a startup, you might be planning to start a crypto exchange business. You might have researched a lot and questioned your acquaintances or gotten inspired by some other crypto businesses too. By this, you would have come to know that white-label crypto exchange software is the finest solution.

Another main benefit of white-label crypto exchange software is its cost. Because the white-label crypto exchange cost is affordable in the current market. 

In this blog, we will explain to you what are white-label crypto exchange software and the actual cost required to develop a cryptocurrency exchange using white-label crypto exchange software.

What is White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software?

The while-label crypto exchange software is mainly used to launch a cryptocurrency exchange in a hassle-free method. The white-label crypto exchange is a pre-designed software of an existing cryptocurrency exchange. The specialty of white-label crypto exchange software is you can customize it according to your business needs. 

When you decided to start an exchange, the first move should be a wiser choice. So that’s why many startups prefer white-label crypto exchange software. Therefore, begin with the white-label crypto exchange software to smoothen your business process. 

We at coinsclone offer you effective white label crypto exchange software for your business. Many startups prefer the white-label crypto exchange software approach, due to its low cost. But it also depends upon some other beneficial factors too! Let us see…

Why should you prefer white-label cryptocurrency exchange software?

The white-label cryptocurrency exchange software is brought up in the concept of saving time and speeding up the process. This inspires many startups to use white-label cryptocurrency exchange software. Let us see some of the primary reasons to prefer Coinsclone’s white-label cryptocurrency exchange software.


In white-label crypto exchange software, you are allowed to customize the exchange according to your business needs like adding or modifying additional features. You can also customize your platform once you deploy it. 

Brand recognition

We help you to improve your brand recognition since our white-label crypto exchange software holds the existing popular exchange functionalities. So that you can easily get a reflection of their brand in our white-label crypto exchnage software. So, you have a good chance of gradually capturing their audience for your company.


We provide you a quality white-label crypto exchange software at an affordable price. At a budget-friendly price, we also integrate all the high-quality features in an efficient manner. 

Quick deployment 

As the white-label crypto exchange is the pre-designed software, it can be deployed within a week.


The white-label crypto exchange software that we provide comes with high-end security features to secure your exchange business. It helps you to avoid all types of hack attempts. 

The above-mentioned are the major reasons to prefer white-label crypto exchange software and to go ahead with it. But now you may have a deep focus on its cost. Before revealing its cost, we just wanted to tell you that some features in white-label cryptocurrency exchange software impact the cost. Let us see them below.

Features that impact the White-label Crypto Exchange cost

Features are the major requirements in any product/service. It is highly noticeable from the user’s point of view. Let us see the features that impact the white-label crypto exchange cost. 

Spot trading 

In spot trade, users can immediately exchange their cryptocurrency or fiat by placing a buy or sell order. 

Margin trading 

It supports margin trading features, which allow the users to borrow funds from the broker to trade a financial asset. For this, the users have to deposit their collateral as cash or securities in their accounts. 

Future trading

Future trading is conducted by setting a certain price for the cryptos on a contractual basis by depositing the user-side collateral asset. Here users can buy or sell the crypto at the set price on that particular date. 

OTC trading

OTC (over-the-counter) is the process of bulk trading. It helps the user who prefers to trade a large amount of crypto at once. 

IEO (Initial Exchange Offering)

An initial exchange offering refers to an event where the sale of tokens is conducted through an established mode of exchanging crypto. Here startups can raise capital for their future business by selling utility tokens that preferred status with the organization via a crypto exchange platform. 

These are the features that impact the white-label crypto exchange cost. Despite the fact that you can generate enormous revenue by adopting these features, it takes some extra price to lead your business. We coinsclone offer the aforementioned features at a low-end price.

Crypto Exchange development cost – Scratch vs White-label

Let us compare the cost of popular crypto exchange development solutions, which are scratch and white-label. 


In scratch, the development is based upon the ground-up level. It includes all the technical aspects such as coding, setting up an algorithm, and assembling the data structure process. The completion of the entire development process requires a minimum of 1 year. When coming to its cost, the price range starts from $80,000 – $1,00,000.

White-label cryptocurrency exchange software

The crypto exchange can be developed using the white-label crypto exchange software within a week since it is pre-made software. It comes with a set of packages with all the necessary features of the crypto exchange platform. The maximum cost of the white-label crypto exchange software ranges from $8,000 – $14,000. Startups always go for the white-label crypto exchange software as the profit involved is 2x times greater than their investment. 

By comparing the above methods, the white-label crypto exchange software suits both the cost and its standard. The best option for your business is to use white label crypto exchange software but you may have questions about why to choose coinsclone, let us see them below. 

Why Choose Coinsclone For White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development?

We the coinsclone have a wide range of experience in providing ideal white-label cryptocurrency exchange software at an affordable cost. I assure you that you will feel your business is worth it with us at a modest price! We have developed nearly 350+ projects facing lots of challenges and innovations to bring our firm to the top one in the crypto market.

With a team of highly qualified developers, Coinsclone offers unique  development solutions for business owners. In addition, we advise you to check out the many commercial advantages of our White-label Crypto exchange software. Our business prioritizes customer happiness, and we have the sufficient industry knowledge to address your questions.

We are also experts in analyzing the current trends and acting accordingly to develop your business with advanced features. We are well-versed in the future of digitalization like advanced technology in all possible ways. So, create your crypto exchange business with a quality outlook and make a huge turnover by choosing us.

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