Cryptocurrency Wallet Development - Overview

Cryptocurrency wallet development is a process of building a crypto wallet that is used to store and get access to cryptocurrencies. In the Crypto industry, one of the highly demanded resources among users is Cryptocurrency wallets. The crypto wallet development process may look like an easy task, but you need guidance from a renowned team. Coinsclone, a prominent blockchain development company has managed to create a digital wallet for cryptocurrency that has attracted a massive user base. Our success relies on a deep understanding of the blockchain industry and market trends.

We ensure our blockchain wallet app development services are fine-tuned to suit aspiring entrepreneurs who want to prove their mettle in the industry. Our top-notch Cryptocurrency wallet comes with the best-in-class features, and benefits and is open to customization. We additionally deliver exemplary solutions to create an e-wallet for digital payments in quick time at a budget-friendly price. By connecting with us, you can create your own cryptocurrency wallet with packed security features.

Our Exclusive Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

We deliver the following Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services. Join hands with us to develop a cryptocurrency wallet to commence your dream of cryptocurrency wallet business!

Web3 Wallet Development

Web3 wallets provide a plethora of perks to users in the cryptocurrency community. This enables people to access Decentralized apps on diverse blockchain networks and safely hold their cryptocurrency. With the help of Coinsclone's web 3.0 wallet development service, you can build your own Bitcoin wallet with top-notch security features.

DeFi Wallet Development

DeFi is the current blockchain trend that is expanding at a rapid rate. Hire our qualified cryptocurrency wallet developers to make a DeFi-based crypto wallet aka Decentralized wallet that is interoperable with all major platforms. We undertake extensive tests to guarantee everything works properly before launching your crypto wallet on your preferred network.

Multi-Currency Wallet Development

By building a cryptocurrency wallet with multi-currency support. you can launch both single-currency and multi-currency wallets. We create a crypto wallet solution that can immediately and securely store, receive, and send unlimited coins. Through this, you can get real-time analytics of a specific crypto token or coin that helps to reap profits.

Web Wallet Development

By creating a web wallet users can access their wallets with an internet connection conveniently. The crypto assets are safeguarded with the help of these wallets. We specialize in providing web wallet development services with exponential features, security measures, and plugins.

Mobile Wallet Development

Making a mobile crypto wallet is important because people like to keep their cryptocurrency holdings in mobile app wallets. We are providing potential mobile wallet app development services to all cryptocurrency businesses. So, you could easily be accustomed to building a crypto wallet with alluring features that are functional with both Android and iOS.

Desktop Wallet Development

Our team of professionals will understand your demands and gather requirements of the type of crypto wallet you want to build for designing the desktop wallet for storing cryptos. Once completed, our team of talented blockchain engineers will build a crypto wallet that performs flawlessly on both desktop and laptop computers.

NFT Wallet Development

You can immediately create a crypto wallet app for non-fungible tokens with a ton of features at a reasonable price by using our NFT wallet development service. You have complete authority to change the wallet when you obtain our company. We design an NFT wallet that enables users to store NFTs on each supported chain.

MPC Wallet Development

Our expert team is ready to provide you with the most innovative MPC wallet development services. Through this MPC Wallet, you can design a wallet that uses multi-party computation technology. MPC wallet comprises of complex set of code for creation but our developer team would create them easily.

Centralized Wallet Development

A centralized wallet development service is one of the special solutions offered by Coinsclone to build your own Bitcoin wallet. Our centralized crypto wallet development solution is your only feasible option if you wish to focus on developing a custodial crypto wallet and maintaining control over the user assets. Request your needs and build a custodial wallet with Coinsclone.

Bitcoin Wallet Development

Making your crypto wallet exclusively for Bitcoin users is always the best course of action because Bitcoin is the grandfather of all cryptos. To establish a safe Bitcoin wallet with improved security modules and captivating functions that will entice people from all over the world, acquire our premium Bitcoin wallet development solution right away.

Ethereum Wallet Development

Make use of our exemplary Ethereum wallet development solution to create your own crypto wallet for the Ethereum blockchain. The wallet can hold all sorts of Ethereum-based cryptocurrency tokens that are widely used in various exchanges. Ethereum wallet is one of the safe and secure wallets for crypto beginners.

Tron Wallet Development

Step into the world of blockchain business by creating a crypto wallet for tron blockchain from Coinsclone. Our splendid Tron wallet development service aids emerging startups, large-scale businesses, and other individuals to build a feature-filled Tron-based wallet that enables users to store & receive Tron, TRC20 tokens, and TRC721 tokens.

Features of our CryptocurrencyWallet Development Solution

Our premium cryptocurrency wallet solution to build a crypto wallet app includes the following features, which distinguish your Cryptocurrency wallet apart and put it one step ahead of the competition.

QR code scanner

QR Code Scanner

QR code scanner is an easy way to transact cryptocurrencies with just a single click. With this feature, the user’s crypto wallet address and public keys are scanned.

Multiple currency support

Multiple Currency Support

One of the prominent features is that we integrate our crypto wallet to be more user-friendly. With this users can store any cryptocurrencies amid blockchain.

Transaction History

Transaction History

Users can find out the previous withdrawal, deposit, send, and receive transaction history through this feature.

Transaction History

Automated Session Logout

By offering this feature, the wallet account logs out automatically from the device for advanced-level security.

Automated session Logout

Real-Time Conversion Rates

Our crypto-wallet comes along with this feature to know the live updated prices of the crypto assets in detail. Detailed views of the cryptocurrencies are explained through charts and graphs.



Inviting and offering rewards for users through referral programs would help to gain a high user count. You can also reap enough profits with this feature.

Cross-platform compatibility

Cross-Platform Compatibility

With this feature, users can simply exchange cryptocurrencies with the help of a wallet. Dependance on other centralized and decentralized exchanges becomes less.

Push notifications

Push Notifications

Crypto wallets have this exemplary feature to provide regular updates regarding crypto assets and transactions. Users can optimize alerts for price value and the crypto market.

Ledger Wallet Integration

Ledger Wallet Integration

This is nothing but a connection between ledger devices and blockchain technology. Users can back up their crypto assets in case of a service outage through this feature.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication

Users cryptocurrencies are safeguarded by a robust two-factor authentication method. Only with biometrics, PINs, or passwords, users can log in to the crypto wallet.

Security Features of our Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

We prioritize wallet security above anything else and never compromise on security measures. High-end security features are implemented by our cryptocurrency wallet developers in your wallet while building a cryptocurrency wallet to combat all forms of fraud activities.

Biometric AuthenticationBiometric Authentication

The important security feature is Biometric or Fingerprint authentication. Through this, only registered users can log in to the account.

Pin code or password protectionPin Code or Password Protection

Alternative to fingerprint protection, users can integrate a PIN or password for the crypto wallet.

Encrypted transactionEncrypted Transaction

Through the encrypted transaction, the user’s wallet or public address cannot be obtained by any algorithm.

Browser detection securityBrowser Detection Security

Users can deduct any threat or virus-associated websites easily with this security feature and cut off them easily.

Database encryptionDatabase Encryption

With this security feature, only authorized or registered users can get access to the wallet data.

Anti Phishing protocolsAnti Phishing Protocols

Before any website scams or threats, this feature helps users safeguard their crypto assets.

Key management serverKey Management Server

The public and private keys are securely stored in the crypto wallet for future use. The key management feature helps to prevent theft or loss of cryptocurrencies.

Threat protectionThreat Protection

Even if any website or hacker party leaves a threat, the wallet’s support system helps to overcome them easily.

Add on Modules of ourCryptocurrency Wallet Development

By merging cutting-edge add-on modules to create a crypto wallet app, our skillful wallet developers will make a strong and effective cryptocurrency wallet.


Our crypto-wallet comes with the staking option where your users can hold their cryptocurrencies to raise profits. This helps you to gain more users and an add-on promotion for your wallet.



We offer our cryptocurrency wallet with a customization option where users can modify the display, theme, login options, and others. Other than that, users can also change the transaction limit, fees, and many others.



With our crypto wallet, your users can swap, sell, or buy cryptocurrencies without depending on an exchange. This also eliminates the external use of crypto wallet integration.


Chrome Wallet Extension

When you tend to buy our wallet, we also offer you the Chrome extension of your cryptocurrency wallet. Hence, by integrating the extension your users can access the wallet on desktops or computers.

Chrome Wallet Extension

User Chat

One of the highly-demanding features of the wallet is the chatting or interaction option. This is to reduce miscommunication and theft. Our crypto-wallet comes along with the exponential feature.

User Chat

Crypto Asset Conversion

Our developer team offers you the crypto wallet with the asset conversion feature. So, within the wallet users can convert their fiat to cryptocurrency and vice versa.

Crypto Asset Conversion

Bulk Transfer

Through the group transfer or airdrop, users can send their crypto assets to various recipients at the same time. Transactions are made fast with this feature.

Bulk Transfer

Our Standard Cryptocurrency Wallet
Development Approach

Coinsclone always pursues optimal development procedures to create a centralized or decentralized wallet for web extension, desktop, and app

Development and Approach
Requirement Gathering

It is the foremost step we proceed for all our reputed clients while developing your bitcoin wallet. Our team of experts will gather the requirements and suggest the best solution that matches their ideal business needs.


We create a wallet for cryptocurrency with a proper plan, we derive a well-structured roadmap for the finest crypto wallet app development outcome as per the requirements of the customers and execute them without any hassle.

UI/UX Designing

Coinsclone has dozens of creative minds to make a user-friendly cryptocurrency wallet. Our skilled design team will outline based on the demands of the clientele. Only after the client is satisfied with the UI/UX part, we would move to the next stage.


In the development phase, our experienced cryptocurrency wallet developers will work on the backend part and optimize the entire wallet by enabling the latest functionalities and security mechanisms.

Designing and development
Testing and deployment

We have a talented testing team to check the quality of the blockchain wallet development. Our top-notch QA team will conduct rigorous testing multiple times to deliver an impeccable product outcome.


Once completing all these phases of developing a crypto wallet, we will securely deliver the product and make your own bitcoin wallet app or website extension on the clientele’s desired server swiftly.

Why Choose Coinsclone as the ideal Cryptocurrency Wallet Development company?

Coinsclone is an eminent and market-leading Crypto wallet development Company in the cryptocurrency space. Being a pioneer cryptocurrency exchange development company for more than 7 years, we specialize in offering outstanding Bitcoin wallet app development services for all blooming startups. We use state-of-the-art technology tools to build a cryptocurrency wallet, which helps your users to transfer virtual assets in no time. Coinsclone earned a solid reputation by providing exemplary tailored Bitcoin wallet services depending on the needs and demands of the clients. We promise that the product we deliver to you will be utterly packed with appealing attributes and shielded with rigorous security functions. Our developer team will never let you down and will always deliver top-notch Crypto wallet development services for clients.

  • 50+ well-trained blockchain professionals.

  • On-time product delivery.

  • Successfully deployed 100+ cryptocurrency wallets on various chains.

  • Masters in creating highly responsive and scalable cryptocurrency wallet.

  • Round-the-clock technical and customer support.

  • We have a dedicated team to respond expeditiously and solve your queries

Why Choose Crypto Wallet Development

Technologies Used in our Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

We have a group of seasoned cryptocurrency wallet developers to create a cryptocurrency wallet using trending technological stacks.

Technologies stock


Cryptocurrency wallet development is the process of creating a top-notch wallet with enriched features and functionalities to secure cryptocurrencies.
Cryptocurrency wallets can be developed in two popular ways. Either you can develop the wallet from scratch which is a time-consuming and expensive process. Alternatively, you can use white-label software to develop wallets at reduced time and cost.
The estimated cost to develop a crypto wallet ranges between $15,000 to $20,000. Depending on various factors like customization, complexity of features, choice of development method, and others, the cost may vary.
With the White-label software, the cryptocurrency wallet can be created within 2 to 3 weeks. Rather, if you choose to develop it from scratch, the cryptocurrency wallet creation can take up to a year.
The benefits of making your own cryptocurrency wallet for your website, mobile application, or browser extension will help user engagement and is an easy way to create branding for your Crypto Wallet business.
It’s lucrative for people who create Bitcoin wallet web extensions and mobile apps that are compatible with Android and IOS. you can make revenue in multiple methods by developing your cryptocurrency wallet.
White label cryptocurrency wallet is a turn-key solution that enables you to develop a cryptocurrency wallet swiftly with your desired functionalities. Coinsclone Will help to make your own crypto wallet with astounding modules. With this, you can enter the market quickly and effortlessly.

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