Bithumb Clone Script – Launch Your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform like Bithumb

Bithumb clone script

Cryptocurrency Exchanges are the buzzword of the town and are deemed as one of the successful crypto business ideas to reap a gigantic amount of revenue. The major aspect of starting the crypto exchange business is that it is a long-term revenue-generating business model with minimal effort. In the list of various exchanges, the Bithumb platform presents as a popular platform among others. So by developing a Bithumb-like platform using the Bithumb clone script, you can build a sustainable brand in the global crypto marketplace. Let us see, what is actually the Bithumb clone script? 

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What is Bithumb Clone Script

Bithumb Clone Script is a pre-engineered crypto exchange website clone script that is designed, developed, multi-tested, and ready for deployment. Bithumb clone script is the most cost-effective method to create a cryptocurrency exchange website similar to Bithumb. With this white-label crypto exchange script, you can break the development time barrier so that you can create a cryptocurrency exchange website like Bithumb within a week or two.

This crypto exchange clone script holds all the vital trading features which are currently existing in the Bithumb platform. This script has a high optimization scope, as a result, you can make the desired customizations and changes to get started with your dream cryptocurrency exchange platform that looks 100% similar to Bithumb. 

For your clear understanding,  Let us give you a small overview of the Bithumb platform.

Overview of Bithumb

Bithumb is a Korean-based cryptocurrency exchange platform that has been in operation since 2014. This trading platform is known for its huge trading volume since the day of its launch. Moreover, it comes with an intuitive and user-friendly panel which is the most suitable for beginners. The Bithumb platform comes with a feature called “Remittance”. This feature allows traders to instantly send funds and assets internationally. Besides, this platform comes with Encryption Technology which protects the users from further hacking activities with high-security mechanisms integrated.

How you can Create a Cryptocurrency Exchange Website Using a Bithumb Clone Script?

Here are the essential steps that you need to take into consideration.

  1. The first thing that you need to take into consideration is the business plan for your exchange. As there are plenty of exchanges already existing, you need to stand unique by implementing new ideas on your platform. The best thing you can do is to implement superfine security protocols as there are issues of hack persisting.
  2. In the crypto industry, the most important factor that you need to consider is the legal guidelines of the country. As most countries haven’t made cryptos to be legal, you should select a country that is crypto-friendly.
  3. Draft the features which you are planning to integrate into the Bithumb clone script. As the existing Bithumb platform lacks the feature of Margin Trading, you can integrate it. Similarly, you can check for trending features like this to make your Bithumb clone exchange stand out from the crowd.
  4. Next comes the cost you require. The cost here includes the setup cost, the cost for feature integration, the cost for the team, etc. In addition to this, you will require a separate cost after deployment as well. Hence, make sure you have the desired funds for exchange development and deployment.
  5. This is an important step that you need to take into account. Get in touch with a renowned crypto exchange clone script provider to get a Bithumb Clone Script to instantly start a crypto exchange like Bithumb. Speaking of which, Coinsclone is the professional and genuine Crypto exchange clone script solution provider in the blockchain and we can assist you in this case as per your needs.
  6. Next, you need to implement security mechanisms into the platform. As discussed, exchanges have the issues of hacking, you need to integrate robust security features into your exchange.

Ultimate Features of Our Bithumb Clone Software

The success rate of your exchange business is 60% based on the trading features that you enable for your users on the platform. Considering this factor, Coinsclone enables the high-end technical features in the clone script. Here we share the list of desirable features which we integrate into our bug-free Bithumb Clone Script

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration
  • Crypto Payment Gateway Integration
  • Admin Console
  • Trader Console
  • IEO Launchpad
  • Liquidity API
  • Trading Bot
  • Multi-lingual assistance
  • Cryptocurrency Price Ticker API
  • Market Orders
  • Margin Trading
  • KYC/AML Solutions
  • Advanced CMS
  • Referral Program
  • Rest API
  • Multi-Currency Pairing

These are the prime features of the Bithumb script, subsequently you can also optimize them as per your business concepts. By incorporating all these features, the outcome of the Bithumb clone script will be quite astonishing.

Security Features of Our Bithumb Clone Script

We people at Coinsclone, enable the following set of high-end security protocols:

  • DDoS Migration
  • Data Encryption
  • Browser Detection Security
  • HTTPS Authentication
  • Anti Phishing Software
  • Biometric Authentication
  • SSL Integration
  • End-to-End Encrypted Transactions

These are the finest security features that you get from the premium Bithumb clone software.

Bithumb clone script

Why Choose Coinsclone to Create a Cryptocurrency Exchange Website?

Coinsclone is the most reputed and trustworthy Crypto exchange clone script provider in the crypto world and we have years of experience in offering all kinds of crypto exchange script solutions with perfect outcomes. We guarantee on-time delivery for the script that you ask for. We have a group of well-trained blockchain developers to handle your crypto exchange project and have a dedicated support team to give productive customer support for all our delivered products. Our bug-free Bithumb clone script is completely encrypted with all top-class security features by using advanced frameworks.