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Betfury clone

Nowadays, gambling games are becoming popular in the online world, where people get excited to double their money in a very short period. This influenced many investors to become involved in the i- Gaming social platform. Online gambling has now become the most popular decentralized application. There are thousands of gambling platforms that were introduced in the blockchain ecosystem. Decentralized applications of gambling provide all types of gambling practices like Casinos, dice, sports betting, roulette, coin flipping, etc. 

The blockchains like Ethereum, polygon, Tron, and Binance smart chains are mostly used blockchains for gambling platform development. In the list of gambling platforms, Betfury is the most popular one in the crypto market, which is developed under the Tron blockchain. This platform hosts 1000+ games and pays their users to win in the cryptocurrencies like BTC, TRX, USDT, and BTT up to 25% cashback. Let us see an overview of the betfury platform below. 

Overview of the Betfury Platform

Betfury is a fully decentralized i-Gaming platform developed by using smart contracts and the TRON blockchain. Here all the transactions are handled through your crypto wallet, but the platform does not have access to your tokens or passwords. This maintains the high safety and security of users’ funds when they are playing. This platform follows the peculiarity of blockchain technology to make gaming even more transparent, and safe. Betfury has many advantages. 

To develop a platform like the Betfury platform, there are various development methods in the market, among that most often preferred, method is the Befury clone script. Let us see what is Betfury clone script. 

What is the Betfury Clone Script? 

Betfury clone script is a readymade software of the existing betfury platform in the market. It holds all the necessary functions of the betfury platform. It can also be customized according to your business needs like adding or modifying the features, designs, modules, etc. The strong suit of the Betfury clone script is you can start your platform like betfury within a week. Let us see its features below to still know more about the betfury clone script. 

Features of the Betfury Clone Script 

The betfury clone script has a wide range of features for their users to access in the platform. Let us see below.


With over 3500 games available on the platform, our betfury clone script includes a large selection of games with unusual features, odd rules, and distinctive designs. On the platform, Dice, Plinko, Crash, Keno, Limbo, Cryptos, Hi-Lo, Stairs, and Mines are the most played games.

Rewards and Cashback

Our betfury clone script offers the best cashback in i-Gaming. Here users can enjoy huge payouts with the betfury. Users can set back up to 25% of their coins to get cashback to their accounts. Our betfury clone script allows your user to get an instant cashback twice a week and makes them curious to play again. 


The functionality of our Betfury clone software gives a possibility to hit the high jackpot. Since the winners are chosen at random, anyone can win. Players must place bets in the games like Plinko, Circle, Hi-Lo, Dice, and Crash in order to win the jackpot.

After letting to know the features of our betfury clone script, now you might be eager to know the benefits. Let us see below. 

Benefits of Our Betfury Clone Script 


Our betfury clone script is cost-effective when compared with the development from scratch since it is pre-built software. 


Our betfury clone script can be highly customized according to your business needs.

User friendly 

Our betfury clone script was developed with an efficient structure, making it easier for the users to use the platform conveniently. 


Our betfury clone software is built with high-end security features to maintain data and transactions.

Those above-mentioned are the major benefits of our betfury clone script.  Let us see the security features of the betfury clone script below.

Security Features of our Betfury Clone Script 

Our Betfury clone script has strong security features that guarantee the privacy and security of user information and transactions. Let us see the 

security features below. 

  • jail login 
  • Data Encryptions
  • Two-factor authentications 
  • SQL injection prevention 
  • Anti Denial of service (DOS)
  • Cross-site request forgery CSRF protections 
  • Server-side request forgery SSRF protections 
  • Anti-distributed denial of service 

The above-mentioned are the unique security features maintained by our developers in the development of the platform like betfury. 

Now, let us see the types of games in our betfury clone script. 

Types of Games in Our Betfury Clone Script 

There are various games in our betfury clone script that have enormous options for gamers who want to gamble and win big money. Let us see below. 

Live-casino Games 

Our betfury clone enables the users to interact with the dealers live in the casino portion from their homes. 

In House Games 

In our betfury clone software, we offer 13 thrilling video game options, like keno, dice, Plinko, Tower crash, cryptos, circle, Triple, Mines, Hi-Lo, Limbo, coin flip, and stairs. 


Our betfury clone script’s Battle game offers incredible features that let users compete against other gamblers in a set of games and earn a sizeable piece of the reward pool. 

Table Games

Our betfury clone program provides 46 different options, For those who prefer playing table games, including games like neon roulette, dragon tiger roulette, European roulette, monster scratch, signs of fortune, hallow pick, and many more. 


Our betfury clone script introduces a new sports gaming platform that enables users to gamble on a variety of sports. Here gamers are free to gamble on both scheduled and live games without any limits. 

Let us see the main part of our betfury clone script which is the payment methods below. 

Payments of Betfury Clone Script 

Our betfury clone software accepts various cryptocurrencies and accepts various payments by the users/players. It comes with wide  Payment methods like crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto. Tether, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, BitTorrent, USD Coin, Ripple, SunToken, Binance Coin, and BFG Tokens are among the cryptocurrencies supported by betfury. Limited deposits and withdrawals for Bitcoin support are available in our Betfury clone script.

Why Choose Coinsclone for Betfury Clone Development? 

We the coinsclone offer you the betfury clone script with advanced technology and deliver you high-quality testing. We are specialized in analyzing the market flow and planning the strategies accordingly to develop your platform to workout immediately among others. 

We also have skilled developers, who are always curious about the upgraded technology. We have also worked on more than 100+ successful projects related to the i-gaming platform, and know the end-to-end tactics and challenges that all the business people will be dealing with on their platform.We the coinsclone here provide you with a free demo for your i-Gaming platform business. 

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