Zed Run Clone Script to Create an NFT- Powered Digital Horsing Game

Zedrun Clone Script

Starting an NFT gaming business is a new blockchain trend in 2023. It is due to the prominence and wide adoption of Metaverse. In this metaverse era, creating an NFT gaming platform with multiple gaming functionalities will help you to succeed and earn profits in the crypto industry. However, you need to pick the right business model to initiate your NFT gaming business. This is where Zed Run comes into the picture. 

Zed Run is a digital horse racing game built on Ethereum that allows players to breed, own, race, and trade virtual NFT horses. Each horse in the game has unique characteristics and attributes, such as speed, stamina, and strength, which can be improved through training and racing. 

Zed Run also features an NFT Marketplace where players can buy and sell horses, as well as race them against each other in various events and competitions. The game has gained a significant following since its launch in 2019, and it continues to attract players from all over the world.  As a startup, you can establish a P2E NFT-powered Digital horse racing platform with an in-built NFT Marketplace like Zed Run by employing Coinsclone’s top-class Zed Run Clone Script. 

In this article, we will see everything that you need to know about Zed run clone script with its benefits, features, and more. Well, let us begin this article with…

Overview of Zed Run Clone Script

Zed Run Clone script is the pre-designed and multi-tested NFT gaming script that holds everything identical to Zed Run. This clone script helps you build a visually appealing NFT-based digital horse racing platform instantly according to your needs and gameplay. Our script is highly modifiable, so you can merge any additional features and personalize the gaming functions, VFx, and appearance that fit your taste. 

Coinsclone offers the best-in-class Zed Run clone software with alluring features and it is utterly tested by our experienced NFT game development squad. By launching a blockchain-powered digital horse racing game using our clone script, you can provide the ultimate gaming experience for your users with P2E functionality.

White Label Zed Run Clone Script

Are you planning to launch the best-performing NFT Virtual gaming website swiftly? Then our White Label Zed Run Clone Software is a superfine solution for you. It is a 100% turn-key NFT gaming solution that aids you in creating an NFT-based gaming platform with an integrated NFT Marketplace and elite features. The marketplace which is equipped with the software will help your users to buy, sell, mint, and list the NFTs in the form of a digital horse by connecting the external crypto wallet. 

Zedrun clone script CTA

Coinsclone’s white-label NFT gaming software is crafted with Web3 technologies to provide a smooth and seamless NFT gaming experience. Leverage our incredible ready-made Zed Run clone software now to build your unparalleled play-to-earn digital horse racing platform equivalent to Zed Run and make a lucrative revenue.

How Does the Zed Run Clone Script Work?

Our first-class Zed Run clone scripts work similarly to the existing Zed Run platform. Here is the step-by-step working procedure of our white-label Zed Run clone software.

  1. Initially, the user needs to sign up and connect to an external wallet like metamask or trust wallet
  2. The user must have a few crypto funds respective to the blockchain that your NFT gaming platform constructed.
  3. After depositing the crypto, the user needs to purchase the digital NFT racing horse from the in-built marketplace. They can also borrow the racing horse from other users by viewing the horse’s gender, bloodline, career, win, and more.  
  4. Users can buy the NFT-based digital racing horse easily with crypto or through credit/debit cards, a unique functionality of our script. 
  5. Once the virtual racing horse is purchased, it can be utilized for participating in horse racing events, tournaments, or breeding. 
  6. Like Zed Run, our script has multiple tournaments and events for players. They can play in free events to earn XP and in paid racing events to win a prize pool.
  7. For paid events, the user should pay a certain fee via a digital wallet for participation. 
  8. After participation, the user needs to wait until the gates are filled with the digital horses.
  9. Once all gates are registered, users can compete with others and they can view the game in 3D view with stunning VFX.  
  10. In case, the user wins the event with their racing horse, they will be rewarded with cash prizes or crypto as it depends on your business plan. 

This is how the best Zed Run clone works after deploying it on the server. Next, let us see…

Top Coolest Features of our Zed Run Clone Script 

To deliver the jaw-dropping NFT gaming experience, our seasoned NFT gaming platform development team will incorporate enticing and highly engaging gaming functionalities in the script. The features that you can obtain from our script are listed below.

User portal of our Zed Run Clone Script

  1. Intuitive user dashboard  
  2. NFT transaction details 
  3. Stud farm 
  4. Scheduled racing
  5. Referral dashboard 
  6. Pay with a credit card
  7. Filter mechanism 
  8. Multi-crypto wallet support 
  9. 3D racing view
  10. In-game events 
  11. Betting option
  12. Loyalty programs  

Admin Portal of our Zed Run Clone Script

  1. Easy-to-use admin dashboard 
  2. Statistics Page
  3. View the number of NFTs minted
  4. User transaction details
  5. View the number of NFTs pending
  6. Events and tournament management
  7. View the User ID with their stable name
  8. Manage Token ID
  9. Admin profit management
  10. View the number of active users
  11. Advanced CMS Settings
  12. Payment settings

These are the functionalities that you can acquire from our script, and you can also personalize them easily as per your desire.

Key Components of our Zed Run Clone Script

Launching an online NFT virtual horse racing platform with mostly expected components will make you taste success promptly in the NFT world.


The breeding component lets the users breed two different virtual horses of the same type to mint a new digital racing horse. To do this process, users need to purchase a well-performing racing horse available on the integrated NFT Marketplace. It’s an amazing functionality that you can get in our premium Zed Run clone script. 


The purchased racing horse will be automatically transferred to the NFT wallet that is connected by the user. Later, it can be used for different racing events and tournaments. The racing functionality we equipped in the software has several levels. In case, the digital horse of the user wins the race, the horse will be promoted to the next level.

NFT Marketplace 

It is one of the crucial components that we enable in the script which helps your users to buy and sell in-game NFTs with ease. Also, it is the place where your users can list and showcase the various NFT collectibles, in-game items, racing horse skin color, etc.  


We develop our Zed Run clone software with multiple essential attributes that help to impress all NFT gamers. The attributes we include in the script contain all the vital details about the rarity of virtual racing horses, genotype, bloodline, breed type, and much more.

Next to Run 

This functionality in the script helps your users to view the live virtual horse races and upcoming races quickly with the time stamp. 

Don’t forget to incorporate these crucial components into your platform before deployment. Now, let us see…

Breed Types Supported in our Zed Run Clone Script

Consclone’s outstanding NFT gaming clone script service will help you structure the virtual racing horses and super breeds uniquely. Our developers will aid you in developing an ideal set of breeds that would be utterly different from the ones in the existing Zed Run platform. Besides, our script supports all the following breed types by default.

  1. Legendary
  2. Cross
  3. Genesis
  4. Exclusive 
  5. Poopy Pacer
  6. Elite

Apart from the components, breed types, and features of the script, we offer some additional modules in the script to provide a better experience for your users. So, let us see…

Add-on Modules of our Zed Run Clone Script

Our proficient development team will incorporate the below-mentioned add-ons on the Zed Run clone to stay one step ahead of the existing NFT gaming platforms.

  1. Race Notification
  2. Custom Races
  3. Finance Dashboard
  4. Social Logins
  5. Seasons 
  6. Racing slots and section 
  7. Borrow racehorse 
  8. Multi-lingual assistance 

Prominent Blockchain Supported in our Zed Run Clone Script

Select your desired blockchain and create your NFT-powered virtual horse racing platform with our extraordinary Zed Run clone software.

  1. Ethereum 
  2. BNB chain 
  3. Tron 
  4. Solana
  5. Polygon  
  6. Waves 
  7. Polkadot 
  8. Avalanche 

Crypto Wallets Supported in our Zed Run Clone Script

We, at Coinsclone help you to build a futuristic NFT gaming software with multiple crypto wallet support to enhance your user base.

  1. Trust wallet 
  2. Metamask wallet 
  3. My ether wallet 
  4. Tron link wallet 
  5. Atomic wallet 
  6. Ronin wallet 

Next, let us see…

Hidden Business Perks of Using Our Zed Run Clone Script 

Experience a cluster of business benefits by utilizing our premium Zed Run clone software for your ideal NFT gaming platform development.

  1. Crafted with 3D view horse racing functionality  
  2. Faster deployment 
  3. Highly customizable and scalable  
  4. Rigorously tested NFT gaming software
  5. Comes with unique in-game elements
  6. Affordable solution 
  7. Boost brand visibility 
  8. Generate massive ROI 
  9. Built with user-friendly APIs and gaming plug-ins 
  10. Enriched gaming experience 

By getting our script, you can obtain all these extraordinary benefits.

Development Approach of our Zed Run Clone Script

Coinsclone applies the procedures outlined below to build and deliver a feature-rich NFT gaming platform like Zed Run.

Requirements Gathering 

First, we would listen to your business requirements and we keep them highly confidential. Next, we would extensively research the current trend to validate your needs and offer you the right solution that suits your necessities.


A road map with a proper plan is mandatory for every business and product development. We at Coinsclone, draft an excellent plan by discussing it with all our superiors and experts. This will help us to deliver an impeccable product outcome as per the expectations of the clientele within the given time frame.  


We have sophisticated UI/UX designers and qualified graphics designers to deliver creative designs for your NFT gaming project. Our team of experts will take your requirements as a challenge and design your brand-new online NFT gaming platform with high-end quality. 


Our well-experienced development team will get into action when the designing part is over. We follow the outstanding algorithms that make the NFT gaming website or application highly engaging for users. In addition, our team also helps you customize everything and incorporate ROI add-ons to your NFT gaming platform.


We have a dedicated testing team to conduct multiple tests on software once it is fully designed and developed. If any issue arises while testing, our team will rectify them as soon as possible and move to the deployment process.


Also in this phase, your NFT gaming platform like Zed Run will be ready for deployment to storm the NFT world. Our professional developers will give full support to host the platform on your preferred server.

Let’s wrap up this article with…

Why Choose Coinsclone To Develop an NFT Marketplace Like Zed Run?

Reach greater peaks in the blockchain gaming world by shaking hands with the reputed white label NFT Marketplace Development Company, Coinsclone. We specialize in offering a premium Zed Run clone script with breathtaking functionalities and awe-inspiring visual effects. We have delivered several projects in the NFT Gaming software. 

Coinsclone can give a 100% guarantee that our glitch-free Zed Run clone script will be an effective solution for launching your astonishing online NFT digital horse racing platform that looks similar to Zed Run.

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